Guess who's in town?

In case you had any doubts, it’s still a jungle out there, Jane.

Jack Engelhard

OpEds PA chief Mahmoud Abbas
PA chief Mahmoud Abbas
צילום: מתוך האתר האישי

Something’s not the same. Mahmoud Abbas is in town and these days nobody cares, at least not much. There used to be headlines and fanfare.

I had to go search for this story and barely came across this news, that he is indeed in New York City to address the UN General Assembly and also to assume the leadership of Group-77, which is a collection of 134 developing countries. Egypt used to head this bloc. Now the Palestinian Authority gets a turn.

But no ticker tape parade for a man some would designate the world’s number one terrorist.

In the old days, types like that, Arafat and Abbas, used to get invited to the finest dinners, and then get standing ovations, and then go to Washington to sleep in Lincoln’s Bedroom. Now the PA sleeps with the fishes. Trump saw to that, when he downsized both the PLO and the PA by depriving them of the usual endowments.

Just who, you are asking, are these people – these 134 developing countries, and what do they want? Precisely, my question.

More to the point – what do they want from Mahmoud Abbas?

If they need to know how to build tunnels, they’ve got the right man…terror tunnels, especially. After that, nothing.

While the Israelis lead the world in high tech and medical advances, Abbas and his people have been busy developing booby-trapped balloons.

Earlier, the record shows, they pioneered hijacking, suicide bombing, car ramming, and the use of children as human shields.

So we really do not know why these developing countries chose Abbas to lead them, or who they really are, these developing people, except that they are the ones who promptly raise their arms at the UN whenever votes are counted to condemn the Jewish State every Monday and Thursday.

Honest – I did not know that there were still that many of them; so many “developing” countries around the world, which some might term “underdeveloped.”

Or, as others see them – “backward” countries and even “dirt-bag” countries. Never mind, “s-hole” countries.

Chances are, Abbas will meet Rashida Tlaib, whom everybody knows by now as the Congresswoman newly elected from Michigan to represent “the Palestinian people” in the United States House of Representatives.
After all these centuries and it is still a jungle out there, as Tarzan said to Jane.

Given that, it figures…yes, it figures they’d find Mahmoud Abbas so suitable for their cause…which is to blame Israel for all their failures and shortcomings.

For all I know, Abbas is addressing the UN right now with that in mind. I don’t know. Right now, my TV is showing something else…blaming Trump for everything.

If it isn’t Israel, it’s Trump.

So it is unlikely that Trump will be doing anything ceremonial with the man who funded the Munich Olympics Massacre and pays to slay Israelis…and Americans.

However, while in town, and nearby to Washington, chances are, Abbas will meet Rashida Tlaib, whom everybody knows by now as the Congresswoman newly elected from Michigan to represent “the Palestinian people” in the United States House of Representatives. That may sound strange.

But she says so herself. She says so many times, how proud she is to be “Palestinian.” Nothing much about her pride in Michigan, for some reason.

Her president, it would appear, is not Trump. We know what she said about him. Her president is Mahmoud Abbas.

This word just in: Abbas just finished addressing the UN. He urged the nations to join him in combating terrorism.

Really. I am not kidding.

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