Saving Diaspora Jewry - Part II

In the US and Europe over the next fifty years, Jews will effectively disappear and Judaism will recede drastically from its status as the mother religion -- mother to Christianity and Islam -- to a mere cult.

Harry W. Weber,

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In the US and Europe over the next fifty years, Jews will effectively disappear and Judaism will recede drastically from its status as the mother religion -- mother to Christianity and Islam -- to a mere cult. There will be no substantial numbers of Jews except those who are religious and ultra-religious; all the rest will have succumbed to intermarriage, sub-zero population growth and conversion.

What can be done to halt this holocaust? Clearly, salvation will not come from the Diaspora itself. Reform and Conservative "rabbis" have long sold their souls, as did their constituents to the Baal Mamon, the idol of money. They've grown fat and arrogant, and have booted God out of their hearts and "temples".

Help must come from outside the Diaspora; i.e., from Zion. But is Israel, the state, up to the task? Is it even willing to take up the challenge? In order to answer the question, let us examine briefly the history of Israel and its relation to the Diaspora from the time of the Holocaust to the present. Today, it is clear that the Jewish establishment in Palestine knew of the Holocaust in Europe as early as August 1941, as did the Diaspora Jewish establishment. The New York Times buried its Nazi atrocity stories in its back pages, but why did the Palestine Post, Haaretz and Davar do the exact same thing? Why didn't they shout and exhort the Jews of Palestine to protest, to march, to send help to their brethren?

Ben Hecht, the famous American screenwriter, in his shocking book Perfidy, provides part of the answer. His J'accuse of the Jewish leadership in Palestine is worth remembering:
These organizations, these philanthropists, these timorous Jewish lodge members in Zion, London and America -- these Zionist leaders who let their six million kinsmen burn, choke, hang, without protest, with indifference, and even with a glint of anti-Semitic cunning in their political plannings -- I sum up against them. These factotums, these policy-makers, the custodians of the Jewish future in Palestine who hung on to their jobs, who lorded it over their real estate holdings in Palestine, who obeyed the British demand that no ruckus be raised about Europe's Jews being murdered, and that nothing be done to disturb the British sign hung out over all the ports of Palestine -- "No Jews Wanted" -- these Zionist men and women I haul into the prisoner's dock of this book.
Others claim that within Palestine Jewry the anti-Semitic element hinted at by Ben Hecht was more dominant than Mr. Hecht realized. The Jewish Establishment in Israel, being totally secular, knew that if mass aliyah from Eastern Europe were to take place, it would radically alter the demographic makeup of the country. That would mean that they would all be removed from office.

In the Pollard case, for example, Israel is again betrayed by politicians who put their self-interest ahead of their people. Recently, over one hundred members of the Knesset presented Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with a petition calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli citizen, asking him to present it to George W. Bush. Sharon refused. Why? Nobody knows and almost nobody cares. There was no Knesset debate on this outrage and no call for a no-confidence vote. Business went on as usual.

So, what can be expected that such a state will do to save Diaspora Jewry? Very little, indeed. Secular Israel has absolutely no interest in saving the Jewish souls of the millions of Jews on the way out of Jewry forever. Many Israelis don't know themselves why they're Jewish, don't believe the land they live in is holy, and would gladly give up huge chunks of it for the mere recognition of their right to exist on the Haifa-Tel Aviv-Mediterranean strip. Many more would immediately exchange their Israeli passports for those of the United States of America.

What will save Diaspora Jewry from virtual extinction? Only a massive, privately led effort of religious Jews in Israel and abroad. Half the appropriate model already exists. Arachim is a private organization that runs lecture seminars throughout Israel and the US for adults eager to understand the tremendous value and intellectual rewards of authentic Judaism. Its efforts should be increased tenfold, as should those of Chabad-Lubavitch.

In addition, private sources must be found to establish religious Jewish day schools in the Diaspora at affordable tuition. To ease the burden, Jews abroad should lobby to institute the issuance of government tuition vouchers to be spent by parents on the schools of their choice. Education has always been, and is today, the key to Jewish survival. Nothing but a superhuman educational effort at this late hour can divert Diaspora Jewry from getting off the track leading to extinction.

The hour is very late. We must harness every effort to save our brethren from this silent holocaust.

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