An Open Letter to Minister Limor Livnat

I want to try and understand how it is that you and some of your fellow Likudniks are so frightened of Ariel Sharon. I want to believe that you, personally, are not corrupt and concerned only about your Volvo.

Nadia Matar,

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Nadia Matar
Arutz 7
To Minister Livnat:

I am writing to you a minute after I read on the Internet that you withdrew your ultimatum regarding the referendum. I want to try and understand how it is that you and some of your fellow Likudniks are so frightened of Ariel Sharon. I want to believe that you, personally, are not corrupt and concerned only about your Volvo. And so, I do not understand why you are joining Ariel Sharon and his madness - and thereby turning your back on all of your principles, on all the principles of the national camp.

You, together with Binyamin Netanyahu and the other Likud princes, were capable of stopping the Sharon plan, from the first moment that Sharon talked about "disengagement". That very day, you could have told him: "Our friend, this plan is in total opposition to our commitment to the voters. This plan is a copy of Amram Mitzna's plan, and is totally contrary to the Likud platform. You yourself said that a unilateral withdrawal is dangerous for Israel's existence - how could you suddenly be transformed from Ariel Sharon to Yossi Beilin? You should know that if you go forward with this program, you will not have a government. We will disengage from you, we will bring you down, we will replace you; and the people will go with us, for the people do not want someone who fulfills the Beilin platform as their leader."

But you didn't do this. You did not threaten him. You did not reprimand him. You immediately fell into line. Why? What is the reason for this fear of Sharon? What did he threaten you with? What secret does he know about you that you are so paralyzed, and that you act like his poodle? Are the questions raised by Yoel Bin-Nun in Hatzofeh this Shabbat correct? Does there seem to be a secret agreement between Sharon-Peres-Beilin and the Europeans, the entire aim of which is Israel's return to the 1967 borders, and the stationing of European forces in the places that we will abandon? Are you, too, in on this? What is happening here?

How is it that since the death of Lilly [the prime minister's wife], Sharon has become the puppet of his son Omri and Dov Weisglass - both of whom are extreme leftists? And a question that cries out to Heaven even more strongly - Master of the Universe, we want to know the answer: how did Sharon and the extreme leftist band around him manage to silence you, Minister Livnat? How did the other nationalist princes in the Likud, fall in line? How did all the senior officers in the army, who initially vehemently opposed the unilateral withdrawal plan suddenly reverse themselves? We want to know what you are cooking up for us - because we know that something smells very bad here.

Whatever the case, you should know that the majority of the people are not stupid. The majority knows that the Sharon plan poses a danger for the continued existence of the State of Israel. The majority does not buy the false slogans. For example, the majority knows that we are not an "occupying people", because we cannot be a "foreign occupier" in our homeland. The majority knows that the slogan "To Leave Gaza Immediately" is a cheap demagogic phrase, because we left Gaza long ago. The majority of the people also knows that we must not leave Gush Katif and northern Samaria - because whoever is willing to hand over to the Arab enemy Gush Katif and Samaria, tomorrow will be willing, after another round of terror, to hand over to that same Arab enemy the Galilee, the Negev, Jerusalem and even "sacred" Ramat Aviv.

Two camps are being formed in our country: the camp that supports the anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish plan of Ariel Sharon - the plan to deport Jews and hand over portions of the homeland to the enemy - and the camp that opposes the Sharon plan.

The camp of those supporting the Sharon plan includes all of our enemies and those who hate us, both within and outside of Israel: The members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO, the European Union, and the architects of the Oslo disaster - Shimon Peres, Beilin and Yossi Sarid. The camp of the plan's opponents includes a majority of the Likud electorate and the entire nationalist camp. The majority of the Jewish people of Israel are rational, and loyal to their land and to their heritage.

By voting in favor of the Sharon plan in the Knesset, and with your announcement that you are withdrawing your demand for a referendum, you positioned yourself today with the enemy. It is the camp, as the Prophet Isaiah put it (49:17), of "those who ravaged and ruined you, [who] shall come forth from you." I call on you to retract, before the history writes about you adversely. It surely will with regard to the other Likud princes who turned their backs on the Likud platform. History will definitely record you and them as it did the Hellenists, since they joined the Greeks against their brothers the Maccabees.

As you may recall, the camp of the Maccabees, with G-d's help, always wins.

Return, Limor Livnat, this very day, to the Maccabean camp to which you should belong.