The Geneva Misunderstandings

The Israeli Left continues to promote the "Geneva Understandings", the document produced by Yossi Beilin, the Mother Hen of the Oslo Massacres, together with a PLO terrorist leader and two numbskull Swiss professors whose ability to tie their shoes is in doubt.

Prof. Steven Plaut,

The Israeli Left continues to promote the "Geneva Understandings", the document produced by Yossi Beilin, the Mother Hen of the Oslo Massacres, together with a PLO terrorist leader and two numbskull Swiss professors whose ability to tie their shoes is in doubt.

Israel's leftist anti-Zionist daily Haaretz touts the Misunderstandings day after day in banner front page headlines, as if this is a news story as opposed to a leftist media manipulation. The other day, Haaretz crowed that the Geneva "deal" would require the PLO to consult Israel before doing any digging on the Temple Mount once it was under Palestinian sovereignty. Of course, the PLO has never paid any mind to Jewish sensitivities nor Israeli protests when tearing up the Temple Mount while it has been under Israeli sovereignty, but that is no reason why Haaretz should be skeptical!

The next day, Haaretz insisted that even if the Misunderstandings are not adopted as is, they will form the framework in which all future deals will be made. Israel will be unable to escape and evade them. (I fear Haaretz may be correct.) Haaretz also reports that a law professor associated with the Left (see has reviewed the document and she insists that there is language in it that implicitly cancels the Palestinian "right of return". So, Israel should risk genocide because a leftist Israeli law professor thinks the document makes it illegal for the Palestinians to seek to destroy Israel after they get their state. And if they dare to war against the Jews after they get their state, the law professor plans to sue them.

The Left is near-orgasmic over the "fact" that the PLO has proved itself a "peace partner" by agreeing to the Geneva Misunderstandings, and never mind that the Gargoyle of Ramallah has already rejected them because they seem to imply that the Palestinian "right to return" to its war for destroying Israel might somehow be rhetorically compromised in the Misunderstandings. Amram Mitzna, who led the Labor Party to its most massive defeat ever in the last elections, has conscripted himself as marketing agent for the Misunderstandings.

In fact, the Geneva Misunderstandings have already been denounced by the US, by Israel's government, by the Shinui Party of Tommy Lapid, and by Israelis in polls by a margin of at least two to one. (If restricted to Israeli Jews, then by a majority of at least five to one.) The Likud's Zalman Shoval in an Op-Ed calls them mere sedition for its own sake. Natan Sharansky writes a guest Op-Ed in Haaretz and announces that Israeli retention of the Temple Mount should always be placed before achieving peace.

The Geneva Misunderstandings were formulated during "dialogue" in Geneva in which the Palestinians were represented by a PLO terrorist and also by Yossi Beilin, while the Jews had no representation at the negotiations at all.

The bottom line is that the Misunderstandings consist of proposals for granting to the PLO everything it wants, including swaths of pre-1967 Israel, and including giving up any demands by Israel that "Palestine" be a democratic state, and in exchange for all that, the PLO once again will announce that it will pretend to fight the terrorists. Gosh, now where have we heard that before?

The main thing that the Geneva Misunderstandings prove is that the Israeli Left is still not weaned from its determination to cut itself off from reality, still lives in fantasy bubbles in which talking it out with Nazi terrorists makes them peaceful, and still seeks to lead the country into national suicide, no matter how undemocratically this goal must be pursued. The Left's agenda is to impose on the country the "ideas" of the most extremist leftist 5% of the population, regardless of how the other 95% feel. The campaign for the Misunderstandings also proves that no matter how incompetent, corrupt and cowardly the Likud is, the only current alternative in the Israeli political arena to it is the Concentration Camps being proffered by the Left.

Haaretz has abandoned any pretense to be a newspaper reporting on the Misunderstandings, and is little more than a printed infomercial for them. The paper ran as a "news story" on the front page a piece that began, "The political and statecraft initiative now belongs to the Israeli Left, after having been grasped by the Right during the past three years in the war with the Palestinians. Ever since Ariel Sharon's walk on the Temple Mount in September 2000, he and his ministers lost the leadership of public discourse." It went on to declare the Left the champion in the political arena. What an objective umpire.

The idea that maybe the Palestinians should prove their intentions for once before implementing the Misunderstandings, such as by stopping the violence being perpetrated in, say, two or three West Bank cities? Intolerable! An insult and offense against Palestinian sensitivities and pride, thunder the camp guards of Beilingrad.

Meanwhile, the previous successes of Yossi Beilin and his band of furry lemmings were on display this past week in the fact that a 21st person died as a result of the suicide bombing of the restaurant in Haifa two weeks back, and also in the fact that it has been revealed that Israeli Arabs, not West Bank savages, were the ones who assisted and planted the suicide bomber in the Haifa restaurant. Of course, Beilin is convinced that once the Geneva Misunderstandings are implemented, such things will no longer be possible - and also that the sea near Haifa will turn itself into tasty lemonade.

And when has he ever been wrong about anything?

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