What Came First?

I've never held much with what Sue Blackwell has had to say about the supposed conflict in this region. As the prime instigator of the April 2005 Association of University Teachers (UK) academic boycott of Israel (later overturned), she said it was "impossible" to treat Israel's academics as "normal citizens from a normal state."

Angela Bertz

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I've never held much with what Sue Blackwell has had to say about the supposed conflict in this region. As the prime instigator of the April 2005 Association of University Teachers (UK) academic boycott of Israel (later overturned), she said it was "impossible" to treat Israel's academics as "normal citizens from a normal state."

She has built a reputation for herself, using scores of articles and links to paint Israel in a permanently damning light, while totally ignoring thousands of terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Palestinians. I'm inclined to dismiss most of them as pure and utter diatribe, unworthy of anyone with an iota of intelligence or moral integrity. However, that was yesterday and we all know in the harsh world of Israel-bashing that can change in a minute, or about as long as it takes another "poor Palestinian" to detonate a shrapnel-packed bomb in a crowded bus or restaurant.

Barely three weeks ago, a bomb in Tel Aviv killed nine people. An innocent sixteen-year-old boy from Miami called Daniel struggles to live.

So, this time, I did come across something that has really left me aghast, horrified, mortally ashamed, incensed, saddened... well, you get the picture. In fact, it's probably how Sue feels every time those "defenseless Palestinians" get in front of a foreign camera lens, usually the BBC's, to tell a weeping world yet another bleeding-heart story about all the terrible things those "evil, occupying Israelis" do to them.

Like a determined bloodhound, Sue can sniff out a story detrimental to Israel from a million obscure websites away. I was appalled to learn, thanks to Sue and a little article from a South African website, News24, that "Sex slavery is rife in Israel". Here I am living in this tiny little country that has supposedly been at the forefront in giving the world's three major religions the basis for monotheism and now I find out it's all a sham.

I decided I had to do something about it and made my way to Ben-Gurion airport. The comfortable12-minute train ride just about gave me enough time to ponder whether the airport really was in Israel, or thanks to Sue and four million misinformed Palestinians, was it conceivable I might actually be traveling on rails built on occupied land. Anyway, I got chatting to ever such a nice man and confided my doubts to him, and he assured me we were traveling in sovereign Israeli territory. He told me to check out UN Resolution 181 passed on November 29, 1947, which I did. But maybe the sites I Googled are pro-Israel and there's a mistake. This information also appears in Israeli school textbooks and we are all celebrating 58 years of independence.

Of course, we could be wrong as well; after all, Palestinian Authority school books don't even show Israel on the map and neither, it seems, does the United Nations. Who are you to believe these days?

Still, even in Israel we all enjoy a good street party and fireworks; a bit like the Palestinians, but they usually throw theirs after some brave young martyr has splattered a dozen innocent Israelis across a restaurant wall.

My mission was to tell people what sort of a corrupt country they were coming to and how ashamed I was. Israel, and especially Jerusalem, was about to be turned into the new sex capital of the world. Yes, can you believe Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? Like Winston Churchill once said, "Let the Jews have Jerusalem; it is they who made it famous." Still, I'm sure Sue will agree with me that the Palestinians, with their high moral ethics would not want to be caught up in anything as sordid as sex slavery.

My only concern is that the Palestinians will now have trouble finding something worthwhile to do for those millions of martyrs who were on standby to liberate Jerusalem with their blood. After all, they aren't going to want to liberate a town that has sunk to such a low level of debauchery and depravity. I certainly wouldn't.

Anyway, I set to work distributing that damning article to arriving passengers. I had printed out hundreds of them. Let me tell you, though, my face was stinging red from all the slaps 'round the face I was getting from irate wives, who said their husbands would never go to a prostitute. They didn't even care how many countries those girls had been recruited from, and that an estimated 3-5,000 had been sold into sex slavery over the last five years. In fact, a couple of them even said they didn't care if they came from outer space, which I though was a bit mean, as women are supposed to come from Venus. But I suppose you'd have to come from there to believe all the trash on Sue's website. One man had the nerve to ask if I had an email for all those women.

One man was really nice and even surprised. He thought Israel was the country that gave the world the cell phone, produced Nobel prize winners, and per capita had more university graduates than any other country in the world.

"Yeah right," I said. "Read the article."

My day ended a few hours later. The security guard decided to throw me out, and all because I got into an argument with a man who said maybe I could carve out a new career for myself by organizing sex tours to Israel. I was incensed and threw the few remaining undistributed pages at him. It seems since we built the "apartheid" wall, curbing suicide bombings by 90%, the tourists are flooding back. Even the US State Department has taken off their alerts for Israel. So come and see us Condoleezza, and bring your friends.

I was a bit despondent as I took that comfortable train back. I wasn't sure if I had convinced anyone what a corrupt country Israel had become. I was at least grateful that the train was not heading for Jerusalem, where it seems most women are now under suspicion.

This "rife" sexual slavery now has the attention of Amnesty International and I am glad. It's seldom that this organization, with its basically anti-Israel agenda, does anything positive in this area. I'm sure once they are done here, they will have no trouble locating dozens and dozens of countries with more "rife" practices than Israel. One can only hope that with the tough laws against prostitution and trafficking that are already in place in Israel, these lewd practices will be wiped out.

Sue Blackwell could probably start her anti-sex-trafficking campaign in enough sleazy neighbourhoods of the United Kingdom. However, her agenda is not to campaign for ill-treated women around the world, but to post endless asinine articles depicting Israel in a scathing light, as, if she is to be believed, the worst abusers of humanity on the planet.

Of course, there is still something that shames me about Israel. How is it that a country that has contributed so much innovative technology and medicine to the world has been unable to determine that age-old dilemma of what came first, the chicken or the egg? But I suppose that's as difficult as determining whether the world's oldest profession or anti-Semitism came first.