Hypocrites! Let the Swiss Alone

If I were the President of Switzerland...

Nadia Matar,

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Nadia Matar
Arutz 7

When Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz's intending to meet Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during the Durban II Conference taking place in Switzerland became known, officials in Jerusalem issued a statement harshly critical of Switzerland, and of Merz himself. It declared, inter alia, that "there is absolutely no reason to hold such a meeting with a serial Holocaust denier such as Ahmadinejad."
It is simple, unvarnished hypocrisy to distinguish between the Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad and the Holocaust denier Abu Mazen.

Israel's President, Shimon Peres, expressed himself in a similar manner at the ceremony opening Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day, saying that "the conference that opens today in Geneva is the acceptance of racism, not a war against it. And the main spokesman at it, Ahmadinejad, calls to destroy Israel and denies the Holocaust. It's a shame."

If I were the President of Switzerland, I would respond to Shimon Peres and those Israeli officials as follows:

"Excuse me? What do you want from me? You don't have a problem meeting with the Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen. The same Abu Mazen who chose the denial of the Holocaust as the subject of his doctoral thesis. And this is not all; to the Holocaust denier Abu Mazen - the head of Fatah, a partner in the massacre of the eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972 - you give guns, "police" forces, an army and an almost autonomous Authority, with control over a population in which the book Mein Kampf is a best-seller and Holocaust denial is universal. Why are contacts with Abu Mazen okay, while shaking Ahmadinejad's hand is invalid?"

Actually, if the Swiss President were to answer like that, I think he would be right.

It is simple, unvarnished hypocrisy to distinguish between the Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad and the Holocaust denier Abu Mazen. And Holocaust denial is not all that they have in common. Both support the elimination of the State of Israel. One by an atomic attack and the other by the "two states for two peoples solution", which in fact is a nice slogan on the road to a Final Solution for the Jewish state.

So then, anyone who conducts talks with Abu Mazen and his people, and even helps him to enhance his power and standing should not have any complaints about someone who has talks with Ahmadinejad. Israel can register complaints only when it mends its own fences. It can do this only by the formal revocation of the Oslo Accords and a public announcement that those accords were a mistake, a crime that cannot be repeated.

With the Oslo Accords, the Oslo architects, headed by Shimon Peres, gave a seal of approval to the arch-murderer Yasser Arafat and his movement. The Oslo Accords are based on the false assumption that Arafat and the PLO-Fatah are legitimate partners for dialogue, and that they should be strengthened by giving them weapons, ammunition and cities of refuge. In contrast, other organizations, such as Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, were deemed not kosher, even when it was clear to all - already in 1993, when the Oslo Accords were signed - that there is no difference between Fatah and Hamas and the other terror organizations.

Murderous terror attacks against Israel, a considerable part of which were perpetrated by Fatah members (despite the signing of the Oslo Accords), proved that they all champion violence against Jews, and actively participate in terror activities against Jews. All of them - Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other organizations - are united in their belief that Israel has no right to exist. All you have to do is open up a history book in the Palestinian Authority's schools to see that Israel does not appear there, just as it does not appear in the books of Hamas supporters.

Accordingly, before attacking and denouncing the Swiss President, we must understand that the ones who gave a
It still isn't too late to make things right.
"kosher" stamp to Arafat and Abu Mazen are the ones who paved the way for the approval of Ahmadinejad.

It still isn't too late to make things right. The new Israeli government must proclaim to all the world that it makes no distinction between Abu Mazen, Ismail Haniyeh, Ahmadinejad and Osama Bin-Laden. They all are detestable terrorists, against whom a no-holds-barred war must be conducted. This is the only way that Israel will once again be a light unto the nations.

Only then will Israel regain its moral right to make demands of, and raise complaints against, the countries of the world - with Switzerland at the top of the list.