A New Bush Doctrine

One can see the liberals who lost the US election cringe in horror. However, the president, vice-president and millions of God-fearing Americans surely know what I'm talking about.

Harry W. Weber,

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Now that President George Bush has won re-election by a solid majority, he has an opportunity to put his mark on history in a unique way. His mark on history will likely reflect the fact that not only is the president the most religious man ever to sit in the Oval Office, but he has at his side the daughter of a minister as Secretary of State.

From time immemorial, geopolitics has been conducted on the basis of narrow, usually short-term, national interests. In his first term, President Bush has shown great moral leadership in his decision to forego that approach, and virtually go it alone in declaring war on Saddam Hussein. Why? So that democracy can take hold in Iraq, and through it, greater security will be afforded to the West. Putting aside short-term political expediency, the President bet his career on an effort to create a model out of Iraq for the entire Middle East, a model in which democratic institutions will lead to freedom, peace and prosperity. The future of the Middle East in large measure depends on the success of the president's bold initiative.

There is, however, another part of the Middle East, where another conflict rages, as it has for the past one hundred twenty years -- the Arab-Israeli conflict. In attempting to solve that problem, the president has laid out a "Roadmap" calling for the creation of democratic institutions by the Palestinian Authority, the cessation of all terrorism in the territories and finally, the creation of a Palestinian state in parts of Judea and Samaria.

On the face of it, the plan looks bold and equitable, just as the Iraqi plan does. However, if the president is to embark on a new type of foreign policy, one not based on narrowly defined, short-term national interests, so very ineptly promoted by the State Department ever since World War I, it must have at its bedrock one key platform -- truth. Absolute truth. The kind found in the Bible, a book the President is apparently very familiar with. Any foreign policy initiatives by the President that ignore Biblical truths will not stand the test of time, and will be relegated by history to the same status as those of his predecessors. They will fail miserably, as they contradict God's will and His directive for the flow of human history.

One can see the liberals who lost the US election cringe in horror. However, the president, vice-president and millions of God-fearing Americans surely know what I'm talking about. Specifically, the concept of a Palestinian State, although flawed because there really is no such people, can only be accommodated justly, in our time, for the time being, with God's blessing, if it does not come at the expense of the Jewish people, who were sent home by Him after two thousand years of exile.

The Jewish people's home, at the very least, must be the entire Holy Land west of the Jordan River. That territory comprises only twenty-four percent of the original Palestine Mandate that was granted to the people of Israel by the League of Nations. In 1921, Britain ripped off seventy-six percent of the Jewish People's birthright and gave it to an Arabian prince, and called him the king of Trans-Jordan. Today, Jordan sits on that seventy-six percent of Palestine and its population is over seventy percent "Palestinian". Thus, the truth -- God's truth -- is that Jordan is Palestine.

Ariel Sharon used to say that loud and clear, about fifteen years ago. Now, for personal, non-ethical reasons, and for political short-term expediency, he has abandoned God's truth. Instead of His blessings, today Sharon turns to the media oracles of the Left for their blessings for his mad plan to turn Gaza and northern Samaria into two terrorist states. He wants to abandon those areas without a peace agreement, without any security arrangements. With nothing in return. Israel's one-time war hero has gone utterly soft on terror. The US president should disassociate himself completely from this weak limb of the West's war on terror, for Sharon no longer knows what's good for Israel, nor for the West, just what's good for Sharon -- short-term, of course.

One of the principal rules of geopolitics is akin to the three rules of real estate: location, location, location. The "Palestinians" ought to get a state, but where? It's obvious -- geographically, historically and morally -- in Jordan. Another rule of real estate and geopolitics is that good fences make good neighbors. With the Jordan River separating Israel and Palestine, peace will be much easier to maintain. Any Arab living west of the Jordan River will remain a resident of Israel, but a citizen of Jordan.

The above is a divinely acceptable solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. How do I presume to make such a claim? It's simple. God says so in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. It is a necessary correction to the president's "Roadmap", that will bring peace and justice to the Middle East. It will earn the president kudos -- if not immediately from the Arabs and Europeans (what else is new) -- at least from the one source that really counts.