To Trigger an Avalanche - Part II

One nagging question is: how can Ariel Sharon, the great patriot and hawkish warrior, do this? How could he now go against everything he has advocated all his life?

Rachel Neuwirth,

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One nagging question is: how can Ariel Sharon, the great patriot and hawkish warrior, do this? How could he now go against everything he has advocated all his life? And how could he do this without any credible explanation and by using undemocratic tactics?

It now seems that there may be a sinister explanation for Sharon's total reversal of established policy. Two Israeli authors, Raviv Drucker and Ofer Shelach, in their recent book, Boomerang, offer a possible explanation. According to the two writers, Sharon's basic impetus for adopting the radical left-wing plan ? that had been overwhelmingly rejected by voters in the January 2003 elections ? was his desire to avoid indictment by state prosecutor Edna Arbel for his role in corruption scandals, for which he and his sons Gilad and Omri were under police investigation. His Disengagement Plan was intended to save him by distracting attention from his scandal, and so far, it seems to have worked.

The Disengagement scheme would appeal to the political Left in Israel that supports almost any plan to transfer more land to the Arabs. The political Left also controls the Supreme Court, which would shield Sharon from legal action, while leftist Knesset members would then support the Disengagement - all as a political payoff to Sharon.

The Israeli public was told that Disengagement would rid Israel of a defense burden in Gaza while gaining US support to retain Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). Not only will the withdrawal from Gaza reward and strengthen the terrorists, but the Bush Administration has flipped on the West Bank, as well. George Bush earlier implied that Israel could not be expected to expel over 200,000 Jewish residents in the West Bank, but he and Condoleezza Rice now demand that Israel promptly follow up Gaza with the evacuation of Jews in the West Bank. Nowhere is there any mention that Jews have equal rights with Arabs to live in peace anywhere in the region. Such a draconian action as evicting all the residents of the West Bank would rip apart the fabric of Israeli society, while bankrupting the economy. Even the much smaller Gaza expulsion will still scar the society and be costly to Israel's economy.

Many Americans may be tired of hearing about the conflict and indifferent to the fate of some 8,000 Jews in far-away Gaza. But there is something that should cause us to take careful note. Representative Dan Burton has published an entry in the Congressional Record titled, "The Potential Impact of Israel's Disengagement on U.S. Interests". The impact on US security is shown to be entirely negative. Further, Americans in a recent poll strongly opposed the eviction of Israeli residents from Gaza, and also do not believe that it will contribute to improved security and to peace. This response is noteworthy because it demonstrates that Americans can understand the illogic of this plan, despite the support of our major media plus the support of Sharon and Bush.

Pastor James Vineyard of Oklahoma is a voice of Christian conscience from America's heartland. He visited the Gaza Jewish community and wrote "An Open Letter to President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon", citing 12 reasons why he opposes the "deportation of Jews by Jews." He is planning to make a video of his message and distribute it to thousands of Christian churches in America.

Israel's terrorist enemies have already made it clear that they regard the planned Disengagement as a victory on the road to their total elimination of Israel. Bush is now signaling that if Hamas wins support in Gaza elections, then he may reluctantly have to accept that as part of his support for Middle East democracy. The Europeans are even further along in moving towards recognition of Hamas, which remains committed to exterminating Israel. And without any consultation or advance notification to Israel, Bush has decided to include Israel's adversaries Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the Quartet (US, EU, UN and Russia), which is going to establish a Palestinian state adjacent to Israel's heartland and without any assurance of it being peaceful. Bush seems to be joining Israel's enemies in his ongoing policy changes and in his assembling an anti-Israel lynch mob that will press for only one outcome - the progressive dismantling of Israel as a viable state.

At some point, Israeli's enemies, including Iran, will feel the time has arrived for their next attempt at exterminating Israel. Israelis know that that no one will come to their aid and they can rely on only themselves. At that point, Israel may feel desperate, abandoned and enraged over its total betrayal. Should the Israelis conclude that all hope is gone, and with nothing more to lose, they might unleash their formidable nuclear arsenal and in the process incinerate the regional oil facilities, thus collapsing Western economies. Perhaps, Western governments, including the Bush administration, confidently assume that Israel would never actually do the unthinkable. Let us hope that Israel is never pushed into a position where we will have to find out.

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