Israel's Six Decades

Israel must strive to be a light unto the nations.

Daryl Temkin,

Daryl Temkin
Daryl Temkin
Arutz 7
The famous words of Theodor Herzl, "If you will it, it will not remain a dream," were uttered many years before the probability that a state for the Jews could ever enter into the realm of the possible. In the face of rapidly growing European anti-Semitic
Jews from around the world came home to live in Israel.
movements, Russian pogroms and the Dreyfus trial, the kindling of the idea for rebuilding a Jewish state in the land of ancient Israel was ignited. An idea that was thought to be far-fetched and even crazy became a reality. The 2,000-year dream, pursued passionately with a renewed vigor, became a reality.

Who would have known in the late 1800s, when the first Zionist Congress met to discuss this pipe-dream of an idea, that a few decades later, anti-Semitism would become the core of a political movement that would gain wide acceptance in "great" European cities previously known for being steeped in civilized culture? Who would have known that from the pogroms of Russia, which destroyed one Jewish town after the other, would come the Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany and the expulsion of Jews from their "safe" European homes? Who would have known that the world would close its eyes to the Jews of Europe and stand by idly, tacitly enforcing their helplessness and their destruction?

The world, including the United States, basically chose to close its doors on Jewish immigration, leaving Jews no place for sanctuary. Vast open countries used absurd and disingenuous excuses, claiming that their immigration quotas were full. Canada's claim was that there was not enough available land to settle the unwanted population. The message became clear that without a Jewish homeland, Jewish life would be relegated to continual threats of deportation and annihilation.

The remarkable story is that the fortunate survivors of the Nazi attempt to destroy all of Jewish life became the builders and pioneers of the modern Jewish State of Israel, the rebirth of Jewish life. Through a series of seemingly miraculous events, Russia cast the first vote, followed by a majority of the United Nations' participants, which allowed the historic re-establishment of the national Jewish homeland -- a 2,000-year dream was suddenly fulfilled.

Jews from around the world came home to live in Israel. Over 800,000 Jews who had resided in Arab countries and were expelled by the tyrannical Arab Islamic governments, now had the Land of Israel to call their home. In the six decades of Israel's life, and in spite of tragic wars and horrific terrorism, Israel's Jewish population of about half a million has grown over ten-fold, making it the Jewish population center of the world.

In spite of the Land of Israel being devoid of oil and rich minerals, despite being surrounded by countries bent on its destruction, despite Israel housing a large Arabic-Muslim population committed to end the Jewish State, despite six wars, a war of attrition, and two intifadas, worldwide trade embargoes, boycotts and divestments, and well-financed hate-filled anti-Israel media propaganda assaults, Israel has done the unimaginable - it still exists. Not only does it still exist, its citizens continue to win a disproportionate number of Nobel awards in science and the humanities. It continues to make enormous discoveries in science, technology, and medicine. It still accepts, houses, feeds and trains immigrants from all parts of the world -- saving Russian Jewry and Ethiopian Jews, as well as Vietnamese boat people. Even with years of Islamic terrorists blowing up buses, schools, markets, discotheques and restaurants, the majority of Israelis have chosen to live the dream and not to give up.

The review of almost sixty years of Israel's humanitarian accomplishments, its scientific and technological accomplishments, and its gifts to the world is stunning and inspiring. These advancements and impressive accomplishments would normally gain great worldwide praise and recognition. But in the case of Israel's plethora of discoveries, the world only gives a muted acknowledgment. Being thankful to the Jews still remains a psychological impasse (yet, acknowledging and acquiescing to terrorists has become acceptable and even expected).

After six decades of trying to be accepted and recognized by its Arab neighbor states, most Israelis have begun to realize that true peace is not at hand. With its Arab neighbors becoming more radicalized, indoctrinated with anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hatred, requiring conditions for "peace" that spell out Israel's destruction, and with the nations of the world pressuring Israel to conform to those deadly conditions, Israel has had to once again stand alone in its struggle for justice. In turn, the world has chosen to supply ample weapons, public relations, and funds to the nations most outraged that Israel still exists. In the politically correct name of "fairness" - more accurately called anti-Israelism, or even more accurately called anti-Semitism, or nowadays the most accurate term is "anti-Jewishism" - the United States, the European Union, and certainly the United Nations have championed causes aimed at weakening and even destroying the success of the Jews.

The six decades of Israeli leadership are highlighted by many successes, but recently
...stunning and inspiring.
there has been a period of regression. In the unsuccessful hope of winning the favor of the world, Israeli leadership has ventured into agreements, prisoner releases, land giveaways, withdrawals, road maps, and so called "peace plans" - all to its detriment and resulting in the deaths of many more of its citizens. Israel's last "good will" Arab prisoner release has already netted 35 additional Israeli civilian deaths. The Olso Peace Accords led to over 1,000 dead Israelis, and the Gaza Disengagement brought about the Lebanon War, as well as an almost daily barrage of missiles into Israeli towns and villages. It appears that all attempts to "try to be liked" have ended up with more Israeli deaths and Israel being more vulnerable to its physical destruction.

Both the First and Second Jerusalem Temples were destroyed by invading armies and a decline in Jewish unity. Israel today stands at a similar turning point. There are major armies poised for its destruction, and the Israeli people have to determine how to remain strong and unified in order to survive.

Now Christians are realizing their duty to stand up and support Israel and its moral cause. Large groupings of Christians are aware that they can no longer sit idly by, as they did in previous decades. They also realize that the plan of the vocal Islamic leaders is not designed to stop with the destruction of the Jews, but is only to be followed with an advance upon Christianity.

Just as the periods of the First and Second Temples were considered times of greatness, being alive to witness and participate in Israel's historic return is also remarkable. Yes, people will ask, "How can you speak of greatness when so much tragedy is happening?" It is in the face of tragedy that greatness can arise and be recognized by those who are ready to see and act. In spite of the growing blindness and deafness in the world, Israel must strive to be a "light unto the nations."

Like no other historic experience, Israel's initial six decades have established a deeply meaningful, uplifting and everlasting impression upon this world. Israel's future depends upon those who will not remain silent, complacent, or submissive to the destructive enemy's desires. As long as Israel chooses to remain strong and convinces the world that it is here to stay, then opposing forces aimed at darkening her image, disparaging her mission and destroying her existence will never prevail. As Theodor Herzl indicated, if you will it, then it will come to be.