Please Arrest Me

What can I say but ashamnu? Yes, I have sinned. I am a writer, and that in itself is a crime. I write for Arutz Sheva, a double crime worthy of fines and imprisonment. So arrest me.

Jack Engelhard

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What can I say but ashamnu? Yes, I have sinned. I am a writer, and that in itself is a crime. I write for Arutz Sheva, a double crime worthy of fines and imprisonment. So arrest me.

For I have transgressed by standing up for Israel while the rest of the world beats it down. I have acted perfidiously by demanding that Israel vacate entire towns that shelter suicide bombers.

I have acted perversely by asking if Yossi Beilin is really a Jew. I have acted wickedly by suggesting that anti-Semitism runs as deeply within some Jews as it does among many gentiles.

I have done violence by advocating the forced removal of today's Hitler, namely, Yasser Arafat. Send him to his 72 virgins, along with the thousands who were invited back from Tunis.

I have imputed falsely by believing that Israel is a free society ? a nation that values freedom of expression, freedom of the press, as a G-d-given right.

I have given evil counsel by telling my readers that Israel is a nation under G-d, when in reality it is a nation under (Leftist) idols.

I have lied when I said in Israel all Jews are welcome... all views are welcome... when it fact, the views of Torah-loving Jews are deemed to be criminal. (Only Leftist and pro-Arab views are kosher and welcome and free of criminal charges.)

I have scoffed by verbally trouncing news media like Haaretz, the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, NPR, the BBC, the news media in general, for a media pogrom.

I have rebelled by refusing to submit to the ideology that says Arab murderers are right, Israeli victims are wrong.

I rebelled even further when I noted, when those two Jewish soldiers who lost their way and asked for help, were instead tortured by Arab policemen and then tossed from that police station in Ramallah ? that from that moment onward there should have been an Israeli uprising, not an Arab uprising. (When is it our turn to get mad?)

I have provoked by writing that only Jewish women can save the Jewish people; for Jewish men, Jewish leaders, have turned into frogs.

I have been disobedient by telling my readers that the first rock-thrower should have been deported on the spot, as a lesson to all other rock-throwers, who should likewise be deported on the spot. No Jew, I wrote disobediently, should be subject to such abuse in his or her own country. Enough of that back in Europe. Not in Eretz Ysrael. More disobediently, I wrote that Israel forgot the message ? Never Again! Even more disobediently, I wrote that when they learned they could get away with rocks, they turned to rockets.

I have committed iniquity by suggesting that Islamism is the same as Nazism... they only wear different clothes.

I committed even more iniquity by suggesting that Israel can survive only by strength, not by appeasement, against a generation of Muslim/Arabs who have been brainwashed with the intoxicating wine of hatred.

I have oppressed by being virtually the lone voice to suggest that there is no Fatah, there is no al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, there is no Hezbollah, there is no Hamas ? they are all the same killers.

I have been obstinate in my view that the entire "West Bank", Judea and Samaria, belongs to the Jewish people by virtue of Biblical inheritance and Jewish blood.

I have committed evil by the rage I felt when various Israeli prime ministers referred to Jerusalem as a "bargaining chip."

I have acted perniciously by the rage I felt when various Israeli prime ministers released thousands of Arab murderers to please America's anti-Semitic State Department.

I have acted abominably when, in anger, I cursed those newly-released Arab murderers who immediately murdered again. (Yes, I even cursed those spineless prime ministers.)

Yes, I have gone astray, and led others astray, into believing that by returning to the Land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, the Jewish people were home at last. I did not know that lovers of Zion, lovers of Torah, would be "settlers" and outcasts in the Land of their fathers and mothers; that, for love of Israel, these would be scorned, facing fines and imprisonment. I did not know that speaking up for a Jewish Israel by radio or by print or by web turns one into a stranger in a strange land.

So I have sinned and I am guilty. So, Your Honor, as you consider the sentences for Arutz Sheva, come and arrest me as well.

There's me, and more than a hundred million of us who are just as guilty as Arutz Sheva.