A World of Peace - A World Without Militant Islam

A frightening and enlightening reaction.

Dr. David Lazerson,

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Imagine, dear friends, for a moment, the following scenario. Picture a Christian man walking into a Hindu school and opening fire on students as they were learning their holy books. Then imagine that, not only had he murdered eight young students and wounded more than 30, but just try to visualize groups of Christians breaking out in song and dance to celebrate this “brave victory.”
Let’s call a spade a spade here, folks, before this thing comes to haunt all of us across Mother Earth.

Yes, it is utterly impossible to do so in the civilized world. But this is exactly what occurred in the recent terrorist attack in Jerusalem. The act itself was not only horrific and cowardly, but what took place afterwards in much of Gaza and in many parts of the Arabic world was downright revolting.

Thousands came out into the streets to rejoice at their “brave Arabic martyr” who had the guts to shoot unarmed students as they were sitting and studying. Adults in Gaza passed out candies to the children and to passers-by who were honking their car horns in mad support. This display of the absolute lowest levels of inhumanity was frightening to some, but it was also enlightening, for it shows their true colors for everyone to see.

So let’s call a spade a spade here, folks, before this thing comes to haunt all of us across Mother Earth. Despite the calls from so-called “moderate” Muslims, Islam has proven itself to be anything but a religion of peace. One needs only to look at nearly every hot spot on the planet to see that somehow, in some way, and usually very directly, the Muslims are there making chaos, destroying, killing - all in the name of their “holy” beliefs. Whether it’s in Russia or Indonesia or Africa or the Middle East or Europe or the good ol’ USA, a militant form of Islam is preparing to take over.

Make no mistake about this. Israel is not the only country that they have their sights on. No way. They are taught that the Koran will rule over everyone and everything, and that if it happens by peaceful means that’s all well and good. But what happens if Jews are happy being Jews? And Christians want to practice their faith? And Hindus aren’t really interested in embracing Islam? Then, as the Muslims themselves have shown time and time again, it’s by any means necessary to rid the world of lower class “infidels.”

Let’s ask another very valid question here. Just what has Islam contributed to humankind? Many of the Arab countries are loaded to the gills with money - we’re talking billions upon billions, folks. One would think that perhaps some of this would go to educating, to training the future generations in ways to save the environment, in computer technology, in medicine, etc.

Gaza and the so-called Palestinians are a good case in point. Despite receiving millions in foreign aid - they are very good at taking - they end up spending a very high percentage of this generous aid on other important matters; like buying weapons, bombs, rockets, missiles, and training their young ones to hate and kill Jews, Israelis and
It’s high time for the entire civilized world to unite and confront the evil of militant Islam.
other “infidels.” The civilized world is waiting for this great “religion of peace” to prove itself and give something positive back. Seems like we’re in for a long, long wait on this one.

Unfortunately, the only language the terrorists understand and can relate to is one of force. I say that it’s high time for the entire civilized world to unite and confront the evil of militant Islam that threatens to engulf us all. Enough making excuses for their violent and anti-civilization behaviors. Enough of sending any foreign assistance to those who want to kill us. Enough of the United Nations and all its Arab oil influence. It’s time to unite and defeat, by strong military action, Hamas, Hizbullah, Fatah, Iran’s nuclear program (Yikes! The list is getting bigger all the time.) and those who behave like they’re still in the Dark Ages.

Nearly all the major religions of the world have grown up. No one is out there forcing people to choose between conversion or death anymore. No one except the crazed, militant Muslims who teach their children to celebrate the horrific deaths of others.