Protest the Next War

One hundred or so soldiers will give their lives.

Moshe Feiglin

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Since the meaningless Winograd Report ignored the main question - why Israel went to war in Lebanon two summers ago - it was a given that the prime minister would be able to hang on to his seat. That being the case, it is more important to plan for the next war than to analyze the past war.

Dr. Yair Weissman of the Bar-Ilan University has published a simple analysis in which he reaches
Eventually, Ehud Olmert will sense that his prime ministerial seat is becoming unsteady.
the conclusion that sooner or later, Israel will capture Gaza in order to remove it from the clutches of Hamas, and hand it over to Fatah. This idea is so clear that nobody is shocked by it anymore.

The Kassams will continue to explode and will become more and more sophisticated. They will have a longer range and slowly but surely, the residents of Ashkelon and eventually Beer Sheva and Ashdod will just have to get used to them. When the IDF will retaliate, even more Kassams will fall. When we cut their electricity, they will pose for the international media with candles (in broad daylight) and then we will turn the electricity back on; and once again the Kassams will start to fly. Eventually, Ehud Olmert will sense that his prime ministerial seat is becoming unsteady, and he will send the IDF into Gaza.

The only political strategy that exists today in Israel is based on Oslo consciousness. Nobody (except for this writer) will dare propose that Israel should encourage the Arabs of Gaza to complete the natural process of ‘voluntary transfer' that they began last week as they marched into Egypt. Nobody will encourage them to leave and nobody will propose that we recapture Gaza with the intention of remaining there and building one hundred Gush Katifs. Olmert will conquer the moon before he will carry out the one action that is based on the justice of the Jewish cause, while creating peace as a bonus. Those concepts simply do not exist in the current Israeli lexicon. The only concepts to be found there are Oslo concepts.

Eventually, Olmert will send the IDF into Gaza and one or two hundred Israeli soldiers will give their lives in order to capture Gaza from one arch-terrorist and hand it over to the rule of another arch-terrorist. (For those who have forgotten, Abu Mazen is the terrorist who planned the massacre of the Israeli athletes in Munich.) In order to quiet the protest, Olmert will pull out his media immunity wild card and destroy a number of settlements.

Then, Israel will join Egypt and supply weapons to the 'good' terrorists in Gaza so that they will be able to fight the 'bad' ones. Then the Kassams will fly once again - even more of them. After that, Olmert will receive the Nobel Peace Prize and will go down in history as an illustrious leader.
How should the reserve soldiers who will be sent to die for Abu Mazen respond?
Eventually, he will be elected to be president and he will give advice to the next Likud leader, who will attempt to actualize Yossi Beilin's peace hallucinations.

Yes, this scenario is redundant. We have already lived through it more than once. But the main question is not if there will be a war. The real question is how we will react when it happens. We would be wise to establish an inquiry committee now - not after the next defeat.

Should we let Olmert get away with it? How should the reserve soldiers who will be sent to die for Abu Mazen respond? Not by protesting the previous war, but by preparing for the upcoming war.

The only real solution to Israel's problems is authentic Jewish leadership. And establishing authentic Jewish leadership for Israel is in your hands. All that you have to do is vote for it.