Have I Told You So? Over and Over Again

Didn't they learn their lesson years ago?

Arlene Peck

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I cannot tell you what pride I felt when Lifestyles Magazine ran a feature a couple of years ago about me entitled, "Politically Incorrect and Loving It!" I refused to make excuses for the disgust that I felt watching the barbaric behavior and dysfunctional values that the modern Arab civilization has now thrust upon us. The Left makes excuses for the mentality of the Muslim Arab who hates blindly and who feels that anyone who "isn't one of them" should be killed. And the morons who feel that no matter what, they had to
The Left makes excuses for the mentality of the Muslim Arab who hates blindly.
support George Bush in his failed leadership, for which we will be paying for years to come.

Tell me, how do all of you good people feel now when you pushed Israel into leaving Gaza so the Arabs who live there could have the chance to build their "state"? I knew what would happen; and hey, let me repeat: I told you so! I knew that the minute the Jewish residents of Israel left, the Arabs would do what they do best. They burned and looted what the Israelis left them, instead of establishing schools in the school building, and creating businesses in the hot houses, which could have provided job opportunities and income for thousands.

Ah, but even I didn't foresee that these animals would run rampant as soon as this: killing each other with brutality and mindless pleasure, as if murder were a national pastime. In America, we have baseball, football and golf. In the Middle East, they have bombs, Kassams and AK47s. Oh, and I almost forgot, homicide bombers.

However, it makes sense. The world and the Bush government pressured Israel not to build the security fence, but it has been doing a very good job of reducing the number of homicide attacks against civilians. Yet, as I'm writing this, Ehud Olmert and Bush are meeting in Washington holding 'peace talks.' Peace talks? With whom? Which savage terrorist group does Bush and Condoleezza Rice want the Jewish state to tackle first? Olmert, the so-called 'leader' with a 3% popularity rating among his constituents, and Bush with his rock-bottom numbers, are, as usual, ready to sit down and discuss (and carry out) giving away more of Israel's land in exchange for this elusive peace. This time, Bush is ready and willing to supply a half-billion dollars in aid for Fatah to fight Hamas; yet, we all know who they'll use that ''aid' against. "Humanitarian aid." Yeah, right.

Instead of pushing for 'transfer,' the incompetent leaders of both the USA and Israel are planning to open the treasuries and send millions of our tax dollars to Mahmoud Abbas to help the residents of the Palestinian Authority. If it were up to me, I would be planning a massive transfer out of Gaza and into Jordan. I say, send them back to where they came from instead of pouring more and more dollars into their war chest.

Didn't they learn their lesson years ago, when Shimon Peres supplied the PLO with 40,000 guns for the "police"? Obviously not, as Peres has been elected president of Israel. Elected to an office that will allow him to do even more damage; with Ehud Barak waiting in the wings. Someone ought to tell them that the plan of their 'peace partners' is: when in doubt, bomb Israel.

I have to admit, though, that it gives me great pleasure to see how, now that those who call themselves "Palestinians" can no longer climb over the fence and bomb and butcher the Israelis as they used to, they have turned to devouring each other. Lovely. Now, their favorite game is to grab people to drop off tall buildings to see how much they splatter. Usually, though, to save time, they just summarily execute people in the street. Is this their new version of revenge, honor killing, or just quid pro quo?
The plan of the 'peace partners' is: when in doubt, bomb Israel.

Call me politically incorrect, but I hope they continue to kidnap, torture and kill each other, as it saves Israel the trouble and expense of having to track them down. Of course, I don't think too many of them are 'innocent' victims, since they kill whoever is in their way; and remember, this population actually voted the Hamas terror group into power.

Why doesn't Israel at least cut the water and power off into that hell-hole, and see how fast they would either leave or negotiate in earnest? These savages aren't going to starve to death, anyway. They would probably bomb each other to death first.

Democracy, to this crowd, means that their leaders voted not to behead anyone this week. Next week, though, might be a different story. The word islam means "submission" - and that, folks, is the real meaning of Islamic democracy.

But, hey, ex-President Jimmy Carter (with the emphasis on "ex") had lots to say about how wonderful it would be if the Jews were out of the way, and the Palestinians would be able to have their 'democracy.' And, of course, two states living side by side, Hamas in Gazastan and Fatah in West Bankastan.

Hmmm, Carter seems rather quiet now that they're in the midst of this orgy of looting, burning, raping and murder. This is a fitting finale to eight centuries of self destruction. That old saying that the "Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity" has never been truer.

I wonder what Carter thinks about the Hamas gunmen who broke into Yasser Arafat's shrine-home? After all, Arafat was his good friend and the father of modern terrorism. As I'm writing this, I'm trying hard to suppress a giggle. The rampaging mob stole Arafat's documents, files and gifts he received from all those world leaders who shared his point of view. They even stole the military outfits and dirty sheets that he always wore on his head. Military uniform? He was never a soldier - only a terrorist. But the very best part of the ransacking of his home was the theft of the Nobel Peace Prize medallion. That, I hope, will find its way into a "yard sale."

Seeing Suha's fancy, Parisian clothing being thrown out of the upstairs window was fun, too. Some of those gowns may even find a buyer on the black market. Maybe someone will be able to sell the pictures of Arafat with his daughter to our homegrown leftists, who always sympathized with his corrupt leadership.

Doesn't Israel already have a "humanitarian crisis" of constant fear of rocket attacks?

Hell, these savages even walked away with the water pipes, closets, door knobs, beds and bedding. Whatever wasn't nailed down was stolen, even the tiles from the floors and walls. Do you think that his once-good friends, Peres and Carter, are feeling badly about the disrespect that has been shown to the "Palestinian peoples' great leader"?

Yet, as rockets continue to rain on Israel from both the north and the south, the Israeli government continues to supply electricity, water, fuel and food - in order "to avoid a humanitarian crisis" - to the very people who have sworn to destroy Israel. Doesn't Israel already have a "humanitarian crisis" of constant fear of rocket attacks, kidnapping and suicide bombs?

Isn't it time to finally fight this war that has been waged against Israel for the last 59 years as if our very lives depend upon it? Because, you know, they really do.