<i>Lech Lecha</I>: Emulating the Patriarchs

It wasn’t a short, easy voyage.

Aloh Naaleh,

Arutz 7
Following traditions set by elders is a valuable Jewish attribute; and the first Ivri, first to recognize and serve one G-d, is the grandfather to emulate.

"Lech Lecha meartzecha...." - "Go forth from your land, your birthplace, your father’s house to the land that I will show you." Thus spoke HaShem to Avrohom. Pursue my instructions and "I will bless you and you shall be a blessing... and all the families of the earth shall bless themselves by you."

Avrohom Avinu left his native, idol-worshiping land and crossed into Eretz Canaan. It wasn’t a short, easy voyage, not then and not today. Changes at any stage in life are traumatic. Nevertheless, "deeds of the fathers are emblematic for the sons."

The parasha opens with HaShem's directive to journey to the land and ends with the
Ask courageous new olim about their complex passage and listen to awesome tales.
mitzvah of brit milah - the covenant, prerequisite for entrance into Eretz Yisrael.

"Shaal avicha v’yagedcha" - "Ask your father, he will tell you." At the Seder, Succah or Shabbat table, stories of Jews forced to flee, sometimes miraculously, abandoning homes in exile, are recounted tearfully, but in appreciation. Ask courageous new olim about their complex passage and listen to awesome tales.

Observant Jews seek to strengthen daily mitzvah performance; and yet, many do not, or cannot, exercise the will to partake in the mitzvah to settle the Land of Israel. As stated in Lech Lecha, "Arise, walk about the land through it's length and breadth," - a living legacy for the resolute.

May brit milah, first practiced by our exalted ancestor, precede massive Jewish response to the Almighty's promise to the Patriarch.
Faigie Heiman, born and raised in Brooklyn, is an accomplished short story and essay writer who lives in Jerusalem with her husband and family. Her articles are featured in newspapers and magazines in Israel and abroad.

The foregoing commentary was distributed by the Aloh Naaleh organization.