Petition to Israel's Knesset: Impeach Yousef Jabereen now!

The Israeli MKs must call for his removal and impeachment on charges of spreading sedition and treason.

Barry Shaw

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Knesset building

Youseff Jabereen must be charged with spreading sedition and treason.

Below is the petition I sent to Israeli Knesset members following the disgraceful conduct of KM Youseff Jabereen in London where he called for a massive uprising against Israel and international boycotts against the country in whose legislature he serves.

When a Member of Israel's Knesset goes abroad and publicly tells an audience and the international community to boycott Israel that is sedition.

And when he adds to that a call for an uprising isn't that treason added to his sedition against the state he represents?

As an Israeli law-maker, you should be made aware of the crimes against the state perpetrated by Youseff Jabereen, and take steps to have him removed from our legislative body, the Knesset.

MK Yousef Jabareen (Hadash) publicly called for a boycott of Israel in remarks he gave at the anti-Israel Palestine Expo event that took place in London 0n 8 July.

“The international community has all the tools to deal with war crimes,” Jabareen said. “To boycott settlers, to boycott settlement products, to boycott international companies – and there are a lot of these – that deal with expanding the settlements.”

He also called for a massive uprising.

" I want to be frank here and say that there needs to a more mass mobilization of our people on the ground, in Gaza but also in the West Bank,” Jabareen said.

Jabereen was elected to sit in the Israeli Knesset yet does not recognise it as Israel, but Palestine.

MK Jabareen should be arrested and put on trial for sedition and treason on his return to Israel.