Let Slip the Dogs of War

Mount an offensive that will end this war.

Barry Winters

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The "government" of Eretz Israel has no political or moral mandate to negotiate with the "Palestinians," Syria or anyone right now. Yet, purely in his own political self-interest, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is doing just that. Do Israelis want what Prime Minister Olmert wants? Public opinion polls say no.

By what mandate or authority does Olmert claim to negotiate the future existence and
By what mandate or authority does Olmert claim to negotiate?
borders of Israel? It is clear Olmert and his government screwed up last year's war, why wouldn't they screw up this years "peace"? Do Israelis want to give up Jerusalem or any part thereof? Do Israelis want their government to acquiesce and acknowledge any "right of return" that may change the demographics of Israel and destroy the future of the Jewish State?

With whom does any government of Israel negotiate? Abu Mazen? Of what "sovereign nation" is he head of government or head of state? Is Abu Mazen "head of state" of Gaza? Can Abu Mazen stop the rockets from falling? Just what is any agreement signed with Abu Mazen worth? How many signed "agreements" have the "Palestinians" honoured?

Prime Minister Olmert does not represent the interests of Israel, nor does he any longer have a political, electoral or moral mandate to negotiate on behalf of Eretz Israel. There is no consensus in Israeli society of what a future peace agreement should include or look like. The current Palestinian Authority is not capable of, nor is it interested in, honouring any peace agreement, and there is no functioning society in "Palestinian" territories.

So, why is Israel negotiating for "peace" now? At this point in time, Israel faces a greater threat from it's own government than from the "Palestinians" and all those terrorist groups out there, which are at war with all of the civilized world. Syria is not a military threat. The correlation of forces for Syria vis-a-vis Israel is adverse in the extreme. Lebanon is a parking lot. Gaza and the "West Bank" is a "failed state" with a nonexistent or dysfunctional society. The rocket attacks on Israel are far more psychological in their significance than military.

Olmert will sell out the future territorial and demographic integrity of Israel for no good reason. Is Prime Minister Olmert or his current Cabinet capable of dealing with the threat Iran poses to Israel and to humanity? Iran has, or will have soon, weapons of mass destruction. Do Israelis really want to bet their lives on Prime Minister Olmert and his competence, even for a day?

In a few short weeks there will be a "peace conference." There are now secret negotiations underway without the knowledge or consensus of the Israelis. An incompetent, unauthorized government and a Prime Minister under police investigation are secretly negotiating the future of Israel.

Why have "peace talks"? Why not just finish this sixty-some-year-old war with victory? Yes, it is that simple. "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war." Unsheathe Israel's deadliest, most effective weapon, and the most inexpensive means in terms of lives, to take hold and absorb territory - Israeli settlers, kibbutzniks and moshavniks.

Now is the time for an Israeli government to take the offensive against the enemy. It is time for this government to actively encourage and support Jewish settlement everywhere, and take what historically and geopolitically is Israeli land. Use this bloodless weapon, which will drive Arabs out of all that is Israel and needs to be Israel, to make Israel forever strong, secure and viable. Close Israel to the "Palestinians," isolate them in their already
Actively encourage and support Jewish settlement everywhere.
untenable enclaves, and let them continue to tear each other apart. And buy them out. That will make Israel more secure and render her more future tranquility than anything that would or could transpire at the future Annapolis "peace talks."

It is clear. For Israel to be strong and secure - agriculturally, economically and politically - as a viable Jewish State, Israel must be larger and demographically Jewish. Israel must always be "the Jewish State." The very existence of Eretz Israel depends on there being no so-called "right of return" for the descendants of Arabs who ran away.

It is past time for Israel to mount an offensive that will end this war the "pan-Arab nation" started on behalf of the "poor Palestinians." They will destroy each other, sell out or perish.

The Arab world cares not for the "poor Palestinians" and, since 9/11, neither does the civilized world. "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war" - and turn loose Israeli settlers and Israeli enterprise.