Barbaric? You Betcha!

When it comes to Israel, I wonder about a lot of things. Like, for instance, why is Ariel Sharon taking orders to open the jails and let thousands of these caged wild animals loose on the Israeli population every time he is told to?

Arlene Peck

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Lovely. Those wonderful folks in Iran that gave us hi-jacking, hostage-taking and progression to beheadings have finally learned to vote. And, what a surprise! Seven years after being privy to a watered down version of Western democracy, they have a new election and what does this so-called peaceful culture do? Well, a resounding 62% of them went to the polls to vote in a new terrorist-inspired, Islamic fundamentalist government to lead them further into the dark ages.

How soon will the beheadings resume, the rape rooms be reintroduced and 'honor killings' of women regain their former stature? How long before we again confront the danger of their escalated forays into the modern world? How calm should we remain as these primitives advance into the realm of nuclear weapons capability? I wonder how stupid my American government can be? I truly do.

George W. is touting our 'success' in that other crazed bastion of barbaric mentality, Iraq. He is thrilled and delighted that they also are now experiencing the joy of a democracy. He wants us to be in the "hearts and minds of the Iraqis". He desires the love. Is there anyone out there who cares? And, if so, why? To tell the truth, I care why people in my country just aren't getting it. Where are the demands from the American public, demanding answers as to why the Iraqis aren't helping their own? Why are we expected to be the ones to 'save' them from their own people? Vaguely, I remember that their rich oil supplies were going to be the ticket to finance this rebuilding. What ever happened to that?

Israel is forced to open the jails and let out thousands of terrorists, most of whom will soon be back on the street killing and maiming even greater numbers of their Jewish targets. I wonder why has such a demand not been made of Mahmoud Abbas regarding the prisoners awaiting execution in his dungeons on charges of "collaboration" with Israel? The onus to make "peace gestures" rests solely on Israel.

When it comes to Israel, I wonder about a lot of things. Like, for instance, why is Ariel Sharon taking orders to open the jails and let thousands of these caged wild animals loose on the Israeli population every time he is told to? I question, just a little bit, how the issue of Jonathan Pollard never seems to enter his mind when speaking with King George about one of their early prison releases. Isn't twenty years enough? Apparently not.

From the moment Ms. Condoleezza Rice switched places with Colin Powell, she not only continued the pressuring of Israel, she turned the flame a little higher. Witness the constant press conferences where she calls for more releases of prisoners, or demands that Israel must 'end the occupation' and 'withdraw from Arab lands'. Imagine the reaction if demands were made to end the "occupation" by European, African, and Asian colonists, and restore native "rights" after generations of ethnic cleansing, expulsions, discrimination and persecution? What if the native peoples demanded 75% of their lands back to establish a "viable" Indian-nation-state with its own president and congress?

Or, right in Bush's backyard - so he can demonstrate how committed he is to this sort of policy - he could turn over Crawford, Texas to his good Mexican buddy, Fox, because that prime real estate really belonged to them. No? I didn't think so. But somehow, it's an entirely reasonable demand to place on Israel.

The Iranian vote perfectly demonstrated the mentality we are confronting. It is a country and culture that has no desire for, or conception of, the basic premise of democracy. Despite the media spin and the garbage that is promoted by our Arabist State Department, this culture wants to kill us. Actually, their murderous intent is not just leveled at "us". Anyone who comes into their focus, as they peer out at us murderously from the 11th Century, who isn't one of them, is a justifiable target. They don't care if you're Buddhist, Christian, Jewish or an atheist. If you're not one of them, then you should be dead. They live for death. Everyone's. If you doubt this, read their sacred texts. And, folks, frankly, I don't believe that we should be negotiating or teaching them anything. Let them find their 72 virgins with our help and blessings (personally, I think there was a typo and they meant to say a 72-year-old virgin).

Worse, although our born-again Christian president is touting the terror state west of the Jordan River that he and Sharon have cooked up, I'm not real sure that they can even claim the credit for the Frankenstein they've got simmering. Do any of you remember the Crown Prince 2002 Peace Plan that Bush's good friend and "Uncle Abdullah " presented? Maybe you didn't because you were too busy watching them hold hands and almost kiss? Anyway, that allowed us to be privy to Bush and company's trial balloon about a "contiguous" Palestinian state, which would bring joy and happiness to the world. Then, before you could blink, they began to hold press conferences casually mentioning that the administration supports co-opting Hamas into the political dialogue. (Hamas!)

Not enough? Well, amazingly, Yasser Arafat's replacement, Mahmoud Abbas (a.k.a. Abu Mazen. Why can't they just have one name?), was told that any territory Israel retains beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines must be approved by the Palestinians. I haven't seen too much of that.

Amazing how our government's memory dims when it comes to remembering the help the United States has received from Israel. The information exchanges over battle and counter-terrorism tactics that contributed enormously to reduced American losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that keep us safer on the home front. Does anyone remember that Israel is responsible for 600 improvements in the F-16 fighter jet plane's systems, modifications worth billions of dollars that saved us dozens of research and development years? I didn't think so. Who ever reads about the cooperation between drug syndicates and terrorist networks? Especially Hamas and Hezbollah, which conduct significant fundraising activities in much of South America, including Ecuador, with its tremendous Islamic populations. Where have you last read about that?

Everyone talks about how the American arms guarantee Israel's existence, but who remembers that Israel also gives US military industries a competitive edge and boosts the American military production with jobs and improvements to America's national security? Hey, we don't even want to know how the superb Israeli technology also boosts American civilian and agricultural industries. Who acknowledges that while they plot to carve her up?

Even our civilian planes are much safer because of the contribution made by Israeli intelligence to America, which, by the way, is greater than that provided by all NATO countries combined. Naw, not worth mentioning. Let's talk about how Israel must be chopped up like a tossed salad, to keep 'peace' in the region.

Actually, I'd rather talk about how Congressional leaders, Vice President Cheney, and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld are aware of Israel's unique contribution to US interests. Anyone want to question why Sharon and his inept leadership doesn't use the leverage that they have in demanding that Israel's impressive contribution to American lifestyles be more acknowledged and appreciated? Tell me one - one - productive thing that the Islamic nation has done for the world.

On an almost daily basis, I read about the bloody and fatal attacks in Israel on civilians by the same terrorists who are killing our soldiers in Iraq with their bombs -something that these cowards do so well. Hey, but what do I know? I'm just an American who sits in Southern California wondering why there hasn't been at least an independent emergency referendum by the general population in Israel.

Again, why is Israel listening to anything from the United States? From anyone, for that matter. Remember a year or so ago, when every press conference from Bush & Company deplored the 'fence', the great impediment of peace? Now that every evening news broadcast allows us to see the very same terrorist bombing attacks - which Israel endured from these same savages - killing our soldiers, it's another story. Thank G-d the inept leaders of Israel didn't listen and continued to build the security fence. Now, because of that fence, it's becoming rarer that the terrorists are able to slip in and kill.

Especially with porous borders both here and in Iraq, it's open season. They've even become so frustrated in places like Arizona that the local citizens have banded together and formed "the Minutemen" to slow the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. I don't know one person here who doesn't wish we had that Israeli fence. Listen to George's advice? You'd have to have a death wish.

Which reminds me of Sharon and his continuing policy in Gaza. Personally, I'm all for transfer. But folks, I don't mean moving the Jews out of the Jewish State. When you have a cancer, you cut the sickness out. (What I find interesting is that it's these sorts of comments that always get the attention, but nobody ever seems to remember the Bush administration's long-standing insistence on a Palestinian leadership untainted by violence and free from corruption before he's going to take seriously any real talk of "Palestinian" statehood.) Now, I have never thought our president, George W., to be the brightest bulb. But, I don't think that even he believes the Saudi assurances, that by forcing Israel's withdrawal to the 1949 lines, the Arabs will be deprived of any Israeli provocation and everybody can then live happily after.

Of course, the way the Saudis, and Bush and company - not to forget Israel's good friend, the European Union - would like it is if the roadmap would have the Jews of what was once a Jewish state driving on Arafat Boulevard. Two states. Yeah, right.