The Kushner peace plan — a partly Jewish Trojan Horse?

Your plans. Their lives. Never has a country paid so dearly for betrayals masked as the best of intentions.

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt
Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt
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Jared, will Arabs still get paid to kill Jews?

This is going to be a simple question; in fact, it has to be simple because the complexities of your Super-Duper Arab-Israeli Peace Plan have yet to be revealed.

I won’t be asking if your plan envisions more Gaza-type evictions of Israelis, which leftists endorse with pleasure, so long as it’s only Jews getting expelled, never Arabs.

But first, a word about moral depravity as practiced within our own United States thanks to the Democrats. Thank goodness you are a Republican, Jared. Or so it says.

Anyway, Democrats just voted down a GOP measure introduced as the Born-Alive-Act. This was to spare the life of a newborn if the abortion didn’t work. Democrats said no, the baby must die. It’s the baby’s fault that the abortion didn’t work out as planned. As hard as the abortionist tried, the baby insisted on life.

Fox News has it covered here in a good short clip. They do love abortions, these Democrats. Give them life; they choose death.    

Where were we – oh yes, the peace plan to end all peace plans, perhaps, though, another form of abortion.

This one is being attached to your name, Jared Kushner, with diplomats David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt serving as your chorus. But which my Israeli pal Tzvi Fishman, a top-tier writer, identifies as “Three Blind Jews.” Maybe a bit strong. Maybe not. Depends on what you guys have up your sleeves.

For nearly two years now we’ve been waiting. The tease has been somewhat cruel, if you ask me. But you should ask the Israelis.

Your plans. Their lives.

They should be told. Pronto. The seduction has been agonizing. But the Israelis are too proud to beg for a quick answer and too polite to insist…because they love the guy -- your father-in-law. So do I. We have been in Trump’s corner from day one. Is he, by the way, okay with whatever deal you’ve got conjured up?

If so, maybe no plan is the best plan. The Israelis always lose at the negotiating table…and at this table, set for after the April Elections, they will be asked to okay new borders. That’s your word, that it will be about borders, which sounds passive enough, but let’s not kid ourselves. It’s about the Israelis giving up more land. Right? Making more concessions.

That’s always how it works and Greenblatt gave it away with his remark that “both sides are ready for peace.” The Israelis, yes. The Palestinian Arabs, since when?

The last we heard from Abbas is that no matter what, he will continue paying his people to kill Jews – the Taylor Force Act be damned.

From the point of view of Abbas, the PA, the PLO, Fatah, killing Jews is good business…and big business.

Thousands of Palestinian Arabs are living the good life from the PA’s endowments to the “martyrs” and their families. Why give that up?

Not only do they have to worry about schemes being devised by their enemies, but what schemes are being devised by their friends.
So far, no word that your initiative divides Jerusalem, only hints, as if it’s the game show “Wheel of Fortune” where we have to solve the puzzle.  Or “Jeopardy” where the answer is “two-state-solution” and the question is “Just how rotten is this deal?” Plenty rotten if the Israelis get double-crossed.  

Those are the two fundamentals attracting all the attention…and heaps of panic. That is an awful spot to be in for the Israelis.

Not only do they have to worry about schemes being devised by their enemies, but what schemes are being devised by their friends.

They mean well, I suppose, but never has a country paid so dearly from betrayals masked as the best of intentions. (A thought borrowed from this novel.)

To my question, which asks – does your whoopee peace plan stop pay for slay?

Can they go on killing even after everything else has been agreed?

Or is this a matter to be ignored because the appetite is too strong and killing Jews is what they do and can’t help themselves, pay or no pay – so let’s go on to other things.

No, that’s the thing.

That is the thing and no discussion should get started until a practice so depraved is stopped.

After that the Israelis can begin making concessions and the Palestinian Arabs can sign all the papers, which they will completely ignore as they always do.

We have played these scenes plenty of times before. Only this time, seen coming is a partly Jewish Trojan Horse.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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