Ratings Down?

Bordering on impeachment? What to do?

Arlene Peck

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Ratings down? Bordering on impeachment? What to do? Well, how about beating the dead cow of Oslo and the Palestinian state again?
Do you think that either Ehud Olmert, who, last I looked, was down to 3% approval rating, and George Bush, who is down to around 20-something (BC: Before Carter), just might be thinking of a "distraction"? And the perfect distraction might be to arrange another one of those famous - or was that "infamous"? - "peace meetings," with all those "good friends" of the Jewish state; friends like Russia, Saudi Arabia and, of course, the
Talk about chutzpah!
European Union. Hell, anybody that wants to come to the meeting is welcome and, while we're at it, let's decide to carve up Israel to form a Palestinian state.

In any other situation, I'd find it incredible that a man with virtually no popularity or standing in the polls like Ehud Olmert is still able to hang on. Worse, he and Shimon Peres, who unbelievably was elected by his peers to a term as President, are continuing the process of wreaking havoc on Israel. Olmert is now giving press conferences reiterating his belief that Israel "needs to withdraw" from the Biblical Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria. Wow! Talk about chutzpah! This is another of his "tough decisions" regarding territorial compromise. Compromise? Naw, these are the final blows to what was once Israel.

Does anyone see anything wrong when incompetent leaders of both the United States and Israel meet and decide to giveaway all of Judea and Samaria, land that was given to the Israelites by G-d? What right do they have to decide this "compromise"? What compromise are we talking about here? Here it is: Judea and Samaria would not be given up unilaterally, as was Gaza following the withdrawal of the IDF in 2005. No. This time, they mean to bring it about through a negotiated solution with the Palestinian Authority and Prime Minister Olmert. What? When are they going to realize that to negotiate requires having an honorable partner. But why should we question anything as fundamental as that?

This is a government that can release 255 convicted terrorists serving terms in Israeli prisons without a qualm. Nope. Just open the gates and let the tigers, a.k.a. terrorists, roam free in Judea and Samaria to savage civilians again. But, hey, a "goodwill" gesture to that very "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas just might help their poll numbers. By the way, does anybody remember Mr. Olmert even mentioning that maybe his good friend, Abbas, could conjure up some information on the whereabouts of the Israeli soldier they kidnapped over a year ago? Where is the goodwill on their part? But why should we question anything as fundamental as that?

If I had my druthers, I'd turn off the lights, water and electricity in the PA and let these barbarians continue to destroy each other in their civil war.

The last time that I remember any sort of Jewish protest coming out of the State of Israel was when there were front-page headlines about the anger over a gay rights parade. The country is falling down around them and, like sheep, they seem to be walking quietly to
We're used to outrageous incidents to bring up the ratings.
the slaughter. Yet, huge masses find the time to hit the streets to make their feelings known about issues of homosexuality. Gawd!

I don't know. I can't figure it out. Maybe everyone is just too busy with other things. The same seems to be happening here on our side of the globe. Our borders are open and criminals and terrorists are pouring in like water through a sieve. Then they wonder why the traffic is so bad. It hasn't seemed to hit them that 20 to 30 million "guest workers" that Bush has allowed in have filled up our prisons, schools, hospitals and, yes, freeways, making the drive home impossible. I'm rapidly watching California become a third-world country.

Meantime, I wonder how long it is going to take Olmert to make a deal with Bush to grant the "right of return"? Another stupid "good-will gesture"?

Hey, I live in La-La Land. We're used to outrageous incidents to bring up the ratings. But when are we, the public both here and in Israel, going to get the message across that the future we're facing is more than a "ratings season" for incompetent politicians? Whatever happened to, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"? Time was, when the US government feared the people. When did that change? Now, we're in fear of the government.