The New World Disorder

The best material friends of Israel are stalked.

Walter O´Brien,

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Even the most hallowed of democratic traditions may be perverted to serve evil. Witness that as the US Presidential election heats up, material concerns respecting the fate of the State of Israel and its people are sidelined into back-room negotiations divorced from
Since the creation of the State of Israel, few firms have contributed more to filling Israel's power plant needs.
public view.

One need not be a political insider to note this process' immediate and long-term results. One most obvious symptom of this warped-ethos disorder is that the best material friends of Israel are being systematically stalked and lambasted by a for-hire press comprised of "connect the dots" conspiracy-theory op-ed "edutainers." The aim of this barrage of press near-slander is to undermine the continuing prosperity of the Jewish state; as ever.

Consider General Electric Energy. Since the creation of the State of Israel, few firms have contributed more to filling Israel's power plant needs. The engines for El Al's Boeing aircraft, for Israel's Phantom II F4's and for Israel's Kfir aircraft are all from GE power plants. General Electric gas turbine powered electrical generators supply peaking power to keep Israel's electric supply stable and flicker-free. Even General Electric wind turbines are under consideration for adding to the Israeli electrical grid. Most importantly, as a leading US exporter, GE uses Israel-made OEM (original equipment manufactured) components in these export orders.

Predictably, then, General Electric is portrayed as in league with the latest Devil of the Week, with even fact-challenged misery merchant Bill O'Reilly nipping at GE's heels just in time for Mr. George Bush's Middle East appearance in the latest predictably futile attempt to give away the Holy Land to this generation's Marxist drug-dealing Islamofasicst thugocracy. This stance, weirdly, puts Fox News in league with that most leftist of bulldozer-challenged tools of Hamas, the International Solidarity Movement.

Israel's industrial development is being further undermined by "green activists" with the intent to cast more Jewish machinists, welders, carpenters and tradesmen out of work. These straight-spined Jewish workers become new vegetables in the leftist social workers' garden patch of helpless client case loads, while overall Israel experiences a further weakening of its industrial base; the present leadership is never mindful that 71% of Israel's exports this past year consisted of industrial products.

Treasonous disinvestment in the workforce of both nations, the USA and Israel, continues apace with yet more manufacturing and technical design capacity deliberately exported to lesser-developed totalitarian states in the vain hope of saving a portion of the 8-10% of the labor component of any manufacturing pro forma (facilities, management overhead, raw materials, and production and tooling equipment all cost more than the labor component in a manufacturing spreadsheet, by any generally-accepted accounting practice standard).

Yet, GE's Chinese real-world power plant testbedding and commissioning is most emphatically not an example of this process of abandoning our workforce to the abyss of unemployment. General Electric Energy System's multi-billion dollar investment in Communist China for manufacturing near-zero carbon emission coal gasification power plants is rather an instance of an American firm testbedding new technology in a developing nation prior to deploying IGCC's (integrated gasification combined cycle) coal plants in the USA, while gaining a record number of new equipment orders. The best proof of this is that GE's Schenectady final assembly and checkout (FACO) gas turbine gallery has gone from a skeleton crew of 1,500 employees to over 9,000 since 2004.
Israel's industrial development is being further undermined by "green activists."
(Please note the list of current IGCC plants worldwide here and the current generation expansion plan for new coal-fired plants, including IGCC's, here.)

The most powerful counter-strategy to deploy against this kulturkampf of secularist cant is for those who believe in Israel and the USA to actively promote the welfare of the workforce through vocally and materially advancing Israel's and the USA's manufacturing, construction and agricultural exports, and new projects development mechanisms. There is room as well for Israel's first near-zero carbon emissions coal gasification plant, not unlike the ones shown at, which were the models and testbeds for the development of the Communist Chinese plants, once economics and final configuration is proved out. (See also here.)

The political Right in both Israel and the US generally supports the farmers, machinists, construction workers and the export community's across-the-board requirement for the creation of permanent living-wage employment for all who wish to work; this, to make of the Jewish state and the USA better places for all to live and to breathe free. Only through a joint effort of faith and good works may our lands of milk and honey grow to realize their full potential, and only through your support is this possible. The very best is yet to come, and not only from General Electric, if we but strive in a spirit of hopeful resolve to make it so.

Copyright 2008 Walter James O'Brien