Osama and Larry Flynt

We are well on the way to engineering our downfall

Arlene Peck

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Who woulda thought that I, who once was a pot roast from Atlanta (before the divorce, when I discovered I was Chateaubriand) and a woman who reveled in my Southern genteelness, would one day find myself on the same page as porn king Larry Flynt?

Worse, I recently found myself sitting in front of the television set, bobbing my head like one of those side-show dolls while listening to Osama Bin-Laden give his semi-annual
On the same page as porn king Larry Flynt?
lecture, telling his fans in America that, instead of the Devil who made him do it, the fault lies with George Bush. Not one to miss a chance, while we're busy burying Bush, he invites us all to "embrace Islam."

Hey, if we're lucky he might even make a video tape for the hate-all-things-American crowd displaying the latest fashions worn at all the best weekly beheadings. Yeah sure, Osama baby, you got it. I'd love to embrace your savage "culture."

I, and millions of other American women, would look so good in a burka. We can't wait to become possessions of men again. I'd like the opportunity to tell you how much I admire everything about your "culture" - from a plane, dropping bombs.

Larry Flynt is another story. Where one thinks we have too much democracy (although the Osama crowd doesn't even know what democracy is), Larry is under the impression that we are fast losing ours. Funny, I happen to believe that is exactly what is taking place in America today.

We've allowed, encouraged and protected the most virulent anti-democracy advocates to push their agendas on us, under the protection of the very laws designed to defend us against fascism and totalitarianism.

By cynical manipulations of our very rights to freedom, our grateful immigrant Muslims have learned, via the ACLU and their own organizations such as CAIR, how to use our laws against us and destroy our country. Our insane adherence to political correctness has led us to a place where we are well on the way to engineering our own downfall.

However, I suggest Flynt, like all our "talking heads" and media outlets, don't talk about this, or he will suddenly find himself being shot for being a messenger, and his message will never be delivered. Welcome to America, post 9/11. Don't upset the perps - they have rights.

However, as much as I never thought I'd agree with anything that Son of Satan, Bin-Laden, has to say, how else can a sane person react to the state of America at the moment? George Bush has us well on the way to bankruptcy and down the path of disaster.
Maybe because I've been to Gaza a few times and was in Lebanon, both in the 'incursions' of June of '82 and again in '93, and have seen the enemy up close, I feel I'm in a position to voice an opinion not often heard here in La-La-Land. While their neighbors, in Israel, are productive and racking up Nobel Prizes in all fields, the savages seem to have nothing to do but roam the streets like feral cats looking for trouble, death and destruction.

Islamists and Arabists, such as the so-called Palestinians, are people who haven't a clue as to what democracy entails. Whatever democracy means in 2007, they sure as hell don't want it. Their religion, and the culture it spawned, is based on submission. Even the very name, "Islam," means that.

The Western world has had plenty of opportunity, post 9/11, to have a look at just how literally submitted the entire Muslim world is. When given freedom, they happily revert to the 11th century. This is all fine and dandy, and I suppose they have a right to live like primitive barbarians, but unfortunately they insist that we also submit and join them in the Dark Ages. You know that's what all their clamoring is about. I know you do. It's them insisting that you become just like them. Wanna sign up?

Do you actually care if no child leaves uneducated from one of the schools that we're so kindly building for them with our tax payer money, when their curriculum includes learning how to be suicide bombers? When the valedictory speeches call for death of the West,
George Bush has us well on the way to bankruptcy and down the path of disaster.
infidels, Jews and "the great Satan"?

Here, we don't even have the money to buy toilet paper for our schools, but in our efforts to reconstruct Iraq, we are spending trillions on an infrastructure that they will blow up as soon as we finish. Sometimes, when I see the incompetent and corrupt behavior of our "leaders," I think we are the enemy. We are bringing nothing good to Iraq or to ourselves.

A sadder reality is this: we have no actual leadership and those in Israel suffer under even less. We are cheek-by-jowl with the greatest evil modern mankind has ever faced and our elected officials are clueless. We are in and have been fighting World War III for decades and not one leader of a democratic country has been willing to tell it like it is and admit that we are all in mortal danger. So, as a result, apathy is the norm. The Israelis throw up their hands and say, "What can we do"?

In America, we are totally swamped in inconsequence, drowning in "news" about Britney Spears and Lindsey Loren, celebrating the worst of our society, while the best is marginalized and silenced. The Islamic world has marched across the horizon, and has gone from an annoyance thousands of miles away in some nefarious place known as "the Middle East," to a bomb-hurling, death-wreaking reality in New York City, but all we'll be hearing for the next year is, "O.J. has been arrested!"

Gawd! Where is Larry Flynt when you need him?