The Marriage is Nearly Over

For more years than I care to count, I have written columns and given talks to groups and on my television show promoting Israel and trying to warn about the dangers that I hoped were obvious to everyone.

Arlene Peck

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Years ago, I remember speaking with a psychologist who told me that the opposite of love was not hate, but apathy. When a couple came into her office fighting, she knew that they had a chance. However, when one of them sat there, bored and uncaring, she knew the relationship was over.

That, folks, is how I am getting to feel about my constant defense of Israel. Oh, I still feel that unshakeable tie to and emotion about the Jewish State. I, even for the most part, consider myself an American-born Israeli. However, I am getting to that point of apathy in the relationship.

For more years than I care to count, I have written columns and given talks to groups and on my television show promoting Israel and trying to warn about the dangers that I hoped were obvious to everyone. I would write about how they just didn?t ?get it?. However, I never considered the people of Israel being so stupid that they would vote people into government who are determined to destroy the country, either for their own greed or for personal political power. Yet, from what I see, it is fast approaching the point of no turning back and I just do not want to deal with it anymore.

Hell, I don?t even have the energy to deal with my anger on a local level anymore. I write a syndicated column and also have a television show, Wow! It?s Arlene Peck! My program has a pretty wide audience. For the most part, I have a celebrity interview show. However, every four or five shows, I try to do something for Israel. The next topic would have been ?Victims of Arab Terrorism?. Virtually every time I have called into the consulate office and offered my show as an outlet to show Israel?s viewpoint, I?ve been told on a regular basis, ?Sorry, the Consul or the Vice Consul or anyone from the media or any other office is 'too busy' to go on.? In my less-than-humble opinion, they should have at least six fabulous speakers available who, at a moment?s notice, could be ready, even raring, to go on camera and promote Israel.

So, why should I be surprised or even appalled that the people of Israel now have a prime minister who seems to be hell-bent on finishing the incompetent and incomplete job that other loser, Ehud Barak, started? I just cannot anymore support and promote the Olmert-led corrupt and stupid coalition now in power. I cannot justify a government that promotes national suicide, even if voted in by the people of Israel. They don?t need the terrorists and their suicide bombers to destroy them. The conduct of the corrupt and incompetent officials they voted in will do it for them. All this, they believe, is done under the guise of compromise. However, you do not compromise with enemies that want to kill you. They need to be destroyed. Period.

And Israel needs to remember that she once had guts and did not consider herself impotent or act like a banana republic. This would be the time to conduct a mass protest attended by millions - millions! - protesting the Chamberlain appeasement now in progress. It is ironic that while I was reading about the trip of Olmert to beg for 10 billion dollars to cleanse the Jewish areas of Judea and Samaria, the anti-Israel Los Angeles Times had a headline that said: "Gaza Gets Police Force of Militants". Who gives George Bush and Olmert the right to give away a country? If Israel is really a democracy, don?t the people of Israel have the right to debate and then vote on something as crucial to their existence as this?

Frankly, I am delighted that Palestinian Authority savages, because of the security fence in Israel and specific targeted killings of the Hamas leaders, cannot get into Israel with the ease they once did. Now they?re 'forced' to kill each other. It?s almost comical that the Times considers the terrorist group Fatah the "good guys" and writes, ?Until now, the security forces have been dominated by the largely secular-minded Fatah.?

It doesn?t matter anyway, because everyone knows that Bush and Olmert are gleefully and stupidly planning to de-Judaize much of Israel, leaving the fate of the Jews to the 80,000 Palestinian ?security forces? that Shimon Peres and others like him armed, resulting in the armed terrorist state of Gaza. I?m surprised, considering the mentality that I?ve seen these past few years in Israel, that they haven?t offered the terrorists seats in the Knesset.

Perhaps I speak too soon.