After the Expulsion

My body is bruised; my spirit strengthened.

Nadia Matar

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I would like to thank the dozens of people who called and sent emails to ask how I was doing. Thank G-d, I feel better and returned home after having been in the hospital.
Address the lies and disinformation coming out of Ehud Barak's office.

The many beatings by the expulsion forces dressed in black who kicked us and beat us with their clubs during the expulsion from Beit HaShalom (Peace House) paralyzed me completely, and the paramedics  feared my neck and spine had been hurt. I was rushed to the Shaarei Tzedek hospital. Thank G-d, after different tests in the hospital, all was shown to be okay.

My body obviously hurts very much, but that will pass in the next few days. My fighting spirit, on the other hand, has only increased and was strengthened after I had the honor to spend the entire last week, together with thousands of others, in Beit HaShalom.

We had the honor to get to know the 14 wonderful families who have been living in Beit HaShalom for the past year and eight months, and the many other activists from Kiryat Arba-Hebron. I am telling you, there are not enough words to describe those wonderful Jews. They gave us the most incredible lesson in hospitality and in love, and in total devotion to the Land of Israel. In addition, I want to salute the wonderful hundreds of youth who came to Beit HaShalom and strengthen them.

I would like to address the lies and disinformation coming out of Ehud Barak's office and being spread by the media. We are being told that the expulsion from Beit HaShalom went by "smoothly and was done within an hour."

It is important to announce that this is a complete lie. The truth is that, against all expectations, the expulsion from Beit HaShalom took them at least four days. As you recall, many expulsion troops already arrived in the area on Monday and it was clear that they planned to do it Monday night. But thanks to the thousands of loyal Jews who came and stayed in Beit HaShalom, and thanks to the hundreds of youth who did not stay indifferent to the attacks by the Arabs, the planned expulsion was prevented and postponed

This lasted until Thursday. Every day, over a thousand people stayed in Beit HaShalom and the government just added more and more troops to the area. In addition, the government did not expect that the planned expulsion would start such fierce demonstrations all over the country. There were daily protests all over the country by hundreds of Jews outraged at the thought of the upcoming crime.

I am convinced that had we managed to keep over a thousand people in Beit HaShalom also on Thursday, the expulsion would not have taken place. May this be a lesson for us in the future.

In addition, it is hard to say that the expulsion is over with. Yes, they managed to take us out temporarily from Beit HaShalom, but since the expulsion there are demonstrations and disorder by loyal Jews protesting all over the country and hopefully this will just be the beginning. We must make sure that the government pays a heavy
It is hard to say that the expulsion is over with.
price for the expulsion of Jews, so that in the future they will think twice if this is worth it for them. The message is clear: if it took so many days and so many forces to expel Jews from just one house, then don't even think you will ever again be able to uproot Jews from an entire community. In addition to the protests all over the country, the Beit HaShalom residents have already announced that they plan to go back to Beit HaShalom, even if it means living in tents in the vicinity.

I am writing these words the day after the expulsion from Beit HaShalom. I am sure that in the next few days we will have many more conclusions and thoughts about what happened, so we can learn for the future struggles.

The expulsion forces who behaved like brutal, violent monsters indeed managed to bruise our bodies, but we are the ones who, please G-d, will give them the final blow. Our main revenge will, please G-d, come on February 10, election day, when the people of Israel will expel this anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish Bolshevik regime and will bring to power a national government. Let's just hope that this time, the newly elected leaders will not disappoint us and will really be loyal to the Land of Israel, the People of Israel and the Torah of Israel.