Baseless Hatred: The Longest War

We can't give up.

Batya Medad,

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Disengagement was just another battle in a long war.

It is an internal Jewish war, brother against brother - sinat chinam, baseless hatred. Long before the establishment of the State of Israel, the Zionist organizations fought for
The Zionist organizations fought for supremacy.
supremacy, or more accurately, the Labor Zionist establishment used every weapon in its arsenal to stay in power.

They branded the Jabotinsky followers as "revisionists," and made it almost impossible for "revisionists" and religious Zionists to get official permits from Great Britain, the Mandatory rulers, to enter the land. They accused Revisionists of murdering Arloseroff, even though facts show a very different scenario.

During the struggle for independence, the Hagana had no problems turning over other Jews to the British during the notorious Sezon. Soon after that, just after the Declaration of statehood, Labor Zionist hatred against fellow Jews "justified" murder. David Ben-Gurion ordered the elite Palmach to bombard the Altalena, a ship filled with immigrants and arms bought for the nascent Israeli army, to liberate Jerusalem. That resulted in Israel losing control of the Old City. During the 19 years of Jordanian rule, Jews were forbidden to enter it and visit the Kotel (the Western Wall). The Jordanians also destroyed synagogues and Jewish cemeteries.

In 1967, Egypt, Jordan and Syria allied to destroy Israel, but miraculously, Israel was victorious. The Israeli establishment has been trying to erase that victory ever since.

Disengagement was the largest battle in that struggle. Two years ago, Israel sent soldiers into peaceful Jewish communities; soldiers who were effectively brainwashed so they wouldn't "feel." They were trained in techniques so they could perform like robots to accomplish "a national mission of such importance;" though nobody can justify or explain just what that "importance" actually was.

This was relatively easy to accomplish, since the soldiers were of the generation raised to believe that "the settlers killed Rabin," another lie. I have no doubt that mindset made it easier to convince the soldiers to destroy the Jewish communities of Gush Katif and northern Shomron.

Instead of seeing us as the continuation of the Zionist enterprise, Israeli media and politicians portray us as racist parasites, taking over Arab land and living in government-built homes. The government line (lie) is that there's no more need for Zionism once the State of Israel came into being. The small amount of land included in the 1949 ceasefire is all the land we need. I don't know if that was ever verbalized, but, as we English
The ruling Labor "Zionists" gave up the dream.
teachers say:
"That's the main idea." That's post-Zionism.

The ruling Labor "Zionists" gave up the dream and feel threatened by those who are inspired by our history, from the time of the Bible to today. Ironically, Labor Zionists replaced the Jewish religion with the land. And then, within a generation of the establishment of the state, the land, unrooted, unanchored in religion, lost its value to them. "Elite" Israelis, unfettered by both religion and land, are looking to be "international," which means that they believe in nothing, stand for nothing and don't think that anything is worth dying for.

That's why Ehud Olmert and his chassidim can claim that last summer's war was a success, because foreign troops are protecting us.

Yes, we're in big trouble. Olmert's support is still in single digits, but he's a master politician and still ruling.

The real war is the internal war, Jew against Jew. We can't give up, and we won't.