A Modest Proposal

The time has come to use a serious weapon.

Aryeh Zelasko

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It seems that the consensus of all the experts is that we are in for another major betrayal by the Powers That Be. There is to be a new Sharon-style pogrom expelling 300,000 Jews from what is left of Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem is to be divided or
We have tried demonstrations. We have tried elections.
internationalized, and the Arabs are to be given yet another large chunk of Israel to control and use to destroy what little is left over of the State of Israel.

So, what to do?

We have tried demonstrations. We have tried elections. We have tried behind the scenes pressure and deals. None of it has had the slightest effect, nor did any of it prevent the expulsion of a single Jew from his home or increase the safety of those Jews still allowed to live in theirs. So why should any of that work now?

The time has come to use a serious weapon. One that will force the situation. The time has come to use money.

My modest proposal is that we withdraw as much cash as possible from Israeli banks. Also, if you have Israeli bonds, cash them in. It would also be helpful to stop using credit cards and pay for everything in cash. I was recently told that if as little as 1% of bank assets were withdrawn, this would send the system into chaos. I further suggest that, at the time of withdrawal, the bank manager be given a letter explaining that you are removing your money in protest of the Oslo Treason, and will not return your cash until such time as it is officially ended, the Palestinian Authority is null and void, and Judea, Samaria and Gaza are officially annexed to the State of Israel. As I said, a modest proposal.

This approach has four major virtues:

  • It is totally legal.
  • It is nonviolent.
  • It does not require any fancy organizations.
  • It will work!
I have attempted to anticipate and answer some questions about this idea. I am sure there are many others, but I do not promise that I will have the answers or answers that will satisfy.

Question: I have outstanding checks and bills to pay. How can I possibly do this?

It is your money that should be withdrawn, not your common sense. Of course you must pay your bills, and keep your business and other activities functional. No one is asking you to commit financial suicide. However, every agurah above that - take it out of the system and put it in a shoe box under your bed.

Question: But won't this seriously hurt the economy? Is it really the right thing to do? Isn't this anti-democratic?

Yes it will. When the Histadrut calls a general strike, the economy is hurt. When the dock workers staged a strike a number of years ago, it wrecked the economy for nearly a year. For over fifty years, the government subsidized the kibbutz movement with billions of dollars in free hand-outs and communist protection laws, and the economy was crippled. In short, there have been no lack of self-serving, greedy people willing to use all sorts of "anti-democratic" means, and to cause all sorts of serious damage to our economy, so long as they personally benefited. So, what is wrong in doing this with the intention of saving the country?

Will placing all of Israel's industrial, transportation, energy and population within easy range of Arab mortars and cheap, home-made missiles be good for the economy? Will the Arab murderers ask the Jews to vote and approve before they open up on us with their guns and artillery?

Question: I will lose a lot of money if I do this. Most of this money is either for my retirement or for my children's future. Is it really fair to jeopardize the future to make a political point?

I suppose that if you really believe we and our children will have much of a future here after the government expels nearly 300,000 Jews from their homes and gives the property over to Arab murderers, then, by all means, hang on to your interest payments and
If as little as 1% of bank assets were withdrawn, this would send the system into chaos.
coupons. However, if you suspect living in a beat up caravan and not having any means to support your family (as happened to the victims of the Sharon pogrom), or that having a Kassam crashing through your roof (as is happening in Sderot and the Negev today), might ruin the tranquility of your retirement or annoy your children, then consider my proposal. This is not about making a political point, it is using a powerful weapon to archive victory.

Question: Isn't it pointless to try? As soon as this would start to be effective, the government would outlaw it.

No it is not pointless. In fact, this has a very sharp and deadly point. One that will accomplish what all the demonstrations and elections have not: force the end of Oslo and the annexation of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Furthermore, they can not outlaw people removing their own money from a bank without causing a serious crisis and jeopardizing Israel's international financial status.

Question: If I do this, I will have a very large amount of cash around. Won't that make me the target of thieves? It will turn me into a nervous wreck, I just can't take the risk.

It is perfectly legal, and not too difficult, to transfer your money to a foreign bank. Any lawyer or CPA involved with corporate law should be able to advise you how to do this and where it is the safest. You don't really have to put it all in a shoe box.