Selective Free Speech

The timing could not be more amusing. On the very day when the British courts were preventing overseas papers from being distributed in the UK because they might carry a story the court censor regards as inflammatory and libelous, Israel?s Supreme Court handed down its ruling in favor of free speech absolutism for Arab fascists and leftist traitors (only).

Prof. Steven Plaut,

The timing could not be more amusing. On the very day when the British courts were preventing overseas papers from being distributed in the UK because they might carry a story the court censor regards as inflammatory and libelous, Israel?s Supreme Court handed down its ruling in favor of free speech absolutism for Arab fascists and leftist traitors (only).

The British censorship involved preventing non-British papers from being sold in Britain if they repeat the assertion by a former butler for Prince Charles that he had witnessed the Prince having homosexual relations with a servant. The British establishment, the same that daily asserts there is of course nothing at all wrong with gay relations, had a fit. Sixteen papers were banned in the cradle of democracy.

And that very same day, three Supreme Court justices in Israel, led by Dalia Dorner, handed down a ruling revoking the ban by Israel?s film censor board on the anti-Israel propaganda film Jenin, Jenin, in the name of free speech absolutism.

Israel has a film censor board that ordinarily does very little. It occasionally has banned things like child porn and has banned some films regarded as offensive to religious sensitivities ? usually the religious sensitivities of Christians. For example, it once banned an Italian film portraying Jesus in an offensive, semi-porno manner.

After the mini-battle in Jenin during Israel?s Defensive Wall mini-offensive, as many as 20 denizens of Jenin and about the same number of Israeli troops lost their lives in street fighting. The Israel-bashers of the planet declared that Israel had perpetrated a war crime and genocide there, a libel repeated in such pits of depravity as the BBC. In other words, the lie was proliferated by the very same people who had nothing to say about the mass murders of Jews that triggered Israel?s Defensive Wall incursions in the first place.

Later, of course, it turned out that nothing of the sort happened, and that there were no war crimes committed in Jenin; at least, not by Israel. Even the UN commission that investigated, and Shimon Peres, confirmed this. Nevertheless, a cottage industry of books and films portraying the Israelis as Nazis for their ?crimes? in Jenin has been growing.

Perhaps the worst of these was a Goebbels-like film by Israeli Arab Mohammed Bakri, entitled Jenin, Jenin. It is a tissue of lies. It claims Israeli troops blew up a hospital wing that had never been constructed at all. It interviews a man claiming Israeli troops shot him in his leg for no reason, when it turns out he was never shot at all. And so on.

Bakri, by the way, is the first cousin of Arab mass murderers who placed a suicide bomber on a bus in the Galilee last year. He proudly proclaims his support for his murderer cousins and he insists they were driven to their mass murder by what Israel did in Jenin; which I guess means that they were driven to it by the lies that Bakri tells in his film about what Israel did.

The film board had issued a ban on Bakri?s Goebbels film, on grounds that it was an outrageous insult to the families of the Israeli troops who had lost their lives in the battle. Men were killed, by the way, because Israel was reluctant to level Jenin neighborhoods with artillery. In other words ? men lost their lives because Israel was endeavoring to protect Palestinian civilian lives.

Ever since, the Israeli Caring Left has been defying the ban and screening the film on campuses illegally, before groups of Far Leftists. Natch, no one has been prosecuted for this. As you know, the highest human value in the minds of the Tenured Traitors is seeing Israel destroyed and anti-Semitism fomented around the world. (Imagine their excitement at events in Greece this week.)

The Left went to court to demand that the ban be revoked. Bakri was represented by Far-Leftist lawyer Avigdor Feldman, who has spent parts of his career defending Arab murderers of Jewish children. This week, the court handed down its ruling. Claiming, ?There is no truth and no falsehood in matters of free speech,? the Court ruling drafted by Justice Dorner declared that it is okay to screen anti-Semitic canards in Israel during time of war.

Now the only problem with this is that the lovely free speech absolutism of the Court only extends to the Jewish treasonous Left and to Arab fascists and supporters of terror. The Court - and Dorner personally - have long defended the bans on free speech for such groups as the various Kahanist splinters. The Court has upheld the criminalization of these groups as ?racist?, although it has never allowed Israel?s ludicrous anti-racism law to be applied to Arab fascists - people like Mohammed Bakri himself - calling for mass murders of Jews. At this very moment, the radical Rabbi Ginsburgh is being prosecuted for ?fomenting racism?. The Court has maintained the banning of the Kahanists as ?terrorists?, apparently because they sometimes scribble indelicate graffiti on walls in Jerusalem, at the same time that people like Bakri sing the praises of the suicide mass murderers with impunity, in the name of free speech.

So the free speech absolutism of Dalia Dorner and her comrades only extends to those people seeking the destruction of Israel and mass murder of Jews. Dorner has a long track record of imposing her leftist ideology on her court rulings. You may recall that she was one of the justices who invented a constitutional right to spouse benefits for gay partners, in a ruling based in part on citations from gay Marxist French ?philosopher? Michel Foucault (who died of AIDS a few years back in ?Frisco); remarkable, given the fact that Israel does not even have a constitution. She also issued the ruling that two lesbian mothers must be registered as the ?parents? of a baby.

Dorner was the justice who ordered three of the five Arab murderers of the 15-year old Haifa boy Dani Katz put back on the streets while awaiting a retrial. (The murderers were defended by Avigdor Feldman ? who else? ? and were re-convicted.) She once ruled that Arabs who throw Molotov cocktails (fire bombs) at Jewish civilians should be sentenced to nothing more than a tap on the wrist and a warning. (Haaretz Mar 25, 2002). She is a groupie of the doctrine of judicial activism, meaning judicial tyranny, being promoted by Chief Justice Aharon Barak. She has issued restraining orders to prevent the government from shutting down the illegal PLO offices at Orient House in Jerusalem. For a good picture of the devotion of Dorner to democratic freedoms and due process, take a look at and and and and Like all Court justices, Dorner, of course, is non-elected and cannot be impeached.

Meanwhile, Jenin, Jenin has become the cause celebre of the Bash-the-Jews movement. Israeli leftists and overseas ill-wishers, like Mikey Lerner and the Tikkun potheads, have been promoting the film as a great statement of the ?Arab narrative?. (Tikkun this week is gathering cash for ads calling for a reduction of US support to Israel. Tikkun celebrates free speech absolutism by refusing to print any letter that disputes any fatwa that Rabbi Moonbeam has issued.)

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