Mass immigration will terminate Europe as we know it

A country or entire continent cannot survive massive immigration if it has no culture, identity and/or religion of its own that it wants to preserve.

Giulio Meotti

OpEds caravan of migrants trying to reach the United States hitchhike on a truck along
caravan of migrants trying to reach the United States hitchhike on a truck along
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Before Europe there are only two roads to take on immigration.

Being “just”, faciliting all the arrivals from Africa, in the name of humanitarian principles, letting every cultural, social, security, and societal issue be overwhelmed by Emotion, Angela Merkel's motto “wir schaffen das,” or that of being virtuous, putting the nation ahead of humanity, stopping immigration in the name of the principle of reason, which always presupposes a bit of “cruelty”.

Tertium non datur. No third road.

Mass immigration has already undermined the unity and solidarity of Western societies. I am in favour of the second road. The European Union will never be saved unless it protects its external borders. But the new Europeanism à la carte, which by now is the surrogate for progressivism, has not understood that yet. In 1989, Michel Rocard, the Socialist Prime Minister of France, said: “Europe and France cannot welcome all those who are driven by poverty”. The alternative, to take up the title of a book by Rocard, will be the “Suicide de l'Occident”, already abundantly in place.

Europe as we know it will never survive at the end of the first road. It will become Eurabia or Eurafrica. But the question is another one: are the Europeans still able to take the second road? I doubt it. To understand the impact of mass immigration you have to first get its consequences over culture, religion, internal cohesion, identity.

But you first need a culture, a religion and an identity to get the point. And Europe, as the Dutch politician Frits Bolkestein wrote in the Wall Street Journal in 2011, denies its identity: “How has it become so controversial for a Western leader to affirm a preference for his own culture? In short, how did Europe come to lose confidence in its own civilization? If Europe can retake pride in its own classical values, it and the world will be better off”.

Read what the captain of the Sea Watch, the NGO boat now rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean in full view of Italian coasts, just said: “My life has been easy, I was able to attend 3 universities, at the age of 23 I graduated. I am white, German, born in a rich country and with the right passport. When I realized this, I felt the moral obligation to help those who did not have the same opportunities as me”.

Exoticism, sense of guilt, white man's burden, third worldism, atonement to expiate richness ... We are part of the film set of the Western unhappy conscience. Europe's days are numbered.