Why is Fertility a Struggle?

There is nothing natural about childbirth.

Rabbi Aron Moss,

Judaism לבן ריק
לבן ריק
Arutz 7
I have a question that perhaps you could try and answer (I know it would definitely help a few ladies that I know).

Our bodies were made to have children. However there are many women who struggle to fall pregnant and therefore there is such anxiety and stress associated with falling pregnant. Why is it that some couples struggle to fall pregnant for months and years, if this is something that we were naturally made to do?

This is an important question, and one that pains many.
The truth is that there is nothing natural about childbirth. Every time is a miracle. Just look into the reproductive
We should never take anything for granted - even our own existence.
process and you will realise that to create life is a supernatural thing. So it's not surprising that it can sometimes be difficult. In fact, the surprising thing is that sometimes it isn't. Every child that is born is a wonder.
It is this way for a reason. If childbirth was always predictable, easy and automatic, then we would lose the sense of the miraculous. Having a child would be as routine as buying a pet. We would take it for granted that when we want children we can just have them. We would forget that a child is a gift from G-d, not a choice we made.
We know this from very early in our history. The very first Jewish family almost didn't survive beyond one generation - Abraham and Sarah were barren for decades, only to be blessed with a son, Isaac, in their old age. This was to teach us that we should never take anything for granted - even our own existence.
This may sound disheartening to those who are yet to be blessed with children. But I think it is a message of hope. Every birth is a miracle. So even when the laws of nature seem stacked against you, there's no need for concern. The laws of nature have little to do with childbirth.

There have been amazing advances in fertility treatments in recent years. Make every effort possible and do all you can. But remember, in the end, it's all miraculous anyway.