Do You Feel Safer?

Now that the ?war on terrorism? is about to go into its fourth year, do you feel safer? I didn?t think so.

Arlene Peck

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Now that the ?war on terrorism? is about to go into its fourth year, do you feel safer? I didn?t think so. Actually, I think we have been conned. Truly. This ?war? against the bad guys is not so much a war against terrorists, but really against an ideology from a culture that numbers 1.3 billion people. The soldiers in this war can be anyone from a 10-year-old trained to strap a bomb around his waist to a pregnant woman riding in a UN ambulance to supposedly give birth, but, in reality, to move a bomb closer to the target. Is this the enemy that our qualified soldiers are trained to fight in combat? No, folks.

This enemy is breeding and reinventing itself constantly through the hate-filled schoolbooks that our good friends the Saudis, with their Wahhabi brand of Islamism, are using to saturate the minds of their children. They are paying for the textbooks of their neighbors and fellow Muslims around the world, spreading hate against the Zionists in Israel and infidels in America.

Unfortunately, the Israelis have had decades of violence and mindless, vicious attacks against them, with their only 'crime' being the fact they are ?the hated Jews?. The Israelis understand the barbaric and backward mindset they are dealing with far better than anyone else; yet, even they continue to let themselves be conned by the carrot of ?peace? that the Arabs periodically hold out while having absolutely no intent to fulfill any peaceful obligations. These people look upon a contract only as a negotiating tool. Can someone tell me why the world continues to be blind to the basic fact that the Arab Muslims have written charters, by which they live today, in which they have never rescinded the pursuit of their primary objective - to destroy Israel? The constitution of Hamas - those good, peaceful people who just won the last election - promises that "Israel will exist until Islam will obliterate it." Lovely. The ACLU would love us to just play nice and not fight with them.

I doubt if we, with our American mindset, will ever understand the 12th century mentality with which we are dealing. It doesn't matter how many times we give in, force Israel to release yet more terrorists (not insurgents or militants) from the jails, or send in more aid to rebuild their societies (most of which never sees the light of day, except when removed from the deep pockets of their corrupt leadership). Nor will we recover for decades from the rape of our economy that is going on while we try and force 'democracy' on countries that hate and want to kill us.

We will never understand this enemy. Our cultures are too far apart to ever relate to what is happening in terms of a mutually realistic perspective. Europe has been slow to learn the lesson with the takeover of many of their cities. Paris as we knew it is no more. Amsterdam, London and a dozen other cities that were "oh so politically correct" are polluted by the presence of Islamists and are now paying the price.

I wonder if it would be possible to elect the Queen of Denmark to the US presidency. She was the first world leader to speak out and say that Islam is a threat to the world. She further says that the Danes have handled everything wrong in the way they welcomed the Muslims, and that they should now not be afraid to do things that the rest of the world will not approve of by abandoning "political correctness". Amen, Your Majesty.

Even while watching American soldiers coming home in body bags, we have difficulty in relating to an enemy weaned on hatred; one who will never, no matter how much we deplete our budget to see them enjoying democracy, happiness and light, feel anything but jihad in their hearts. Actually, the enemy created a culture that, I believe, has only one message. And they tell us at every opportunity of their goals: to subjugate us, kill us, destroy the 'infidels', whatever is necessary to achieve world domination over all non-believers. They tell us, yet they are given a 'pass' because we are either too stupid or have forgotten how to reason. We just can't or don't want to comprehend the lessons that Muslim culture aims to teach.

Unfortunately, Israel, in addition to her hostile neighbors, has to contend with the leftist anti-Semitic press in the United States and around the world. The biased Los Angeles Times, in a recent editorial, was lamenting how the "Palestinians" are not able to go back and claim the jobs they once held in Israel before their intifada.

Well, yeah.

It's enough that the State Department, George Bush and company have pressured Israel into opening the jails and letting the vermin out. Now, the feeling is they should enter the Israeli workforce? Actually, George W. & Company want Israel to also provide them with housing, so he won't be blamed for having the American taxpayer foot the bill for the Muslim move-ins when they take over the Jewish neighborhoods. Wouldn't that be called a forced "re-engagement", with Israel providing the economic assistance, homes and jobs to the people who want to kill them?

Meanwhile, the same newspaper also has pictures showing barbarians burning American flags, rampaging and killing each other because one of them who could read saw the article in Newsweek about how their Koran had been flushed down the toilet. That, apparently, was enough to go out and kill dozens in a jihad among themselves, despite no proof that the incident even occurred, as acknowledged by the same magazine. In fact, have any of you noticed that virtually every page in every newspaper is usually filled with the latest bombings, beheadings or rampages that this peaceful religion is responsible for? Where are their leaders condemnations of this kind of behavior?

If I had my druthers, I'd close our borders to every Muslim even thinking about coming to our land regardless of the reasons for their entry. And Israel should do the same, but won't. It's not going to happen here, either. The ACLU will rush in and sue everybody and there would be yet another United Nations resolution against Israel. One thing we can count on is predictability - from George W. having a hand-holding hug-in with his Saudi friends to the European Union, the United Nations and the many non-governmental organizations catering to the Muslim 'line'.

The terrorists do not constitute a country. But they surely do represent a culture with a hybrid head that splits into more and more constantly. This is the enemy. I would love to find the answer as to why the nations of Islam stalled and froze in place sometime in the 12th century. Whatever the cause, that is where they are and, apparently, where they want to remain, picking up their Islamic crusade, hoping to finish off those whom they didn?t get the first time around.