It Depends on Us

The struggle to keep Shdema in Jewish hands.

Nadia Matar,

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Nadia Matar
Arutz 7
A month and a half ago, we started the struggle to keep Shdema in Jewish hands. Shdema used to be an IDF army camp not far from Har Choma, Jerusalem, on the Jerusalem-Eastern Gush Etzion road.

Two years ago, because of yet one more suicidal agreement by the government, the IDF abandoned the army camp. Despite the camp being in Area C - i.e., in an area under total Israeli control under the Oslo Accords - we were outraged to find out two months ago that the government planned on handing over the entire area to the
The government planned on handing over the entire area to the Palestinian Authority.
Palestinian Authority, in order for them to build an Arab neighborhood.

For those who do not know: the Arabs are building thousands of houses all over Judea and Samaria in Areas A and B. Those areas were, to our shame, abandoned by Israel under the Oslo agreement. Even though the IDF still patrols some parts of Areas A and B, those areas are now under total Arab occupation and the Arabs do there as they please, building houses, expanding villages into large cities and, in the process, also illegally taking over tens of thousands of acres of state land that belongs to Israel.

We, representing the majority of the Jewish people, of course, have not given up on those lands, understanding that all of the Land of Israel, whether labeled Area A, B or C, belong to the Jewish people. The day, please G-d, will come when we will have a new leadership that will abolish all the withdrawal agreements and will reinstall Jewish sovereignty over all of Eretz Yisrael. That leadership will make it clear to the Arab enemy that they do not belong here, but rather must go back to their 22 Arab states.

Until such a government comes to power, we must at least make sure that all lands in Area C in Judea and Samaria stay in our hands. It is inconceivable that Shdema would be given over to the Arabs.

The struggle for Shdema is a microcosm of what is going on in this country, of the Arab takeover over of all that belongs to us.

United we stand in our struggle for a Jewish Shdema and we call upon all of you to take two minutes to read the information below and to join in our activities. Having Shdema turn into an Arab neighborhood will endanger Har Choma in Jerusalem and Gush Etzion, and will incite other Arabs to try to do the same in other areas.

Last month, we went with 150 activists to try to settle Shdema, but we were taken away forcefully by the security forces. Since then, we have gone back in small groups, but now we are increasing our activities; especially after realizing that international anarchists are involved in helping the Arabs take Shdema away from us.

Mark the following dates, on which we are planning activities for a Jewish Shdema. Make every effort to come and to bring additional activists who love Eretz Yisrael.
The more we engage in activities at Shdema and increase the Jewish presence at the site, the more we will succeed.

1. Friday, July 11, 2008, at 10:00 am, in the Gush Etzion community center (Matnas): a gathering and tour for a Jewish Shdema, with the participation of public figures, settlement secretariats and activists from all over Israel. Details regarding the speakers at the gathering will be provided in the coming days. The gathering in the community center will be short and purposeful. At 11:00 we will travel together by bus to Shdema, where we will tour the area and plan the activities for the coming weeks.

It is very important to attend the gathering and participate in the tour, in order to see with your own eyes what is happening at Shdema and how international anarchists are attempting to take over the location. Estimated return to the Gush Etzion community center at 1:30 pm.

(Those planing to arrive for the gathering and tour are requested to send an e-mail, so we will have an idea of how many people will participate and we can order buses accordingly. Send an e-mail to:

2. Monday, July 14, 2008: a kumsitz and sleepover at the Shdema camp. We will arrive at Shdema in the late afternoon and we will repaint the buildings, after the anarchists painted over what we had done about a month ago. With G-d's help, we will remain at Shdema until morning. It is important that many people come for this activity, as well.

The more we engage in activities at Shdema and increase the Jewish presence at the site, the more we will succeed, with God's help, in returning it to our hands and turning it into a Jewish settlement.

Please help us spread this information to all email lists; and join us.