Acknowledge the Truth About the Palestinian Arabs

What is wrong with their demands? Everything.

Rachel Neuwirth,

Rachel Neuwirth
Rachel Neuwirth
A media and propaganda campaign has been underway since the Annapolis 'peace' conference to legitimate the longstanding demands made on behalf of the Palestinian Arab refugees; meaning, in practice, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of
They will never agree to 'peace' without Israel's acceptance of this demand.
refugees from the 1948 Arab-Israel war of 60 years ago. They seek to return to their ancestral homes, and the return of all their ancestors' former land and property in what is now Israel.

The Palestinian Arab leadership continues to stand by this demand today, promising their supporters that they will never agree to 'peace' without Israel's acceptance of this demand.

What is wrong with these demands? Just about everything. Here are only a few of the reasons why they are unjust, ill-intentioned and grounded in deceit.

First and foremost, the Palestinian Arabs were the primary aggressors in the 1948 war, not innocent victims of the Zionists, as their spokesmen and advocates claim. The Palestinian Arab guerrilla-terrorists used very brutal tactics indeed in 1947-48 to achieve their leaders' publicly affirmed goal of "driving the Jews into the sea."

Even the claims of many of the present-day 'refugees' to be Palestinians are dubious. Many not only have never lived in Palestine themselves, but are fairly distant descendants of people who lived there only briefly before 1948, having been born elsewhere in the Arab world. Even more registration of phony refugees occurred because of the United Nations Works and Relief Agency practice of relying solely on the claims of self-professed refugees to determine refugee status, without attempting to verify their claims.

The international community has not recognized or enforced a 'right of return' for most of the very numerous non-Palestinian refugee communities throughout the world. The list of refugee populations who have been forced from their homelands and whose lands have been seized without compensation because of wars and revolutions within the past 100 years is endless.

The more than 850,000 Jews who have either been expelled or fled from Arab and other Muslim countries since the Arab world initiated hostilities against the Jews of Israel-Palestine in 1947; the 15 million Germans expelled from Pomerania, Silesia, Bohemia and Moravia by Poland and Czechoslovakia after World War II; the two million ethnic Greeks and Turks who were expelled from either Greece or Turkey in a population exchange administered by the League of Nations in 1922; the additional 200,000 Greeks who were expelled from northern Cyprus by the Turkish military invasion in 1974; the millions of Hindus who fled the newly created Muslim state of Pakistan and the millions of Muslims who fled what remained of India to Pakistan following the partition of India in 1947 - all have been denied repatriation, the return of the vast amounts of property they were forced to leave behind, or even compensation for their lost lands and possessions.

Why should the Palestinian Arabs be considered a uniquely special case, with more rights than other refugees from wars and revolutions?

Implementation of the 'right of return' demand for Palestinian Arabs would force the relocation of millions of people, most of them refugees or the descendants of refugees themselves, who have been resettled in the course of 60 years on land that is claimed by the Palestinian Arabs. The 'return' of four million alleged 'refugees,' actually the
Why should the Palestinian Arabs be considered a uniquely special case?
descendants, mainly third and fourth generation, of people who once were or claimed to be refugees, and who have been trained from birth to hate Israel, would result in a massive internal insurgency against the state. This would be followed by the occupation of Israel by hostile Arab armies and the probable extermination of its Jewish population. Indeed, there is considerable evidence that this is precisely what most 'right of return' advocates have in mind.

It is long overdue for the libel of an Israeli or Zionist "original sin" against the Palestinian Arabs to be discredited, along with the supposed Palestinian 'right of return,' which is grounded in this false 'narrative.' There can be no peace between Arabs and Israelis before the lies are dispelled, and people on both sides - as well as the international media, academic experts, the world's governments and international organizations - all acknowledge the truth.

John Landau contributed to this article.