<I>Bo</I>: An Ever-Waxing Moon

The people of Israel are likened to the moon.

Aloh Naaleh,

Arutz 7
In parashat Bo, we are introduced to the mitzvah of kiddush ha-chodesh, the sanctification of the new month by the Beit Din upon the viewing of the new moon. This mitzvah is of the utmost importance, because the observance of all our holidays is based upon the determination of the new month.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe points out that immediately before the sighting of the new moon, the moon has essentially disappeared. It had been waning for two weeks until it was no longer visible. But not to despair; the moon will once again wax strong. Our rabbis teach that when the Messiah arrives, the moon will remain in its fully visible state, reflecting the Divine light of God and His constant love for and providential supervision over the people
Not to despair; the moon will once again wax strong.
of Israel.

Rabbi Tzvi Mezeloshitz comments on the verse, "This month is for you the 'head' (beginning) of all the months of the year." The month of Nissan is a month of redemption. That redemption is "for you" and given over to you. The redemption (at least the speedier version) is dependent upon us. Every mitzvah we observe, every act of kindness, brings us closer to the ultimate and complete redemption.

The people of Israel, likened to the moon, will never again experience a waning of their spiritual energy, but rather a constant waxing and movement from strength to strength.

While every mitzvah is precious and moves us toward the redemption, why not add the mitzvah of Aliyah to your inventory? What better place than Israel to recite the blessing over the new moon? Where better to express our deepest belief that redemption is nigh, and our heartfelt prayer that the moon and the people of Israel be restored to their former glory forever?

Aloh Na'aleh! May we speedily merit viewing the Sanhedrin sanctifying the new month in Yerushalayim.
Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Reich writes from Efrat.

The foregoing commentary was distributed by the Aloh Naaleh organization.