Sympathy for the Devil

Stand up to jihadism now, before it's too late.

Dr. David Lazerson,

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Dr. David Lazerson
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The Rolling Stones' great hit - and title for this article - pretty much sums up those who continue to support Hamas in light of the recent war in Gaza. There is no moral equivalency between the Hamas terrorists and the Israeli Defense Forces. Hamas deliberately uses civilian areas, including schools and hospitals, to shoot their missiles
Peace with such a neighbor seems utterly impossible.
into Israel. The IDF dropped thousands of leaflets warning civilians to leave before striking certain areas in Gaza. The tactic of Hamas is quite the opposite. They simply shoot at whatever they can, whenever they want, hoping, in fact, to kill and harm as many Israeli civilians as possible.

Let us remember that not too long ago, Israel gave up Gaza, kicking out the Israelis living there for the sake of peace. With Gaza now Judenrein, what possible excuse can the Arabs have for not turning Gaza into their own beautiful land? Isn't that what they supposedly wanted to begin with? But rather than work hard at building the positive infrastructure of a healthy society, the Gazans, under their own elected Hamas rulers, have instead turned the place into a battleground. They've used billions in international aid to secure weapons, build smuggling tunnels, as they inch closer to the very heart of Israel. Gaza has turned into a puppet of Iran and peace with such a neighbor seems utterly impossible.

Many countries in the world are starting to wake up and smell the coffee. Hamas' aims are part of a much larger war, one that militant Islam is ever hell-bent on - taking over Mother Earth. Israel is simply the canary in the coal mine - the "indicator species" of how it goes with militant Islam's goal of world domination. If, G-d forbid, there was never any Israel to begin with, would the fanatic Muslims be content with, say, holding on to the entire Middle East? Hardly. They'd set their sights on ever bigger targets, like Africa, Asia, Europe and good ol' America. In fact, this process has not only already begun, but the train is picking up steam and rolling along the tracks of Western slumber and political correctness.

Many political leaders have long pointed out that there is an ever-growing fifth column of militant Islam supporters in our communities. In Europe, the rapidly growing Muslim population is a voting force to be reckoned with. They persuaded England not to teach the "offensive" Holocaust curriculum in many of the schools. Oh well, so much for that line about those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. One wonders what's next on the chopping block.

After the terrorist slaughter in Mumbai, several Muslim cleric leaders pointed out that Chabad House was attacked since the movement believes Israel belongs to the Jews. The difference is, of course, that Chabad may indeed
In ways that would make Hitler rejoice, many supposed Muslim "leaders" and clerics continue to fan the flames.
believe this, but they, like Israel, are prepared to live with others in peaceful coexistence. Apparently, just having the belief was more than enough of a reason to murder the rabbi, his pregnant wife and the Chabad House guests.

Truth be told, fanatical Muslims don't require too much of a logical reason to commit atrocities. Any non-Muslim, in their eyes, is fair game - by any means necessary. Even during the recent Gaza War, Hamas was still busy murdering members of rival Fatah, whom they deem to be not "real" Muslims.

In ways that would make Hitler rejoice, many supposed Muslim "leaders" and clerics continue to fan the flames of hatred and racial intolerance. They have become, in their own eyes of course, the new superior race. The rest of us on planet Earth, give or take a few here or there, are deemed infidels. The Muslim fanatics teach their cute kiddies in preschool to hate us, educating them that we are not even on the level of pigs and monkeys.

It is a branch of Islam that threatens all of us, including the more moderate Arab countries such as Egypt and Jordan. The free world must rise to the occasion and stand up to this evil before it overwhelms us all and sends us back into the Dark Ages.

Now is not the time to show sympathy for the devil.