Israel?s Big Lie

Ever since the rebirth of Israel in 1948, its citizens, as well as the world at large, have been fed a steady diet of the "Big Lie". Israel's media and virtually all of its politicians have been repeating the "peace is possible" mantra to a more and more brainwashed public in Israel and abroad.

Harry W. Weber

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Ever since the rebirth of Israel in 1948, its citizens, as well as the world at large, have been fed a steady diet of the "Big Lie". Israel's media and virtually all of its politicians have been repeating the "peace is possible" mantra to a more and more brainwashed public in Israel and abroad.

Some of the liars probably knew better, but tried to please their constituents in the fashion of modern marketing, whose cardinal rule is: "Give them what they want." The political version of that rule in Israel is: "Promise them that peace with the Arabs is possible, if we just make enough concessions." The Big Lie's ultimate "success" and failure came with the signing of the Oslo accords in 1993.

In addition to those cynical politicians who were intent on parroting the "politically correct" peace lies in order to get elected and re-elected, others actually believed that "peace in our time" was just around the proverbial corner. Of them, all that one can say, in hindsight, is that they were the blind leading the blind.

How so? Let's review the facts. For over one hundred years, ever since the first aliyah of Jewish refugees to the Promised Land, Arab terrorist bands and Arab armies have dedicated themselves to murdering as many Jews as possible. They did it and still do it with a sick religious zeal they call "jihad" ? promising anyone who kills a Jew an eternal life in "heaven" with no less than 72 virgins.

Motivated by their "Bible", the Arabs massacred their Jewish neighbors in Hebron in 1929, 19 years before the State of Israel was even born. They collaborated with the Nazis in their "final solution" during World War II.

They tried mightily to destroy the State at its birth; they tried again 19 years later in the Six Day War. Their murderous efforts were revived in the Yom Kippur War in 1973; and finally they embarked on the terrorist-suicide campaigns on Israel's 40th year, continuously ratcheting up their evil deeds to this very day. All this happened despite, or more correctly, because of the Oslo peace dream, which became the Israelis? collective nightmare for the past 10 years.

Over twenty-one thousand Jews have been murdered at the hands of the Arabs. That number is equivalent to over one million Americans. How would the U.S. react to such a fifty-five year old war of terror? We don?t have to guess. We just have to see what happened to the Indians a century ago, and to the Afghans and Iraqis yesterday.

Incredibly, the current Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, after all that's happened, says that he plans to give our murderers a state. And that peace with them is possible. Gevalt! What is he smoking? Worse, what have we been forced to smoke all these years? And how do we kick our fatal addiction to peace delusions and hallucinations?

What basis does Ariel Sharon and his ilk have for such outlandish and dangerous assessments? Did the Arabs stop, for one day, the virulent anti-Jewish, neo-Nazi propaganda in their media? Did they agree to stop murdering all Jews, including those in Judea and Samaria? Did they agree to the right of Israel to be a Jewish State forever? Did they agree to forego the "right to return" ? the right to swamp Israel with Arabs so that we will become the 22nd Arab state in the Middle East? Do they not protest the Judaization of the Galilee every year, and did they stop planning for the eventual wresting of the Galilee from the Jewish State? Did they agree to remove the many viciously anti-Jewish declarations out of the Koran, such as the one which states that the "Jews are the enemies of the believers"? Did one Arab religious leader ever issue a fatwa declaring those sentiments irrelevant to the 21st century?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding "No."

The most disturbing, far-reaching and significant negatives in the above list refers to the Koran. The Moslem "Bible" happens to be a radically anti-Jewish testament that stands as the key stumbling block to Arab-Israeli peace. The fact that hardly any Israelis ever read it, let alone study its significance, explains volumes about the widespread naivete among the Jewish public and politicians as to the true nature of Arab society. For the Koran is the most important force in Islam, and it stands irreconcilably opposed to Israel's existence. To deny that, in the face of pro-Arab fundamentalism from Indonesia to Egypt, is to bury one's head in the sands of the Sahara desert.

About twenty years ago Ariel Sharon had a flash of true insight ? not that of a politician, but of a true leader. He declared that Jordan is Palestine ? i.e. that the so-called Palestinians already had a state ? on 76% of historic Palestine, which had been promised to the Jewish people in the Balfour Declaration. He knew then that tiny Israel, tiny even with Judea and Samaria, was divinely granted to the Jews; that it could not be surrendered ? not morally, religiously or practically. How could an already minuscule state be the home for all the Jews if it were to be severely truncated a second time? Tiny Israel already has the population density of India, some 277 people per square kilometer. By comparison, that of the U.S. is only 27 ? one tenth. What Ariel Sharon saw then, unfortunately, he never repeated, frightened by the all-powerful leftist media and his indomitable will to be prime minister.

Today, after the 11th of September mega-disaster, after Afghanistan and Iraq, it is high time for Israelis and Americans to apply the lessons of the recent past to the Arab-Israeli problem, as well. Politicians can afford to tell their constituents what they want to hear, if the issues are taxes, education, etc. But not when survival or holocaust hang in the balance. Then, politicians have a supreme moral obligation to rise to a higher level ? to the rank of leaders. A leader's first obligation is to the truth ? even the uncomfortable, unpopular truth.

Moses, the world's ultimate leader, did not lie, sugar-coat or compromise the truth to his Israelite flock during forty years in the desert. Rather, with supreme love, sacrifice and perseverance, he molded an unwieldy mass of self-doubting, cantankerous slaves into a nation of G-d's priests, poised to enter the Promised Land. How will we ever accommodate future aliyah if we have to give up the relatively empty spaces of Judea and Samaria?
Today, after returning to its homeland 55 years ago, after nearly 2,000 years of exile, the Jews of Israel still find themselves in the proverbial desert. For the sins of the spies in the days of Moses have returned to haunt them again. Like their ancestors who despised the land and were prepared to return to Egypt and to idol worship, many Israelis today despise the land, are prepared to uproot their brethren from Hebron, Jerusalem and other places holy to Israel, because they, too, despise the Torah and the Torah-giver ? G-d Almighty. In their eyes, He is the one to blame for the turmoil in their lives, and for their inability to unfetter all ties to their ?tribal" past.

In the current situation, it is incumbent upon Ariel Sharon to fulfill the full meaning of his name. "Ariel" in Hebrew means three things ? military hero, Jerusalem, and the altar on the Temple Mount. Since the name of every Jew is selected by his parents with the assistance of G-d, it is clear that Ariel Sharon has fulfilled only one third of his full potential. To complete his tasks on earth, he must rise above the status of the clever politician who came to "pray" at the Temple Mount, to instigate Arab riots and accelerate the downfall of his rival, Ehud Barak. To become a truly great leader, he must re-learn the truth of his glory days, tell the people the truth, fearlessly, and act solely on the eternal truth of the L-rd of Israel.

Ariel Sharon must teach Israel the true meaning of Shalom: perfection, completeness. When the people of Israel will be perfected ? morally and spiritually, with themselves, with G-d and with His Holy Land ? their enemies will fear them and disperse in all directions from their midst and leave them in peace.

Ariel must shout throughout the land: "Jerusalem is ours forever! The Temple Mount is open to all Jews to come and to pray openly! The land of Israel belongs to G-d and He gave it to us!" Anything less will lead to Sharon's utter failure in his mission on earth. His place in history will be no higher than those of his predecessor "politicians". Salvation will come to Israel, nonetheless, but through someone else.