LaLa Land! Where are their Voices?

Arlene Peck

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We, who live in the land of Hollywood or rather, "La La Land," seem to do everything a little grander than the norm. Our benefits are filled with dubious celebrities. Most of them have no idea which charity they are allegedly supporting. In reality their publicists arrange for them to show up, quite often just to receive an ?honor.? This way, they can be assured of having national press coverage of the event, as well as driving away in their fancy limos with a plaque in hand; another trophy to put on the wall for all to see, another enhancement to their self esteem. I can name several who, once the camera is gone, want nothing more to do with the charity they are supposedly representing.

They absolutely love whales, the environment, their Jags, nannies, botox and their leftist causes. Some of the Jewish stars whom I have met actually kept their original names. Most of them don?t have a clue what the word ?Jewish? actually means. They really believe that once the area of Gaza was cleared of a group that we had been brain-washed for years into thinking were interlopers or ?settlers? in Gaza, the ?Palestinians? would go about printing their own currency and stamps and be on their way to their own peaceful country.

Their "friends," Hamas, now wants a free market? Maybe it's time to tell them that if they can't grasp the concept of freedom of expression and speech without having heads and hands cut off, they can hardly be ready for the "perks? that come along with democracy. Turkey and Russia are meeting with the Arab terrorists. Don?t both of these countries have their hands full with Muslim rebels? I remember that not so long ago Muslims were using Russian school children for target practice. And now, Putin invites them for tea! When is the next infusion of EU, US and Israeli money due to keep the PA government running? Or rather, the supply lines for weapons and terrorism running.

We seem to be amazed that the answer to changing the nature of these alligators who call themselves Palestinians isn?t to throw them more meat. Frankly, as bad as I see the present leadership in Israel, I am more afraid of the direction we are being led. There appears to be a severe vacuum of leadership in both Israel and the US.
I watched George Bush during his press conference say: ?These are cold blooded murderers who want to destroy America. You cannot reason with them. You have to destroy them.? Then, he approves turning over security control of six major American seaports to an Arab company based out of United Arab Emirates. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Obviously former President Jimmy Carter doesn't as he on record saying how upset he is over the negative response...Did I mention that I am from Georgia and he was the worst governor that we ever had?

While the media has been preoccupied with the break-up of Britney Spears and the Chaney buckshot that went astray, this administration has approved a plan for major seaports of the United States, probably one of the most vulnerable targets for terrorism, to be turned over to a state owned company of the United Arab Emirates. That would make them privy to matters of national security concerning the way we protect our ports. And this, folks, is who Israel is supposed to be taking direction from in the Road map to Hell?

Yet, this is the same man who, while promoting his ?War on Terror,? refuses to close our borders to illegal, potentially dangerous aliens who are pouring into the US via Canada and Mexico. He's even welcoming another 25,000 Saudi "student's in the coming year. He discourages any plan to build hybrid cars. Frankly, as bad as I see the present leadership in Israel, I fear for the direction we, in the US, are being led even more.

Now, however, the Bush administration has gone on record and rebuffed criticism about the dangers of the 6.8 billion dollar sale that gives his good friends, the Arabs, control over security operations at six major American ports. I feel ever so much better?. Or I would feel better if we could be assured that government leadership in the US and Israel recognized the dangers currently confronting the democratic, civilized, free world and were really paying close attention to national security.

Our fellow Jews in Hollywood don't understand that throwing more of our tax dollars at the problem is simply not working. I never had a doubt in the world about what is now occurring. A year ago, I wrote that the minute the Jews left Gaza chaos would rein supreme and the Arabs would have an instant base from which to attack Israel. Isn?t that exactly what has happened? Unfortunately, the world seems to have taken it in stride. And, those in "the industry" continue to think just giving them a 'hug' will solve everything.

I speak to so many groups and here are some of the questions they ask me: "Who in Hollywood is supporting Israel." "Name the stars who have no problem adding to their 'benefit schedule? participation in a rally for Israel.? ?Who out there is protesting the Nazi behavior that our fathers witnessed in Nazi Germany.? Unfortunately, I can't think of any. And the few that I can, aren't even Jewish.
I am furious about the fact that out of a culture of 1.4 billion people, I can't find fifty who are vocal in their opposition to the barbaric behavior of their Islamic brothers and sisters and are publicly stating that these fanatics don't represent them. But, what about our own?

I am tired of looking at raging scenes in our newspapers and on our television of hundreds of thousands of Islamic killers burning, looting and destroying everything in sight. I am both appalled and delighted that these fanatics, who have no humor in their souls, are killing one another over cartoons!

Peace? Not in my lifetime. The Muslims don?t want the democracy that we are offering. They live to sing "death to the Jews" all day... every day. No matter how many pieces of land Israel gives away there will never be acceptance of the Jewish state. The Hollywood crowd doesn't get it. I used to think that this sign of hostility was peculiar only to the Middle East, but now I know that a Jewish state is not wanted anywhere, maybe not even by some Jewish Americans. So many of the Hollywood crowd, in their quest to be politically correct, have lost sight of the fact that they are Jewish.

Hamas has only one myopic goal and that is the eradication of Israel, one slice at a time. Kill Jews, destroy Israel. This is what they want and militant Islamism demands it. The Saturday people are ho-hum now. The Sunday people are next and the Muslims are burning down churches with glee. This crazed culture of death is speeding up their ?final plan? and they are hell-bent on destroying anyone, from any culture and country, that isn?t ?them.?

So, I wonder. Who benefits from the public relations bounty gained by the constant concessions of the Israeli people? My goodness, could the undeserving beneficiaries of the ?aid? to the Middle East be the very same ones who have over eleven billion dollars in hidden Swiss bank accounts or in Suha Arafat?s shopping bag in Paris? Are those the primary beneficiaries cashing the checks from our grandiose giving?

Helping the needy and supporting charitable causes is admirable. However, my momma, Queen Mollie, used to tell me, ?He who tends everybody else?s garden, gets weeds in their own!? Besides, as they like to think in the land of the stars, ?Is it tax deductible??

Charity really does begin at home?.Besides, it would give the folks here in La La Land an excuse to give a benefit and go home with a plaque. And, maybe President Bush could give one of his Arab Kings another hug and walk into the sunset once again holding hands.