Enslaved by Oil and the Jewish Problem - Part II

American Jews, in general, have a dual responsibility to help achieve energy independence from fossil fuels: 1) as Americans, achieving energy independence is obviously in the national interest; 2) as Jews, it is also important for Israel's security, which suffers because oil affords her Arab enemies political and economic advantages.

Rachel Neuwirth,

Rachel Neuwirth
Rachel Neuwirth
[Part one of this article can be read at http://www.israelnationalnews.com/article.php3?id=5634.]

The Jewish connection:

American Jews, in general, have a dual responsibility to help achieve energy independence from fossil fuels: 1) as Americans, achieving energy independence is obviously in the national interest; 2) as Jews, it is also important for Israel's security, which suffers because oil affords her Arab enemies political and economic advantages.

The Jewish establishment has failed to create a competent brain trust to deal seriously with major issues concerning Jews. One major issue would naturally be pursuit of global energy independence. Jews are prominent in science, and especially in physics, where their expertise should have been engaged in this quest. Had the Jewish establishment seriously investigated the energy issue, they would have discovered the existence of advanced energy technologies and their suppression. They could have then cooperated with other organizations in generating strong public pressure to end the suppression. Their failure to act is due mainly to ineptitude and not malevolence.

The radical Jewish Left, in contrast, cannot be excused due to ineptitude and must be held to full account. Ideologically and numerically, they constitute a fringe group, but their noisy influence in America, Israel and internationally is far greater than their small numbers would imply. This makes them especially culpable for their failure to act responsibly on this critical issue. Members of the radical Jewish Left have embedded themselves in a variety of non-Jewish organizations, where they wield disproportionate influence. Their followers are found in academia, in the arts and sciences, in the media, in legal and social services, in government, in human rights organizations, in organized labor, in various leftist coalitions, in politics - especially among Democrats in America - and in key places in Israeli society. They have infiltrated mainstream American Jewry, which is predominately 'liberal' and therefore naively vulnerable to leftist infiltration.

Radical leftist Jews loudly proclaim their support of various noble causes, including peace, justice, racial and gender equality, environmentalism, workers rights, religious freedom, opposition to 'capitalist exploitation', human rights, etc. Environmentally, they posture as being against the pernicious influence of the oil barons and the damage to the environment caused by burning fossil fuels. They advocate 'green' politics, which supports energy conservation, efficiency, and green technologies such as solar, wind and other clean, renewable energy sources. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Just as the energy establishment endorses limited 'green' energy alternatives as a distraction, the radical Jewish Left also endorses the same 'green' alternatives and, in effect, behaves as double agents for those same energy barons. The radical Jewish Left is part of the general radical Left that is very adept at producing exposes of organizations that are betraying the public interest. They proudly cite their political credentials based on the causes they support and the enemies they oppose and expose.

What greater achievement could the radical Jewish Left ever have than ending the blackout on, and the suppression of, the advanced energy technologies? All of their self-proclaimed noble causes would be far better served by achieving true energy independence for all the peoples of the world. With all of their intellectual talent and their capability to extensively research all manner of issues, we can rightly assume that the radical Jewish Left is well aware of the suppression of advanced energy technologies. Their contacts throughout various segments of society would enable them to spread their urgent message to end the suppression of advanced energy technologies and benefit all humanity - if they chose to do so.

Their prominence in 'green' politics actually serves the energy barons, by diverting well-meaning environmental activists into a technological and political dead end. Public rallies against nuclear power, and against fossil and nuclear fuels, create the illusion of achieving something positive. In reality, it drains away the energies of the well-intentioned activists and prevents them from learning about, and supporting, the urgently-needed energy alternatives. The suppression of advanced energy technologies maintains global oil dependency, thus providing a convenient excuse for rogue regimes to pursue nuclear power on their way to acquiring nuclear weapons. The Left, in effect, ends up advocating a 'peace' leading towards nuclear proliferation.

The general public should understand that there is little genuinely Jewish about the radical Jewish Left, which is both anti-American and anti-Israel. The radical Left generally has long demonstrated a willingness to acquire and exploit various identities, whenever expedient, in pursuit of their agenda. The Jewish Left, likewise, is cynically exploiting their ethnic identity in the service of a misguided energy agenda that is leading to the most malevolent and sinister betrayal of humanity imaginable.

The radical Jewish Left thus exhibits a jihadist type of mentality, wherein their hated is so fanatical that they are willing to see destroyed what they cannot dominate, and that is what makes them so dangerous. This is evident in their political heritage, which includes the infamous Yevseksia, the hardline Marxist Jews in Stalin's Russia.
Once, the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe was arrested in Russia for spreading Jewish practice. The people who arrested the Rebbe were also Jewish; they belonged to the Jewish wing of the Communist party known as the Yevseksia. Perhaps it was their Jewish origin that motivated them to cruelly and ruthlessly try to stamp out Jewish observance. They demanded that the Rebbe give them information concerning the network of underground yeshivas and chadarim that he had established, to tell them about the location of kosher slaughterhouses, mikvaos, and so on. The previous Rebbe was not intimidated and refused to give any information.

Finally, his interrogator took out a gun and pointed it at the Rebbe, saying, "Do you see this little toy? This little toy has made a lot of people talk; it will make you talk as well." The Rebbe answered very firmly, "That toy can only frighten people who have one world and many gods. A person who has one G-d and two worlds is not afraid of your little toy."
It is also to the shame of the Jewish establishment that they are officially silent on exposing and denouncing the radical Jewish Left and their nefarious activities.

[Bertram Cohen contributed to this column.]