Taking Care of Business

What a week it has been.

Gerald A. Honigman,

OpEds Honigman

Quite predictable, if still disappointing.

First, I hear about Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson's quote at the Evian Conference in France stating that when Barack Obama gets into office he's gonna show those Zionists a thing or two. No doubt, with all those anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist (no real difference) advisors he already has lined up.

This is the same "Mr. Shakedown Artist" Jackson who plays deaf, dumb and blind to genocidal Arabs still enslaving and massacring Black Africans in the Sudan and elsewhere (as they have been doing for numerous centuries), not to mention their subjugation and butchery of any and all others who dare contest the Arab claim that the entire region is purely Arab patrimony. One half of Israel's Jews fled that 'Arab' world. But all Jackson can find fault with are those damned Jews and their sole microscopic state.

Soon after the newest Jackson manure, I next learned that, as he prepares to leave office, President George Bush is determined to continue to expose his apparently truest hand regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict - support Israel, but force it to become so dependent upon America that it has to ignore reality, its own fragility and vital interests for the sake of Washington, whether it's also really good for America or not.
Lie after lie after lie, cover up after cover up, excuse after excuse - like in the old days.

In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Dubya and his Lady at State, Condoleezza Rice (the Secretary, not the oil tanker already named for her), continue to pretend that Israel has something other than a peace-of-the-grave partner in Mahmoud Abbas's latter-day Arafatian Fatah boys.

Lie after lie after lie, cover up after cover up, excuse after excuse - like in the old days and the games Bill Clinton and his crew (including State's Jewish stooges) played to make Yasser Arafat and Fatah the good guys as well. With the clock ticking before his departure, it seems that Dubya is still determined to force Israel to cave in to alleged Arab good cops, whose well-known real destruction-in-stages plan (stated by themselves over and over again) regarding the Jewish State are no better than those of the Hamas bad cops.

And now there's additional news that America alone aims to determine Israel's defense and security needs regarding other murderous Arab enemies. Dubya has evidently promised Baby Assad that if he cuts Iranian ties, then he'll force Israel to give up the entire Golan Heights.

That's right, reward the butcher and enslaver of independent Lebanon, subjugator and murderer of Syrian Kurds, Jews and so forth for a temporary respite in Syria's age-old, deadly machinations, regardless of the highly predictable consequences.

Looks to me like Dubya is setting himself up for a really nice retirement. Not that it wouldn't be nice anyway, but Arabs can be quite generous to those who shaft Jews.

Just ask Mr. Shakedown Artist and his friends Jimmy "Apartheid Israel" Carter and Bill "Arafat to the White House Over a Dozen Times" Clinton. The results of the latter's squeeze of Ehud Barak over disputed, non-apportioned (not "occupied") territories of the original 1920 Palestine Mandate at Camp David and Taba, getting him to forsake the secure and defensible real borders (not artificially imposed armistice lines) promised by UNSC Resolution 242, have now become the starting point demanded by Arabs for current "negotiations." That's Clinton and James Baker's former "Jew Boys" legacy vis-a-vis Israel.

Among other things, Dan Kurtzer played front man in the fight with Israel over the route of its defense barrier to protect Ben-Gurion Airport from the same Arab attacks Sderot is now receiving from Gaza courtesy of earlier Foggy fulminations and fantasies. That's how too many Jews get ahead in a State Department which rejected Israel's right to exist from the get-go and fought President Harry Truman over Israel's resurrection on less than 15% of the 1920 Palestine Mandate. (Arab Jordan now sits on almost 80% of that Mandate's territory.)

Since we're on the topic, Dubya's virtual uncle and his dad's (George the First) Secretary of State, James Baker, continues to make a fortune via gratitude from the Arab petro-spigot. For that matter, so does George the First.

Moving on.

Whether Syria plays ball with Dubya's deal to cut ties with Iran is not the point, turning Israel into America's puppet is. And what happens after the forced full Israeli withdrawal when Assad later restores ties with the mullahs?

Israel is stuck with a far worse version of its evacuation from Gaza. It's all downhill into Israel proper for thousands of Syrian tanks, for starters.

Nations who repeatedly attack neighbors over decades from a certain territory often end up losing such territory.
They used to speak Spanish in what Dubya now calls his ranch.
That's how Syria lost the Golan. Long ago, Israel offered to return to Damascus far more than it deserves on the Golan Heights; indeed, almost all of it. Both Assads rejected this. Syria must never again be able to shell Israeli farms and such from the Heights, nor control Israel's key water sources.

What would America do with such a rejectionist enemy? Well, for starters, they used to speak Spanish in what Dubya now calls his ranch. And it was he himself who earlier said that some Texas driveways are longer than Israel's width.

The decisions made by voters in both America and Israel over the next few months will be extremely important ones. Voters from both nations must elect leaders who will not be manipulated by anyone when it comes down to the vital interests of their countries - regardless of the consequences. And an Israel which can fit about thirty-four times just into Dubya's home state of Texas has a lot more to worry about.