When Do the Saudis Get the Blame?

How could they be 'Christians' and not support Israel? It just did not go together. I was told they want to assert their voice that the radical anti-Israel Arab organizations do not speak for most Middle Eastern-Americans. Yet, when push came to shove, would they speak out as Arab Christians in support of Israel?

Arlene Peck

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Recently, I had as a guest on my television show Father Keith Roderick, who is an Episcopalian priest. This amazing man is also the umbrella head of 65 Christian organizations. The good Father flew in to Los Angeles as a speaker for an organization called the American Middle Eastern Christian Association. Later, it was through Father Roderick that I was invited to join both he and the director of this group for dinner. I found them hospitable and gracious hosts.

I was delighted to discover that the following evening they were having a dinner for over five hundred members of this organization of like-minded people, who were against the violence and brutality being carried out by their Arab brothers in the name of the Koran.

I could not believe it! An organization, an Arab Christian organization that was against the barbaric acts of their brothers. In fact, I even went so far as to call former terrorist turned Zionist, Walid Shoebat, and excitedly tell him about my 'discovery'. Somewhere in my brain, I began to formulate the concept of planning a rally with Jews and Christians and -- could it be? -- Arabs for peace in the Middle East. That is, until I mentioned the idea to Mr. Shoebat, who told me clearly that they might be peaceful Arabs, but they still would not support Israel.

I did not believe him. How could they be 'Christians' and not support Israel? It just did not go together. I was told they want to assert their voice that the radical anti-Israel Arab organizations do not speak for most Middle Eastern-Americans. Yet, when push came to shove, would they speak out as Arab Christians in support of Israel? If they are supposedly supporting a new political voice that is not dominated by a radical Islamist, anti-Israel agenda, then now is the time to prove it.

Surely, five hundred peaceful Arabs who were gathered for a dinner would also be supporting the Jewish State. No?

So, just to dispute my friend Walid, I made a follow up call to the director, Mounir, and was told, "No, it is not our cause. Our cause is the Palestinians. We are concerned with our people. And Israel seems to be doing fine without our help."

When I questioned him about the Good Fence that I remembered from the Lebanon-Israel border - the other side of which the Muslims were slaughtering the Christians, and it was the Jews from Israel who came to save them - he told me that if they were to come out supporting the Jews in Israel, then there would be a bloodbath within hours. We spoke awhile longer, but you get the idea. The list of 'causes' for these Christian Arabs was long, but Israel was nowhere on the list.

There are, as I've been told time and time again, virtually none in the Arab community out there giving any support to the Jewish state. They can talk all they want about their Christian beliefs, but it does not mean a damn thing if none of them will back it up with actions, or even words. So much for my love-fest for peace. Like my momma used to say, "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Moreover, folks, when it comes to the so-called peace-loving Arabs speaking out against the barbaric actions of their brothers around the world - it isn't gonna happen.

And, you know something? They're going to get away with it, because we are so damned concerned that we are going to make the Arab community angry by being politically incorrect that we will turn over our country without them having to do a thing but threaten. Our newspapers regularly feed us propaganda that counts on all those "nice people" in their readership to deplore the mistreatment the terrorists might be suffering.

A recent three-page article in the Los Angeles Times had the heading, "Many Believe Anti-Terror War Targets Islam."

You betcha! I am the first of those politically incorrect who believes it. Page after page elaborated how we must "not anger the Muslims, who are a necessary part of fighting terrorism." When are we going to get it? They are the terrorists! They are the terrorists! We should be learning that mantra before we walk out the door.

The morons on the editorial staff of the Los Angeles Times write about the poor Palestinians who battle America's ally, Israel. They decry the extra scrutiny that they are subject to at US Consular Offices and airports before being allowed into the country or on planes. I swear! That is what we are reading. Then the paper continues with, "Even US officials acknowledge that Washington has done a poor job explaining its policies, particularly to Muslims."

"The struggle for hearts and minds is more than a public relations war." Well, I'll agree with that. Except we -- taxpaying Americans -- who pay the salaries of these Arabists, who are on the payrolls of the Arab states and who make these stupid decisions, are the ones who aren't having it explained for them enough. The Muslim community understands quite well the message of Bin Laden and his followers. They know that, for whatever reason they have decided upon in their barbaric seventh century minds, we are the enemy and they are determined to kill each one of us. Preferably by sawing off our heads, for G-d's sake!

Instead of our government going after these disgusting vermin who are killing our American boys with the force and power that we have and should be using, the paper proudly reports, "In an effort to improve it's image among Islamic nations, the US government has offered increased aid and trade privileges." Officials say that they are working out kinks in the visa processing system and that they have "launched new broadcast services to reach out to the Muslim world." Why don't we just send the ACLU in to defend them and we can turn over our country, the same as those good folks in Paris did?

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I seem to have a different 'take' on the wonderful direction the United States has foisted onto Israel. President George Bush, with his 'help', has managed to accomplish what five wars weren't able to accomplish - the Road Map to Hell.

Now that the election is over and Bush is once again going before the cameras proclaiming how he is still pushing for a Palestinian State chopped out of Israel, I wonder if he will be able to find it in his heart and mind to go after the real culprits of terrorism - the Saudis. Unfortunately, they are his good friends. President Bush's conflict of interest has been apparent for years. This is who is expected to come to the aid of Israel like the cavalry? Pu-lease.

I'm still wondering what Bush has in mind for Israel right after he blessed Arafat's evil soul and said, "My second reaction is that we will continue to work for a free Palestinian state that is at peace with Israel." When is he going to get it? I wonder how we, in America, would have felt if Osama bin Ladin had been killed and Ariel Sharon sent his blessings and kind thoughts to Bush. How long can we excuse insult as stupidity?

I wish someone would tell George Bush that the Arabs, particularly the Saudis that he keeps calling his allies in the war against terrorism, are not the good guys. If these are our 'good friends', then who in the hell are the terrorists? According to him, most Muslims are following the "religion of peace", as he has called Islam. To hear him or Colin Powell respond with their condemnations, one hears that they are much harsher on the Israeli "extremists". With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Barbarians danced in the streets when 3,000 Americans lost their lives on 9/11; they continue the training that the father of terrorism, Yasser Arafat, taught them. They do not want peace with Israel or anyone else. All they strive for is death to anyone who is not them and does not follow their Islamic laws. They want death. Let it be theirs instead of ours.

The proof is there that the Saudis are sending billions in to buy off the trustees and university boards around the world, starting, I believe, with Canada. They are setting up Islamic Chairs and padding them with well-paid instructors, who are filling those classes with teachers of propaganda for the unsuspecting kids who attend. The teachers of these Islamic Studies courses are invited to serve on prestigious boards and get paid a lot of money to be "advisors" and consultants.

I actually sat at a meeting of the local Muslim community in one of their mosques. Upscale crowd to be sure, but they were being instructed to tell their children that now is the time to direct them into the fields of journalism and politics in college, as that is where their power will be.

It is funny; most of our nation has no idea of the mentality of the enemy. Sadly, they think that they are like us, and just need understanding and we can work something out. It is never going to happen, as I truly believe that the entire culture has become so dysfunctional and corrupt that we will never be able to negotiate our way out of the situation in which we now find ourselves. The only thing that culture understands is power. "My gun is bigger than your gun." It is time to use it.