To Remove the Jew From the Land

They may well name this era the Age of Madness.

Cale Hahn

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Someday, in the near future, after the imminent wars are concluded, the dead buried, the flames extinguished and the cities rebuilt, a future people will gaze with utter perplexity upon this age, in wonder how such a sad state came to be. They may well name this era the Age of Madness, when the world lost its collective soul and mind. They will little
The universe cannot long suffer the flipping of Earth's moral magnetic poles.
wonder how the utter destruction of tomorrow came upon we who live today.

Today's script characterizes the bloodthirsty as peaceful, victims as aggressors and aggressors as victims, destroyers as allies, cowards as courageous, and the vile as virtuous.

The universe cannot long suffer the flipping of Earth's moral magnetic poles. Tomorrow, the curtain of deception will be removed and the semantics of today's charlatans no longer the tool behind which the savage maneuver.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in her speech to the United Jewish Communities, stridently called for the birth of a Palestinian state as the overarching goal of US policy in the Middle East.

That Rice would fail to mention the existing Palestinian state in Gaza is understandable. Gaza was to be the embryonic test case to prove to the world the Palestinians are willing to live in peace with Israel and that they are capable of self-governance. Having received their new state, the Palestinians promptly elected representatives from Hamas, an organization whose depth of Jew-hatred has yet to be fully plumbed. Nor will the daily rocket barrages on Israel originating therein bolster Rice's delusional "Palestinians - partners in peace"mantra, either.

Everyone knows what the Palestinians and the rest of the Islamic world desire in regards to Israel. It's not as if their actions cannot be seen, their sermons heard nor their textbooks read. They demand the complete eradication of Jews from the land. Not from part of it, but from all of it. Witness what happens to some unfortunate Jew who accidentally stumbles into a Palestinian area.

The world has seen enough. Of Israel, that is.

It would appear easier, after all, to remove six million Jews from a sliver of land than change a billion Muslim's minds about the Jews' right to exist.

Israel finds herself internationally isolated. Worse, she has given herself to be shepherded by an enemy she regards as her ally.

America's Middle East foreign policy is part and parcel anti-Semitic. Were it not so, the Bush Administration would undoubtedly be supporting and fighting alongside a fellow democracy under assault by numerous Islamic terror entities, as America does throughout the rest of the world.

It is in Israel, and only in Israel, where Islamic terrorism is not only tolerated by America, but determinedly and actively encouraged to expand and thrive with American money, training and arms. Furthermore, American diplomatic pressure shields these terrorists from significant Israeli retaliation in the aftermath of their strikes against Jewish targets.

Additionally, America is the fulcrum by which these terror groups gain concession after concession from the Israelis. It is through America that Islamic terrorists grow stronger. And it is through America that Israel is forced into an increasingly precarious security and strategic positioning.

America's "land-for-peace"formula for achieving peace is also fundamentally anti-Semitic. Reduced to its essence, anti-Semitism is the conviction that whatever the problem or circumstance, it is always the Jews' fault.
The world has seen enough. Of Israel, that is.

Land-for-peace posits that the Jewish presence in the land is the primary cause for creating, and propagating, Islamic aggression. Accordingly, Jewish-Muslim warfare is primarily created by the presence of Jews. Remove the Jews from the land, the thinking goes, and the catalyst for producing conflict will be removed as well. Therefore, land-for-peace contains at its core, the strong implication the Jews are responsible for attacks against them.

That Gaza disproves the land-for-peace theory is apparently irrelevant today.

This approach does not even consider the possibility that Islam is the cause in creating, nurturing, and propagating this utter fanaticism about annihilating another people. This, despite the Koran, the hadiths, the imams and the terrorists themselves declaring that Islam requires jihad against the Jews until they are killed, converted or enslaved.

The Bush Administration studiously ignores across-the-board Palestinian violations of previous agreements, as well as continued attacks against the Jews. Instead, his administration calls on Israelis to make continued "difficult and painful sacrifices." Lack of progress in achieving peace is not the result of Islamic fanaticism, but the Jews' presence in the land. It's the Jews' fault.

Where is America's insistence upon the repudiation of Islam's calls to annihilate the Jews from the land? Where is America's demands for the Palestinians to bring the murderers within their midst to justice? Where is America's outrage at Hamas being elected by the Palestinian people and their continued rocketing of Israeli population centers?

And where is America's apology to Israel for its role in creating a process responsible for thousands of Jewish dead and tens of thousands wounded?

Instead, Rice has the audacity to conjure out of thin air that "almost all" Israelis want to unilaterally withdrawal from Judea and Samaria and likens Israelis to slaveholders. Can you imagine saying such a thing after Gaza? It's the Jews' fault.

Precipitous times are at hand. Today, we may be witnessing the fulfillment of Zekharyah 12:3, where all the nations of the world plot against Jerusalem to destroy it.

It is God Himself who has returned the Jews to their land after thousands of years in exile, as He foretold in His Word. Those who attempt to reverse the rebirth of Israel are fighting against God Himself.

If the Annapolis conference occurs and America attempts to force Israel to return
Everything America will have hoped to preserve by sacrificing Israel will be lost.
Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, Judea and Samaria, then I shudder in fear for my nation when I consider that God is a God of justice and terrible wrath (Bereshit 12:3).

The implementation of Annapolis would indeed represent "Auschwitz borders" for Israel. That America's own borders are completely open to anyone and anything entering has not gone unnoticed, either.

Everything America will have hoped to preserve by sacrificing Israel will be lost: its economy will be destroyed, its currency will crumble, its oil will be cut off and it will be given over to its enemies. Everything America was leading Israel towards may instead come upon itself.

In the drive to secure its peace, it will instead receive global war, much of it unleashed within its shores and upon its cities by these same Islamic hordes it hoped to appease with Israel's sacrifice. The same will be true of all nations that come against Israel to destroy her.

May God have mercy on us and turn us around before it is too late.