The True Face of the World

Where were they for seven years?

Marc Prowisor,

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Arutz 7

It has been four days since Israel has finally responded to the relentless attacks by Hamas-led Arabs in the Gaza Strip. One cannot help but notice how the peace-loving nations of the world and organizations of caring people cry
One might think that Jewish lives aren’t as important to them as others. Could this be?
out against the “Israeli aggression” daily. One can only be touched by the efforts of all of these individuals and governments in the quest for a peaceful solution in the Middle East and the cessation of violence by both sides in the current conflict.

It is impressive to see how the Muslims of the world, and other peace-loving people, are rallying behind the green flag of Hamas, the residents of Gaza and for what they stand. The European Union and other nations are rushing to supply humanitarian aid to the destitute residents of Gaza, while they ignore the oppression and poverty that Hamas forces upon them.

I have to admit my curiosity as to the silence of all of those involved demonstrating and condemning Israel today. While the rockets and mortars were flying daily and indiscriminately against the civilian population in Israel, where were their voices then? Where were their cries for the Jewish children who learned to live in fear of terrorism raining daily from the skies in both the south and north? One might think that Jewish lives aren’t as important to them as others. Could this be?

Various Arab governments stated openly that a Hamas downfall would be welcome; even Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) said the Palestinian Authority is ready to assume the leadership once Hamas is defeated. Yet still, the cries against Israel’s fight with Hamas still ring loudest. Even the true face of many Arab citizens of Israel is shining through the smoke. We now see flags of the PLO and Hamas flying in many Israeli-Arab towns, as the demonstrations and their renewed violence spreads throughout Israel once again.

Such is our world today - when the Jewish nation defends itself, it is in the wrong; or so we are being conditioned and taught, all over the world. It has become politically incorrect for a Jew to defend himself or his country against the poor Muslims. Mind you, it has become politically incorrect for anyone from any denomination to express any opinion that might upset a Muslim today. We Jews are being taught to lay low and not make waves, to keep our heritage and history to ourselves, while the books are rewritten. What is happening in Israel is a small example of what is happening in the world today - bend to the will of “Allah”, even if it means self-destruction. Europe is already on its way, with plans set on the US next. Such is the result when we show the world weakness and a lack of identity, instead of strength and self respect.

Where are our friends when we need them? The whole world knows the truth about what is going on, so where are the voices of justice? Are they hidden behind the smoke of the Grad missiles? How much longer will they cling to their self-imposed blindness? Israel is the barometer for the world against terrorism; we have the experience that those who believe in freedom need to see and learn from. No one has fought against terrorism as we have.

Israel changed its methodology towards the Arab nations and people over a decade ago in hopes of finding quiet in this volatile region. Instead of grasping the hand of peace, they spat in the face of opportunity. The only peace achieved was that of a glorified ceasefire. Our sacrifices were not enough; nothing less than total submission would suffice the throngs of our Arab enemies. Again, it is the result of the lack of identity, strength and self-respect in Israel.

This message and lesson, while understood by many in Israel, is becoming more and more clear to the Jewish inhabitants of our ancestral homeland. It seems that one of the disadvantages of being a “stiff necked people” is that sometimes it takes time to learn a lesson. With every rocket and mortar that lands, with every rock and
Bend to the will of “Allah”, even if it means self-destruction.
Molotov cocktail thrown, and every shot fired at us, this lesson sinks in deeper. The number of “educated” Jews in Israel increases day by day. There is no choice, as our survival depends on it. Who knows, maybe even our government will admit their ignorance and learn to accept reality as it is.

The fact is that we hate and despise war more than any other nation on Earth. We have no choice but to fight for our survival. Jews in Israel do not crave the glory of victory, only the quiet of peace, something our enemies have no concept of. It is ironic that in order to achieve this we must learn to fight like lions.

No other nation or people on this Earth would ever accept the conditions under which we have been living for the past decade, to be fired upon and not respond. Hopefully these conditions will change so that we too eventually will enjoy the serenity of peace. No one will come to our aid; it is up to us and us alone, all of us around the world. We see the world press and leadership and their reactions to a simple act of self defense. To them it is preferable that we just keep quiet and count our dead and wounded. A friend once told me that the entire Jewish-Arab problem started when Jews decided to defend themselves. If this is so, then I prefer the “problem”.

It is apparently the hope of many in the world that the aggression ends soon, so that Hamas may get back on track and institute Shari'a (Islamic Law) in Gaza. Thus restoring law and order by the severing of limbs and the execution of the guilty and the infidel. Hamas has thus become a new hub of terrorist operations against the West and the Free World.

It is our prayer that our soldiers are successful and come home soon, without a scratch, and grow old while they enjoy their grandchildren in the peaceful, quiet Jewish State of Israel.