New Elections, Again

Not that I have anyone to vote for.

Batya Medad,

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Arutz 7

What came first the chicken or the egg? Did Tsipi Livni see a poll saying that with her heading the Kadima party it
Shimon Peres, who is the president, was totally Loony-Left political.
could do better than Binyamin ("Bibi") Netanyahu's Likud, and then she told the Shas party to buzz off? Or did she go up in the polls after she sent Shas home empty-handed?

I forced myself to watch the TV broadcast of the Knesset session which declared that there will be elections this winter. It was nasty.

Shimon Peres, who is the president, was totally Loony-Left political. He said that making peace should include painful sacrifices. He sounded like he was doing PR for some sadomasochist club. Sorry Charley, but peace isn't supposed to be painful. If it hurts, it's not peace.

Dalia Itzik claimed that "everyone" wants a National Unity Government. I don't. She didn't ask me. But then again, she doesn't care what I think.

Peres, Itzik and Tsipi were blaming these "unwanted elections" on everyone. They may not want elections, but I do. Not that I have anyone to vote for.

Bibi, playing for the "center" - that empty hole in the bagel - mentioned that he would protect Jerusalem and didn't want to go back to the pre-1967 Six-Day-War borders, but the areas he mentioned as important for Israel didn't include Judea and Samaria.

It seems like it will be a two-party (there aren't direct elections for prime minister) fight. Labor, under Ehud "Reign of Terror" Barak, isn't popular. I wonder if it's him, or do people remember the terrorism during his term as prime minister, or has Kadima taken over their constituency?

The worst of it all was that it was so clear from all of the words that nothing important to me is important to them. They all speak in their "everybody" language, but I'm not part of those groups. While the Israeli media and most
I'm firmly in the People-and-Land-of-Israel-First-and-Indivisible camp.
politicians range from Radical Loony-Left to Meaning Well-Left and Faux Center-Leaning Left, I'm firmly in the People-and-Land-of-Israel-First-and-Indivisible camp. I haven't heard any politician with that message. But I'm not giving up and not giving in.

I honestly and firmly believe that the amcha - your typical Israeli, the Israeli version of "Middle America" - actually relate more to what I believe. The problem is that many are vulnerable to the media and want to be like what the broadcasters tell them to be. I wish I had a way of talking to them.

We are a special people and have one small piece of land. If we give parts of that land to our enemies, then they will attack us, just like the Arab terrorists who are now in Gush Katif. It's not like putting the wrong number in your cell phone; you just erase and go back a step. Every time we gave the Arabs more sovereignty, guns and land they've used it against us. It's idiotic (and possibly psychotic) to think that they're about to change.

I feel like I'm locked in an insane asylum; the only sane one, imprisoned by maniacs.

As much as I want new elections, I dread them, too.