An Ocean of Tears

The death of that selfless couple has hit me hard.

Rabbi Aron Moss,

Judaism לבן ריק
לבן ריק
Arutz 7

I cannot stop crying. Whenever I think of the tragedy in India, innocent and beautiful people murdered in cold blood, the tears just come streaming down. I am not usually like this, but the death of that selfless young couple has hit me hard. The one thing I'm scared of is that in a few weeks life will get back to normal and this will just become a sad memory. Right now it seems the world can't be the same ever again, but I know it will be. How can we face this pain but let life go on?

Tears are the overflowing of the mind. When we see or hear something that we can't handle, that is too much for our minds to process, our brain is overloaded, and its juices spill over into the form of tears.
In the midst of those tears we need to start planning the next stage.

There is a time to cry. This is one such time. There is no point trying to hold back. We cannot possibly fathom the depth of pain that so many are going through as a result of these evil acts. We cannot accept it or rest with it. We can only let the tears flow.

But in the midst of those tears we need to start planning the next stage. We have work to do. The ocean of tears must turn into a current of goodwill and a wave of positive energy. The pain must drive us to act.

The Talmud teaches that we should view the world as being balanced between good and evil, and the next act will tip the balance one way or another. The terrorists in India have brought a huge amount of evil into the world and the scales are weighing heavily on the negative side. We must counter that by overwhelming the world with goodness.

Choose a mitzvah today that you will do in memory of the victims, in order to perpetuate their work and honour their souls. Take on a new habit of holiness, commit to bringing more good to the world. This way the souls of those who were lost in this tragedy will continue their holy work through us.

The evil terrorists chose their victims well. Because the greatest enemies of those who spread senseless evil are those who spread boundless good. But good cannot be defeated. We will make sure that this act of evil will be countered by an avalanche of goodness.

Tears will eventually dry up, the headlines will focus on other stories, and for most of us life will go on. But the goodness that the victims brought to the world, both in their lifetimes and in their deaths, will be forever.