Supporting the "Better" Enemy

It's time for America to enroll in a graduate course in advanced logic.

Daryl Temkin,

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It's time for America to enroll in a graduate course in advanced logic.

The professor presents the following problem. You have two terrorist enemies, Fatah and Hamas, and both hate you and most of what you stand for. Both terrorist groups support the nations that will be capable of achieving destruction upon your shores. Furthermore, both organizations are known leaders and supporters of international terrorism and suicide bombers. Both groups danced in the street and passed out cake and candy when your Twin Towers were aflame and your 3,000 citizens were killed.

Now, here is the difference: one group, Fatah, was in power for years and was financially corrupt beyond the expected level of corruption for a terrorist organization. The other terrorist group, Hamas, is extremely popular, won a landslide election victory and gained even more popularity following its victory. Although the Fatah group has a major military force from past years of development, somehow, the relatively new Hamas party has smuggled enough additional military equipment to build its own armed force, which is now considered a threat to Fatah.

Both groups hate each other and murder each other daily. They live with a clan-like hate-filled rivalry among their families and social groups. They refuse to cooperate and stop their inter-group killing, even though they both have in common their "greater enemy," Israel's existence, and they share the dream of Israel's ultimate destruction. One small sore point for the normal rhetoric - this deadly rivalry among the Arabs has nothing to do with Israel's alleged "occupation", "oppression of human rights", "the fence" or "checkpoints."

The logic professor asks, "America, how do you want to proceed?"

America, demonstrating its "logic," responds: "We will support Fatah. Our logic is that Fatah is the lesser of the two enemies."

The professor then asks, "Why would you chose to support your enemy?"

To the disbelief of many concerned, it has been reported that America is preparing to send to Fatah nearly $100 million dollars. Let's say that again: "$100 million dollars," plus hundreds of assault rifles and thousands of bullets, plus American military trainers to help Abu Mazen strengthen his army. The American hope is that with a strengthened Fatah army, Abu Mazen will be able to destroy the "impossible to negotiate with" Hamas military and will then gain control of Gaza. Once Hamas is defeated, the hundreds of millions of dollars waiting to be sent to Gaza from America and the EU will be allowed to flow through an open spigot.

The guaranteed bloodbath between Fatah and Hamas will be like the "good old days" in the Roman Coliseum. As sure as gravity exists, Israel and America will be blamed for this blood-letting, just as Israel was blamed for the 1982 Christian slaughter or massacre of Muslims in Lebanon. But in this case, America will be responsible for actively arming the unpopular minority political terrorist party, as well as bank-rolling Fatah, in order to cause the defeat of the "democratically" elected people's choice, the Hamas government.

In Lebanon, we just saw how Iran and Syria support Hizbullah. If America supports Fatah, would not Syria and Iran come to the aid of Hamas? This does sounds somewhat explosive.

So, the logic professor questions, "Why are you claiming to the world that you encourage democratic elections and then you support the military defeat of the people's choice? What will this do for your attempt to be respected, other than give the majority of the Arab populace another reason to hate you for your hypocritical behavior and what they will call your "imperialistic" intervention? Have you considered how your behavior will inspire the feelings, or rather the wrath, of the surrounding 22 Arab states? Why do you feel an obligation to interact with, support and strangely befriend the very people who frequently declare their disgust with your existence?"

Then, the logic professor concludes, "Supporting the lesser of the two enemies who both hate you, but who do want your money, has significant consequences. By supporting the minority power, it will guarantee that you will be hated and blamed by the remaining Gazan majority. The only certainty is that whoever survives this bloody battle will still hate you. In time, they will even blame you for 'making them kill' their family.

"And once their brethren are killed, just as was done in the past, they are bound to turn on you and your 'friend,' Israel. Again, your kind gifts of guns and ammunition, as well as the military training you expertly provided, will be used against your interests. How many Israelis will then be killed by your weapons? Your logic is unsound, fallacious and potentially catastrophic.

"How do you expect to get a passing grade if this is your logic?

"Logic would prevail if your premise could protect your friends as well as your own citizens; however, your logic fails to recognize that your support of your enemies who want to destroy you will only lead to their success!"

Now, with this type of failed logic, the Israeli prime minister, Mr. Ehud Olmert, and the United States offered another $100 million dollars to Mr. Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). A stunned Israeli populace learned that not only was this financial gift presented, but also that Palestinian flags decorated the Jerusalem home of Mr. Olmert in order to properly and graciously welcome Mr. Abbas to a fully kosher dinner. And what did Israel get for the $100 million dollars? Did Mr. Olmert require that the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit be freed? Did Mr. Olmert require that the daily rockets shot onto Israel be totally and immediately stopped? Did Mr. Olmert demand that the barrage of teaching anti-Israel hatred be stopped?

The logic professor states that when a significant question is answered by silence or by changing the topic, it can be concluded that the answer is "no."

We are witnessing America, as well as Israel, displaying deeply flawed logic. There is a most serious and critical need for this insanity to be stopped.