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      Op-Ed: Today Hariri, Tomorrow Abbas, Then Allawi

      Published: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 11:15 PM
      How many casualties are the democracies willing to incur before Washington understands that the only option that works with Syria and Hizbullah is military force?

      For God's sake, President Bush, let us act.

      This week, Rafik Hariri, former prime minister of Lebanon, was killed in Beirut by a powerful car bomb. A similar car bomb was used by the same butchers to kill Elie Hobeika a few years ago, to injure the Druze former minister Marwan Hamadeh recently, and to kill many former presidents in Beirut, including President Bashir Gemayel and President Rene Moawad. How can we "thank" Hizbullah, General Ghazi Kana'an and General Rustom Ghazaleh of Syrian intelligence for these acts?

      Ghazi Kana'an is making the US appear the fool in Iraq and in Lebanon. He promotes minimum help to the US with his left hand while he promotes maximum damage, with his Iranian friends, with his right hand. How much time is it going to take for the CIA and US State Department to understand Syria's deadly involvement in terrorism in Iraq and Lebanon?

      What is most important about this latest assassination is not the act itself, but its message to America.

      The car bombs are on the increase in Iraq, despite America's claims of success in the recent elections. It is a matter of time before Hizbullah will assassinate Mahmoud Abbas in the Palestinian Authority and Prime Minister Allawi, through its proxies, in Iraq.

      This dynamic cannot continue in this fashion. Affirmative military action must be taken.

      How many casualties are the democracies willing to incur before Washington understands that the only option that works with Syria and Hizbullah is military force?

      We urge the US State Department to stop the nonsensical "diplomatic pressure" of UN Resolution 1559 on Syria and authorize the use of force against Hizbullah.

      The freshly emerged democracies in Iraq and the Palestinian Authority will never see daylight as long as the Iranian-Syrian nexus of terror is functioning.

      Aside from world sympathy and condemnation of terrorism, Israel should have a green light, along with its Lebanese allies, to operate militarily in Lebanon, strike Hizbullah and reverse the balance of terror in that country. Hizbullah should be subjected to devastating military blows designed to destroy it as a meaningful fighting force. We urge the United States to stay out of this fight and give the Christian Lebanese opposition the necessary means and logistics to get the job done. We urge Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom to raise the issue of Hizbullah during his international tours and to help the Lebanese liberate their homeland.

      Today, we are requesting military aid from Israel and an American green light to implement this policy and put an end, once and for all, to the threat of terrorism emerging from Lebanon.

      Syrian and Iranian instruments of terror in Lebanon should get the same message and understand this will be the end of them. We are not requesting world sanctions against Syrian and Lebanon, but rather a severe military operation that will wipe Hizbullah off the map in Lebanon and elsewhere.

      If President George W. Bush is going to challenge the terror of Syria and Iran by diplomatic means, it is a matter of time before the US will be defeated in the war against terrorism.