Enslaved by Oil and the Jewish Problem - Part I

The world has become critically dependent on fossil fuels. Prominent among those fuels is oil. This critical dependency is placing the entire world at great risk in at least three ways.

Rachel Neuwirth,

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Rachel Neuwirth
The world has become critically dependent on fossil fuels. Prominent among those fuels is oil. This critical dependency is placing the entire world at great risk in at least three ways.

Having failed earlier to take remedial action on energy independence, we now find ourselves backed into a corner with few options and running out of time to fix the problem. We are drifting towards a global catastrophe because of long-standing government energy policy. Advanced energy technologies that could have liberated us from enslavement to fossil fuels, and to nuclear energy as well, have all been suppressed for decades. The primary blame falls on the usual suspects, namely the powerful global energy establishment plus their influential friends in government and in the major media.

Part of the blame must also be assigned to the American Jewish establishment along with the radical Jewish left. They had every opportunity to meet their major moral obligation to investigate the suppression, to expose the media blackout and become public whistleblowers - and they failed. Understandably, some of these assertions may generate surprise and skepticism. This article will briefly outline the basis for these allegations.

Danger No. 1 - Large price increases in energy threaten the global economy:

The supply of oil and natural gas is experiencing difficulty in meeting demand and that is driving up energy prices. Global oil production, now at 83 million barrels per day, can barely meet rising demand - especially from America, India and China. The easy oil located near the surface has already been found and tapped. Finding new oil is becoming more difficult and is also deeper, and hence, more expensive to extract.

Petroleum geologists have known for 50 years that global oil production would 'peak' and begin its inevitable decline within a decade of the year 2000. Moreover, no renewable energy systems have the potential to generate more than a fraction of the power now being generated by fossil fuels. In short, the transition to declining energy availability signals a transition in civilization as we know it. The path we are on is leading towards a global economic convulsion with dire consequences for human society.

Danger No. 2 - Oil revenues help to fund terrorism:

Our oil imports are actually funding both sides in the war on terror. Regimes such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sudan, Venezuela and others are profiting greatly from high oil prices, enabling them to fund terrorism, the spread of weapons of mass destruction and the teaching of radical Islamic doctrines.

Danger No. 3 - Global climate shift:

During the past century, the world has consumed about a trillion barrels of oil along with huge amounts of natural gas and coal. Burning these fossil fuels generates atmospheric carbon dioxide, the major greenhouse gas. It is now at historic highs and still rising in response to continued burning of fossil fuels. Environmentalists warn that climate shift is causing global warming, along with floods and droughts, plus storms of increasing frequencies and destructive power. Rising ocean temperatures are said to greatly intensify moderate hurricanes into becoming Hurricane Katrinas. Climate shift will also degrade growing conditions and endanger the global food supply of 6.3 billion people. Even in a peaceful world, the ongoing climate shift alone would endanger civilization.

Alternatives to fossil fuels:

Massive dependency on fossil fuels has placed civilization in a dire predicament, which is now becoming painfully evident. Some claim the solution lies with an array of familiar energy alternatives such as solar, wind, nuclear, hydrogen, plus conservation and efficiency. There are also geothermal, ocean waves, hybrid cars, hydropower, biofuels, etc. One extensive study argues compellingly that, even in combination, these alternatives fall far short of meeting global energy needs, and we have already run out of time needed to fully implement even these limited alternatives.

Two big energy 'secrets' that the public urgently needs to know:

The first 'secret' is the existence of advanced energy technologies that could rapidly make fossil fuels and nuclear power obsolete with clean, cheap, safe energy, universally available. Many doubt their existence by assuming, incorrectly, that if those technologies existed, then it would be public knowledge. And many also assume, incorrectly, that inventors are free to bring out advanced energy technologies and would be universally applauded if they did.

The second 'secret' is the ongoing suppression of these advanced energy technologies. (Note that allowing the limited alternatives to emerge is an insignificant challenge to the giant global energy infrastructure, but it pacifies the public into believing the illusion that there is no suppression.)

The truly advanced energy technologies burn no fuel, produce no emissions, are totally safe and can produce unlimited amounts of cheap energy under all conditions. They would make energy available to all people and all nations just as are the sun and the air. They would make obsolete the entire global energy establishment, including the nuclear power interests. The multi-trillion dollar capital infrastructure of the energy establishment would become worthless. All those whose power, wealth and influence derive from that energy infrastructure would lose. Along with widespread energy independence would come a large measure of economic and political independence, which would trigger a global revolution in power, influence and wealth. Is it reasonable to expect that those possessing such power would quietly relinquish all of it without resisting?

These far-reaching assertions can, understandably, generate skepticism and doubt. Following are three web sites that can serve as an introduction to both the technical and the non-technical issues that need to be widely known:

1. Visit http://www.seaspower.com and click on "Strategic Overview";

2. visit http://www.free-energy.cc/background.html and click on "Technologies"; and

3. we should not assume that scientists have already discovered all of natures' secrets: "The time has come for the Establishment scientists to wake up to the possibility that we can draw upon energy in the space medium.... Editor's Note: See Correa's US Patents numbers 5,416,391 and 5,449,989." - From http://www.padrak.com/ine/BLOWSNASA.html.

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