<i>Miketz</I>: A Realist's View of Dreams

Our lives have the elements of both.

Aloh Naaleh,

Arutz 7
We usually refer to Joseph as the Dreamer, the Zaddik. Permit me to add another title, Joseph the Realist.

With these three titles, he went about his daily affairs, often intertwining all three. His firm commitment to the reality of these dreams encouraged him to relate those dreams to his brothers and father. But they, too, believed his dreams would come true, and they acted on that belief. Pharaoh believed that Joseph would be a "true" interpreter and disregarded all of his personal "dream" staff. His economic decisions thereafter were based on Joseph's prophesy.

Our lives also have the elements of both items. We dream and we awaken to the reality. Sometimes, dreams are nightmares and we try our best to eradicate the possibility of that nightmare coming true. The good dreams we file in our "hoped-for" file, maybe they will
The Jewish people dreamt of a Jewish State for 2,000 years.
actually come true. We make plans, we "dream" of a possible future, and oftentimes we work very hard to attain and fulfill that goal. Sometimes, we ignore the reality in order to attain our "dreams."

The Jewish people dreamt of a Jewish State for 2,000 years. Many scoffed at such a dream, and some still do, waiting for Mashiach.

But by the grace of G-d, that two-millennia dream came true, 60 years ago. Some of us were injected with the excitement and beauty of a "dream come true." Others continued in the "dream world."

Chanukah is the story of "dreamers" who felt that the few can overcome the many, that one cruse of oil, which was sufficient for one day, will somehow miraculously burn longer. And they lit that one cruse, dreaming of a miracle to take place. Their dreams created the reality of the miracles of Chanukah.

We, who have joined our people in this Blessed Land, await the multitudes of Am Yisrael who are still dreaming to become realists and join us here in our homeland.

Chanukah Sameach.
Rabbi Yaakov Zev writes from Jerusalem.

The foregoing commentary was distributed by the Aloh Naaleh organization.