Red and Gold Chrysanthemums

My pride in Great Britain has been replaced with a sad sense of shame and repulsion. For years, I have watched many of its prominent citizens become pathetic apologists for barbaric Palestinian terrorism.

Angela Bertz

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It was barely 100 years ago that the British Empire was at its height. It reigned supreme over 20% of the world's land area and more than 400 million people.

It was the single largest empire the world had ever known.

Sixty years later, this was the land of my childhood and youth. Despite the fact that the sun had by this time long set, we were still brought up with a pride in our nation and its glorious past. In 1965, millions around the world paid their final respect to Sir Winston Churchill, who, 20 years previously, had led this proud and determined island to victory as its greatest wartime leader. The following summer, national pride soared to an all-time high as its football team won the coveted World Cup.

Today, I live proudly in my adopted country of Israel.

My pride in Great Britain has been replaced with a sad sense of shame and repulsion. For years, I have watched many of its prominent citizens become pathetic apologists for barbaric Palestinian terrorism.

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Great Britain. No sooner had the US election votes been counted than Mr. Blair was heading faster than a speeding Palestinian bullet over the ocean to collect his payback. Mr. Blair sanctimoniously declares peace in the Middle East as being high on his list of priorities. With Yasser Arafat barely cold in the ground, Mr. Blair feels the time is right to sacrifice Israel into more painful concessions to appease the Arabs.

Cherie Blair, wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair. Her deeply offensive remark, "As long as young people feel they have got no hope but to blow themselves up, you are never going to make progress," was beyond belief. This statement was all the more remarkable coming as it did barely 24 hours after 19 people were still being scraped of the interior of a bus in Jerusalem and 40 more had been injured

Dr. Jenny Tonge, member of British Parliament. She felt she could carve out a more worthwhile career for herself by becoming a Palestinian suicide bomber. Identifying herself with these mass murdering ghouls, Dr. Tonge said she understood their "desperation", as if there was ever any justification for getting on a crowded bus and blowing innocent people to pieces.

Vanessa Redgrave, British star of stage and screen. This woman has for years fawned and pawned herself at Yasser Arafat's feet. On a visit to the region in 2003, she used a press conference in Israel's capital city of Jerusalem to condemn the construction of the country's security barrier. Ms. Regrave, suddenly a self proclaimed expert on "walls", declared Israel's barrier as being far higher than the Berlin Wall. Furthermore, this pathetic apologist for Palestinian terrorism seemed unable to make any distinction between a wall that was built to separate cultures and one that was sadly not built in time to stop 130 Palestinian monsters crossing into Israel with explosive belts.

Robin Cook, former foreign minister of Great Britain. This gnome-like politician on one visit to Israel decided to defy protocol and Israel's objections by visiting Jabal Abu Ghneim in East Jerusalem. Mr. Cook was more recently involved together with a select and dubious bunch of MPs and British media stars, including Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, in a campaign against Israel's security barrier. Mr. Cook has joined this pathetic bandwagon of Palestinian terrorism apologists by blatantly ignoring the thousands of terrorist attacks that Palestinians have perpetrated against Israel. Their website talks incessantly of the tragedy that has befallen the Palestinians and that their children now have difficulty getting to school because of the barrier. Not once does this hypocritical bunch of apologists ever mention the hundreds of Israeli children who will never go to school again, or who have been maimed for life by Palestinian terrorism.

Barbara Plett, British BBC correspondent. Who will ever forget her shameful display of grief? The BBC, long known for its media bias and one-sided reporting on this region, have shown time and time again to be inaccurate and to distort the truth almost beyond all recognition. Ms. Plett shamefully wept as the disease-ridden Arafat was airlifted from his compound, declaring this evil father of terrorism a "frail old man", thus sinking the shameful BBC into an all-time low.

Anita Roddick, British founder of The Body Shop. In 2002, this company awarded $75,000 to a grassroots organization that advocates the "Right of Return" for Palestinian refugees. This is tantamount to calling for the annihilation of the State of Israel. Despite the Body Shop's weak response to this travesty, stating that they did not have any particular views on the conflict, it was found that both Anita Roddick and her husband were in fact members of the selection committee.

Judge Higgins, the only judge from Great Britain to sit on that farce of a court in The Hague. Placing her vote clearly in favour of Palestinian terrorism, Judge Higgins added insult to injury by declaring in part of her long winded statement: "Since 1948, Israel has been in dispute, first with its Arab neighbours (and other Arab States) and, in more recent years, with the Palestinian Authority". Judge Higgins shows her blatant ignorance for the facts. Israel has in fact never been in dispute with either its neighbours or the Palestinians. It has never instigated any of the defensive wars that these so-called neighbours have thrust on it, or either of the two uprisings (Intifadas) that have been launched by the Palestinians.

The Guardian newspaper. This influential British newspaper has for years been at the forefront of anti-Israel reporting. The Guardian reported in "gruesome" terms the terrible terrorist attack in Bali, calling it "a strike without compunction and showing no mercy, designed to cause utter terror". They went on to call the perpetrators cowards and condemned the people that carried out this heinous act as having "demonstrated a total disrespect for human life". They stressed several times the youth of most of the victims. This report is in blaring contrast to the one issued on the disco bombing in Tel Aviv. That attack, by a brainwashed Palestinian ghoul, destroyed the lives of 20 youngsters and injured over a 100 more. The Guardian showed no revulsion for this act and in fact referred to most of the victims in a cold manner as follows "most of the patrons were Russian immigrants". The only personal reference to give the reader any idea of the horror of this act was provided, not by their reporter, but by an eyewitness who said, "I saw parts of a brain, things I have never seen before. It was terrible."

Chris Patten, British EU Commissioner. This delusional man has for years claimed, and I quote, "We have looked at every one of the documents presented to us... we have not found yet - and I have to say 'yet' because we are continuing to look at these things - a case of money being diverted for terrorist purposes." The Palestinians have had more aid money than any other people in the world (a large portion of it coming from the EU), yet their standard of living remains substandard. Yasser Arafat was recently on a list of the world's wealthiest people. There was constant talk of starvation among the Palestinians. Surprisingly, Mr. Patten never seemed to make any connection between the endless supply of weapons and masked gunmen that poured into the street to fire state of the art machineguns every time some ghoul succeeded in blowing up innocent people in Israel and the billions of dollars he claimed were not used for terrorism.

All of the above require a strong constitution when it comes to the feelings of utter shame and contempt they cause; however, none of them have ever come close to the repugnant Jack Straw; member of the British parliament and foreign secretary.

This man almost choked on his Sunday lunch after Israel targeted the evil spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Yassin. Upon hearing the news of his death, Mr. Straw sickeningly declared it "unacceptable and unjustified". He made similar statements after Israel targeted the quadriplegic's evil successor, Abdelaziz Rantissi.

Yasser Arafat was barely in the rigor mortis stage when world leaders poured into Cairo to attend his funeral, among them, Jack Straw.

Yasser Arafat was finally laid to rest in his Ramallah compound. One can take some small consolation from the fact that his decomposition will be a long, drawn-out process, with no self-respecting worm eating away at the evil corpse of this mass murdering terrorist.

This is more than can be said for the worm that stood above the ground in the shape of Jack Straw. This representative of the Queen's Government placed a garland of red and gold chrysanthemums on the grave, as if to give legitimacy to the man that invented modern terrorism. He then went on to sign a book of condolences.

The only bright light to shine out of this former colonial power came from a world-renowned footballer. On a recent football match in Poland, the England team were taken to Auschwitz concentration camp. The star player and captain of the team, David Beckham, expressed his pride in his Jewish ancestry (his grandfather was Jewish).

Sadly, at this point, I fear even if David Beckham were to lift the World Cup trophy for England in Germany in 2006, this will not be enough to restore my pride in a nation that now stands in the forefront and almost united in apologizing for Palestinian terrorism.

The sun has truly set.