Jewish Israel is the Key to Its Survival

This is no small matter.

Ted Belman,

Ted Belman
Ted Belman
Jerry Gordon wrote "Burg goes ballistic: paints Israel as 'Zionist ghetto'" because former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg said, "To define the State of Israel as a Jewish state is the key to its end." Others say the opposite; namely, that being Jewish is the key to Israel's survival.

This is no small matter.

There is no question but that much demonization and slander of Israel has to do with it
If any people are entitled to affirmative action, the Jews are.
going against prevailing notions, except in the Muslim world, and insisting that it be a Jewish state first and multicultural second. Even in Israel, this fight is waged by the Left, including the courts, media and academia. They support Israel as a state like any other state and argue it should be democratic first and Jewish second. In fact, they agree with Burg.

I understand that this demonization is intended to bring about Israel's destruction either conceptually or physically. It is not about the "poor Palestinians" or about civil rights. But the Jewish Left in Israel and in the US have a different agenda. They really believe that there must be equality in both civil and political rights (although they also have an animus for religion in general and religious Jews in particular). A Jewish state flies in the face of this. It leaves Israel open to charges of racism. Furthermore, the Left throughout the West, including the majority of Jews, continues to embrace multiculturalism. They are for dismantling their cultures on this altar and demanding Israel do the same.

Rabbi Andrew Davis, director of Arza, the Zionist wing of the Reform Movement, now claimed to be the largest movement of Jews in North America, underscores this:

"Now we need to move to the next level of Zionism, which is how to build a state of equality, justice and democracy. ...Part of our Zionist agenda is not only to connect Reform Jews and Israel, but to impact Israeli society. ...Our commitment to religious justice issues, to democracy, pluralism, are tremendously important values that need to be strengthened and supported more in Israeli society. Our Aliyah efforts are designed to put more troops on the ground to strengthen Israel in these ways."

Sounds Messianic, doesn't it? This is the religion of the Jewish Left. They fight for the rights of others. For them, this is what Judaism and being Jewish is all about.

Make no mistake about it, democracy and pluralism will deny or sap the Jewish raison d'etre. It is easy to see how the principle of equality would hamstring Israel as a Jewish state.

We, on the Right, fight for the opposite. We do not apologize for our culture, but insist on it, both in America and in Israel. We believe that fighting for our culture and winning is necessary for our survival. We are also against discrimination and for equality, but we believe that we have the right to protect our culture, to give it a favoured place in Israel and to advance the in-gathering of the exiles. Judaism is more than universalism. If there is a conflict between being democratic and Jewish, so be it. Previously, I wrote two articles on the subject, "It pays to be Jewish" and "Particularism Before Universalism".

Recently, the Supreme Court of Israel held that Israel can't discriminate in allocating Jewish National Fund land. If this decision is allowed to stand, then where does it end? Does it mean that the Law of Return also falls to the same principle? If not, why not? If Israel passed a law providing Arabs with financial incentives to emigrate, would the Supreme Court hold it to be discriminatory and require that it be offered to all citizens? In many Western democracies, the laws of the land are sometimes trumped by the interests of national security. In Israel, too. This concept must be extended to include the protection of Israel as a Jewish state.

It is easy to see how the principle of equality would hamstring Israel.

As an aside, I would point out that the JNF could have righted the situation regarding their land by canceling the agreement with the Israel Lands Authority, so that the JNF managed the land. The JNF is run by liberal Jews and it declined to do this. How sad and destructive.

One of the icons of the Left is affirmative action, which obviously denies equality. Affirmative action is seen as making up for years of discrimination and is, therefore, worthy. If any people are entitled to affirmative action, the Jews are. I look upon the Balfour Declaration as an act of affirmative action and the recognition of the State of Israel, after the Holocaust, as another act of affirmative action. In fact, the rationale for the creation of the State of Israel was the need for a refuge for Jews, in recognition of two thousand years of discrimination. Jews are entitled to this assistance, or favouritism or protection, whatever you may call it. We paid for it in blood.

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