The Man of the Letter Alef

Like Mordechai the Jew, Adir Zik was a proud Jew, who "would not kneel or bow low" to all the corrupt elites in Israel. Like Mordechai the Jew, Adir always knew what our internal and external enemies were plotting.

Nadia Matar,

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Our precious Adir Zik passed away last week and was buried on the Mount of Olives, next to the outstanding sons of the Jewish people, Prof. Yisrael Eldad and Uri Zvi Greenberg.

Like Mordechai the Jew, Adir Zik was a proud Jew, who "would not kneel or bow low" to all the corrupt elites in Israel. Like Mordechai the Jew, Adir always knew what our internal and external enemies were plotting. And so, like Mordechai the Jew, who tore his clothes and cried out loudly and bitterly when he heard of the decree of Haman and Ahasuerus, Adir Zik tore his clothes after the signing of the Oslo Accords. During all the years that passed since then, Adir Zik cried out loudly and bitterly, on the radio and in articles in the press, in order to awaken the people of Israel to take action to stop the destruction.

Adir Zik loved Women in Green, and Women in Green loved him. He taught us to tell the truth, out loud and fearlessly. Adir always encouraged us, publicized all our demonstrations on his Arutz-7 radio program, and frequently participated in demonstrations himself. During the entire time that Arutz-7 broadcast on the radio, the members of Women in Green knew that they could not call one another on Friday mornings, between 9:00 and 10:00am, because Adir was talking, and all of us were listening to his program while cooking.

On the rare occasions when he did not broadcast, we knew that the Shabbat chicken soup would not be as tasty, because, in addition to all the usual ingredients - chicken, meat, vegetables, salt and pepper - all the Shabbat dishes had to be seasoned with an essential spice: the "Adir Zik spice". After the Sharon government fired the unholy cannon that sank the Arutz-7 ship, many of us specially set up our computers just so we could continue to hear Adir's "Fireworks" program in the kitchen while cooking.

Adir had a well-known theory about the defective chip that existed in the national religious camp. He always said that the camp lacked the letter "alef". It began with "bet" (the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet): those who voted for "bet" (the symbol of the National Religious Party), would feel second-class.

If we want to define our dear Adir Zik, we can say that he was entirely the man of the letter "alef":

adir - like his name, means tremendous; abir - truly gallant, like a knight; ahavah - his love knew no bounds; Eretz Israel - a champion of the Land of Israel; adamah - the Land of Israel was precious to him; akhizah - tenacity in possessing the Land; ahud - he was truly beloved by all; optimi - he was always optimistic; emunah - his faith never wavered; ikhpati - always caring; efshar - for Adir, everything was possible; ideologiyah - the premier ideologue; akhrayut - responsibility; aluf - a true chieftain of Israel; akhdut - a champion of Jewish unity; ish Elokim - a man of God; ish emet - a man of truth; ish emunah - a man of faith; otzar - a treasure to us all; adam - a man, but more than that, a mensch (a lovely person). These words, which in Hebrew all begin with the letter "alef", define Adir, who belonged to all of us.

An additional letter that begins with "alef" is aron. In last week's Torah reading, Terumah, we read: "And deposit in the Ark [Aron] the tablets of the testimony that I will give you." (Exodus 25:16) Rabbi Avraham Blass writes in Me'at Min HaOr:

"The central vessel of the Tabernacle was obviously the Aron HaKodesh, the holy repository of Israel's Torah. What is the meaning of the word Aron? The Jerusalem Talmud (Berakhot 4:5) presents a marvelous linguistic association: 'Aron is the vessel that brings to the world the light (that) comes forth from the Torah.'

"This requires further explanation. What is the connection between the spiritual light of the Torah and the material structure of the Ark that serves as a receptacle for the Torah? The answer is that the framework of the cabinet, or Ark, holds the Torah from which light emanates. A vessel is needed from which the Divine spark or light can shine forth."

Adir Zik was the Ark, or vessel, that channeled the Divine light and love for the people of Israel, for the Torah of Israel and for the Land of Israel. We had the great privilege of knowing the "great one of our generation." Adir Zik, may the memory of the righteous be for a blessing, was a replica of Mordechai the Jew. He truly was "great among the Jews, and popular with the multitude of his brethren; he sought the good of his people and interceded for the welfare of all his kindred." (Esther 10:3)

We mourn our great loss, but we know that Adir expects us to act with renewed vigor, and this we shall do. Women in Green promise to continue in his path - the path of love for the People, the Land and the Torah of Israel; and, with God's help, we shall prevail.