The Show Trial of Col. Leshem

The charges against Leshem are a farrago of massaged facts that have little basis in supporting evidence. But lack of evidence has not stopped the police from using "non-facts" in a court system that itself operates under a cloud of leftist political bias.

Emanuel A. Winston

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There is every indication that Israel?s Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon desperately needs a victim for his government?s failure in planning to properly absorb the Gush Katif and northern Samaria Jews he made into refugees.

This is in addition to his unleashing the police and army to act as storm-troopers against Israelis engaged in civil disobedience, protesting his evil plan to evict settlers and virtually wipe out a high and well-developed civilization and industry.

The police, army and secret services were unleashed to beat demonstrators, as well as allegedly tampering with evidence, such as hospital records that mysteriously disappeared. Beatings inside of police cars or beating rooms in police stations were common occurrences. Children ranging in age from 11 to16 were arrested and kept in prison for up to 40 days, and then released under harsh restrictions, by accommodating judges, who acted to shield police from charges of violence.

Now comes the show trial of Col. (res.) Moshe Leshem, a founder of the Gamla Shall Not Fall Again organization, with the police massaging the evidence, desperate to railroad Leshem into prison.

In Israel, the general population no longer expects much from the police with respect to ethical or moral behavior. Perhaps it was always like this, but clearly at a less offensive level than the depths to which they have sunk under Ariel Sharon.

The charges against Leshem are a farrago of massaged facts that have little basis in supporting evidence. But lack of evidence has not stopped the police from using "non-facts" in a court system that itself operates under a cloud of leftist political bias.

Sharon?s "Disinformation Department" apparently worked closely with the police to issue a myriad of propagandist statements, poured into the ears of a mostly "go along" media. Why investigate when we have press releases from Sharon?s Department of PR/Propaganda?

Recall how Sharon justified his mobilization of an army of 40,000, saying that "the settlers have arms and they will or could shoot soldiers." Not a shot was fired, but the media kept up the drumbeat of how they were sure the resistance would be dangerous.

So, Sharon needs one very high profile victim to save him, the police and the courts from their low place in history, which might be defined as police state apparatuses.

There was the scene on the roof of the Kfar Darom synagogue. We saw the settlers throwing eggs, paint balls (as used in war games), a few pictures of someone using foam insulation caulking, which I personally use to fix my house. Soroka Hospital found no evidence of caustic burns on the soldiers? or policemen's skins. We also saw the police water cannon switch from using powerful water blasts to a blue colorant, which the Fox News reporter, Jennifer Griffin, commented upon as smelling like turpentine. (Note: There are many petroleum-based chemicals that have that smell and none of them are good for the eyes, especially when shot under enormous pressure. Water under such pressure can peel away your eye balls when used full in the face. Add chemicals, as the police did, and the danger gets even worse.)

Earlier charges of acid being thrown on soldiers is being withdrawn from as evidence surfaces that such injuries did not occur. That chemical toilets on the roof may have overturned as the water cannons fired on the roof is one of the possibilities being artfully avoided by the police evidence-gathering team. The head of Police Forensics, Assistant Commander Azi Zadok, told the Jerusalem Post that "empty pockets of caustic soda were found on the roof" and he "could not be certain that this caused the policemen?s injuries." In a virtual soup of chemicals, some which were introduced by the police water canon, plus the chemical toilet contents, the settlers also would have been likely to have injuries, but they didn?t. And neither did the police - except for a claim that has turned out to be baseless.

In the end, Zadok blew his own cover as an objective forensics expert saying, "It doesn?t make any difference in the end if it was a chemical substance that caused burns. Who cares what kind?" So much for a detached scientific report from a "police expert". Who cares if the "unidentified chemical soup" dripped down through the roof onto police and soldiers inside the synagogue? Zadok doesn?t care. The police don?t care; or they care just enough to charge Col. Leshem with twisty evidence.

Leshem was indeed on the roof in Kfar Darom, as shown on International TV, calmly and proudly waving a large Israeli flag with an orange ribbon tied on, exhibiting no violence. But he was a convenient leader of the protests, whom the police now need as their victim in a coming show trial.

The question now remains: Is this a typical leftist kangaroo court, presided over by a judge under the thumb of the arch leftist Supreme Court Judge Aharon Barak - who would already have made up his mind for the coming show trial?

For those close to the show trial, including the judge, Sharon, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres - please let them know that they are being watched for corrupt interference and to discover the reasons why Sharon needs such a kangaroo court.

Railroading Through the Israeli Courts

In Israel, the police, the General Security Services and the courts have all the power to railroad a victim into prison. Unfortunately, there are two sets of rails. One goes into prison at the convenience of the government or a political party. The other set of rails keeps high-ranking political criminals out of jail. In the later case, investigations of wrong-doing are side-tracked by limited or no action, by attorneys general who are appointed for their political bias or loyalty to the government, by evidence that can disappear, be tampered with or planted, and, in the worst case of injustice, the penalties can be plea-bargained away.

None of this is available for a victim when the government is "out to get you." Everything is greased to ensure that you are taken off the streets so you cannot interfere with the government?s plan. Ergo, we have Ariel Sharon?s show trial for Col. (res.) Moshe Leshem.

All of which is why the Sharon government must be disposed of, and, in its place, we need "one honest man", selected by the people as prime minister.

I can tell you this, the hearts of all those who were thrown to the winds are broken. Patriots like Leshem, who fought for the country, volunteered for service and loved the land have broken hearts to see the government run like a corrupt Mafia, with little care for the people. But the patriots are strong and will bounce back, even stronger than before.